Moonlight Madness Sale
by Janet Caudle


Welcome to our Moonlight Madness Sale Page.

Updated!! 3/16/17! Currently I will be making changes to the Moonlight Madness sale page. The name of the page will be changing & the original purpose for the page is changing. Thanks again!


3/20/2017. Happy 1st of Spring!

Please know that all fashions from last Friday's release shipped on Saturday! 

Thank you all for your continued thoughts & prayers for my dad! He continues to fight on. Spending time with family & friends. My younger sister Michele continues to travel back & forth from Oklahoma. It's great having her around!

Wishing you all a beautiful 1st of Spring week!  Lots of love, Janet xxxooo


Wednesday, April 26, 2017. Currently all fashions have sold out! More to come. I'll continue to keep you posted on our "Latest News Update," page.  Have a great day! Love, Janet xxxooo


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