Unexpected Fashion Sales
by Janet Caudle


Welcome to our "Unexpected Fashion Sale," page.

Formally known as our "Moonlight Madness sale page."

This web page was designed to add new fashions unannounced from time to time.


Cancun gown set is sold out! No longer available for purchase. Thank you so much!

Sept. 26th. Happy Tuesday! You can all rest easy! I promise there are no new fashions being released this week. I hope to have a few extra "Royal Caribbean" gowns by the end of the week to fill orders, and maybe a extra one of two for the inventory. Have a wonderful week! Thank you so much for your continued support!  Much love, Janet 


Good Evening my night owls! I’d like to end the summer season with” Cancun,” and “Royal Caribbean.” a beautiful teal green  gown set and a royal blue & sapphire gown set.

September is also “Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. Last summer we lost a lovey & beautiful lady “Rebecca “Bex” Montague from this deathly disease.

 Bex founded The Beckoning Dawn Doll group on Facebook. She had many friends from all over the world. 

Her friend Lisa Testerman & Maria (A Little Bling) have started an Ovarian Cancer Fundraiser in memory of Bex this month.  People have donated some wonderful raffle prizes that will be drawn at the end of this month. If you are a member of The Beckoning Dawn Doll on Facebook you will be able to view the raffle prizes. For this event I donated Butterfly Kisses as one of the raffle prizes. If you are not a member of this group you will need to request to join at Facebook.


The color teal is also representing ovarian cancer.  I will be donating $ 5.00 from the purchase of each “Cancun,” gown sold to this fund.


Here is the link to the Ovarian Cancer Awareness fundraiser page.


Ovarian Cancer Awareness in memory of Rebecca “Bex” Montague

For more information contact Lisa Testerman Beckoning Dawn (Facebook), A Little Bling (Facebook) or you can head over to The Beckoning Dawn Doll Showcase Group on Facebook.


I’m getting excited! Looking forward to attending next month’s  19th Annual Dawn Doll Convention in Portland, Maine!  This year’s convention theme is “Gothic Victorian Tea Party.”   Besides having a great time playing dolls we also get to play dress up too!! Oh what to wear? What to wear?

Goodnight! I'll be back in the morning!

Monday morning, Sept. 18th update! Thank you all so very much for your support. I just finished reading and replying to all the emails and I'm off to start preparing your orders for shipping! Please know, all fashion orders will be shipping out tomorrow (Tuesday.) You should be receiving tracking emails today! I have started a waiting listing for both new dresses.

Have a great day! Love & hugs, Janet xoxo

Wishing everyone a wonderful week filled with lots of fun & happy faces! Love, Janet


September 24, 2017. Hello everyone!! Great news! There was a total of 30 Cancun gown sets made & sold.  With some of the proceeds from the sale, a total of $150.00 was donated to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance in memory of Rebecca “Bex” Montague.

Thank you so much for your support. xoxoxo


Sept. 30th. Happy Saturday! Hope your having a wonderful weekend! I thought I'd mention I'm going to be adding 3 extra "Royal Caribbean" gown sets to the inventory. Have fun!

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