Latest News & Updates
by Janet Caudle

Sew kitty, sew!!!


January 20th, 2019. I just added (2) extra Sunday Stroll dress sets to the inventory on the Unexpected Fashion Sales page!  They are ready to ship however Monday is a federal holiday so the next available shipping date would be Tuesday. Thanks again!! Enjoy! Have a great week! Love, Janet xxxx


January 17th. Great news! The plaid fabric for the Snow Bird fashion set has arrived. YAY!! ________________________________________

January 15, 2019. Good morning everyone! Just wanted to give you the latest update. I'm currently working on all the waiting list orders.  Hoping the plaid fabric used in the Snow Bird set arrives from Scotland any day now. As for new fashion release! No surprises this week but I'll keep you posted! Have a fun week! Chat more soon! Love, Janet


January 4th, 2019: Happy Friday! Hope everyone had a fun holiday season!

My family & I enjoyed every moment!

I'm back at work sewing away. It's going to take me 3 to 4 weeks to complete all the fashions on the waiting lists. I'm hoping to begin shipping some out beginning on Monday and will continue until all the fashion orders from the holiday are completed.

What's next you might asked? Hum... LOL!

Until next time! Have fun! Stay safe!

Love always, Janet   xxxx

PS. I had to order more of the plaid (Stewart Dress Tartan) fabric from Scotland to make the pants for the Snow Bird set.  I currently have enough fabric to make at least 15 sets.  I'll keep you posted!

PS. Forgot to mention I got my computer back for the repair shop and she up and running like a charm again. Thank goodness! But then my IPhone broke so to the repair shop she went. Just got her back too! I think it's safe to say all is great at the moment!


December 31th, 2018: Cheers to the coming New Year! May it bring you peace, prosperity, good health, love & happiness!

See you next year! Lots of love, Janet xoxoxo


 Good evening! Happy Saturday! I'm going to try and release the 2 new holiday fashions tomorrow, Sunday 12/16/2018 at 3PM central time at the Fashion Avenue Boutique page. My PC is still down and has to take a trip to the PC doctor on Monday. I'm going to launch in from Joey's laptop. Hope all goes well! See you soon! Thanks again! :)


Update Dec. 13th. 10PM. Hello again my friends! I have been able to make some changes using Joey's laptop however there's a lot more tech stuff that has to be done before I can release the show.


I just ordered a desktop monitor for my computer. Maybe it'll solve the problem. I have to go out of town tomorrow to pick it up. I'll be back here on Sunday in hopes to re-release the show at 3pm central time. Thanks for all your patience pat & understanding.

Have a wonderful weekend! Love, Janet xoxo

Thursday 8PM update! Sorry I was unable to release the holiday collection as scheduled today. Still not sure what went wrong, but Joey (youngest son) gave me his laptop to use. I'll work on the website and see if I can correct the problem. If I can get it fixed I'll reschedule the show for tomorrow morning. I'll send another newsletter out late tonight.

Thank you all for your patience atience'spatiand understanding. 


Cancelled show!!! Reschedule at a later time when all is working properly. I will send at a newsletter when all fixed. Thank you! Sorry everyone. I can not property open the show! Not even sure if you can get this message. I will continue to work on it.


Dec. 13th! Happy Thursday! Well, I'm running a little behind today. My computer went to sleep last night and refuses to wake up. Just dug out Mike's old laptop and praying I'm able to get everything working on this before today's show. 

Also I want to let you know that the "Holiday Shopper" fashion has changed names.

It's new name is "Snow Bird."

Okay, once I have everything here up  I'll update this message.

Have a great day! Chat more soon!

Love, Janet xoxo



Dec. 12th, 2018: Happy Holiday’s! Breaking news! The holiday fashion collection will be released tomorrow, Thursday, Dec. 13th at 3pm central Texas time at the "Fashion Avenue Boutique page. Photo coming soon to the "home" page.

Thanks a bunch! See you soon!


Monday, November 26th, 2018. I was taking a trip down memory lane.

Here's my 1st Christmas Collection 2003.

Holiday Collection 2003.



11/21/2018:  Happy Thanksgiving Eve !

Just dropping in to wish everyone a fabulous & beautiful Thanksgiving Holiday!

I am so grateful & thankful to you all my doll friends. You are all family to me. Without you there could be no me.  Dolls have been my passion for my entire life and when my mom taught me to sew, she opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Linking both my passion for dolls and my passion for fashions what more could a girl like me asked for?  

On this Thanksgiving Day, I want to take this moment to thank each of you for continuing to support my creations and keeping my dream alive. I am so blessed to be a small part of your lives. Thank you for always filling my heart with laughter & love! Thank you for all the smiles and yes even some tears.

You are the best!  

May your days be filled with sunshine, smiles, fun & love!

Happy Thanksgiving my friends! Love always, Janet xoxo


***Breaking News! Friday, November 23rd at 3pm Central time I will be adding two new fashion sets to the "Unexpected Fashion Sales" page. This is not the official Christmas Collection. I will release that some time next month. This is a unannounced collection in which I have decided to call the "Holiday Desserts Collection." Pistachio 'n Buttercream Fluff & Green Apple Sorbet! Just the names alone should give you a hint of the color schemes being used! It is a fabulous collection and it does have hints of the Christmas holiday too!

I hope to have a photo posted tomorrow.

Have fun & enjoy your holiday! Love, Janet xoxo


October 19th! Happy Friday!! Great news!! Just finish the latest in the Vamp Collection! Bride of Darkness & Sunrise! Both stunning sets!! I haven't begun packing or photographing yet! Hope to have most of that done by night fall. If all goes well, I'll send a newsletter out tonight and release these two gems tomorrow (Saturday) at 3pmTexas central daylight time!

Have a great day!!

More info coming soon! Love, Janet xoxo


Friday, October 5th, 2018. The Dawn convention, “Meet me in St. Louis,” was awesome!! We all had a blast!! It was fabulous!! Meeting new & reconnecting with other friends was my most treasure moments!!! I didn't want it to end!! The drive to St. Louis and back was wonderful too! St. Louis was awesome and Mike & I enjoyed the day we spent in St. Charles too!! Mike made friends with other Dawn collector’s husbands, and he's all in for next year’s too!! YAY!!

The Dawn Convention Doll was breathtaking. She’s to die for!! The convention mini and all other doll goodies were totally fabulous! The items that were donated by other collectors were all cherished items. The contests, party games, raffles, and foods were all so very exciting!! At the “Meet & Greet” you were able to purchase dolls, fashions, & other cool things for your dolls! The attendees also received a charm bracelet with 20 charms identifying each year’s convention. Cool! If you’ve never been to a Dawn Convention try to attend at least one!   However, they can certainly be very addicting!

A special “thank you & a round of applause to the Hostess, Trish Freeland, her mama Rosemary (chief hostess assistant, and cheerleader) for this year’s convention, all of the team players that make these conventions possible.  Without their love, hard work, dedication, benefactors, creators, advisors, coordinators, the convention could not be possible. It’s just amazing to see how everyone pulls together to make an endless weekend of pure fun & laughter.  Thank you all!


***On a fashion note! I have finally finished waiting list orders, and emails will be sent over the next day or two. I will also be adding to the inventory some extra fashions & jewelry from previous releases. You will be able to find them in the “Unexpected Fashion Sales,” page some time over this weekend.

Have a great Friday & a fun weekend!! Lots of love, Janet xoxo


Celebrating the life of Rebecca "Bex" Montague  


Rebecca "Bex" Montague, August 29th, 1967-June 13th, 2016.

Happy October!! It’s that time of year where we all give what we can to help others.

Rebecca “Bex” Montague 3rd annual Cancer Research Fundraiser Charity event is underway. This year Lisa Testerman (Bex’s soul sister) has started two separate cancer research fundraiser in Bex’s honor. Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (Bex’s cancer,) and The Breast Cancer Research Fund in Bex’s honor as she wanted to help other women.

Below is a couple of special website links. One is to the direct website to make your charitable donations, and the other website is to the Facebook page to where you can view other information and photos of donations that will be raffled off at the end of this month.

Please go to this website to read Bex’s story and all other information Lisa has posted about the charities, how to donated, and raffle information.

Facebook website link:

With love, Janet xoxo





September 18th, 2018

Breaking News! Photo coming soon!

Surprise “Sunny Days,” yellow & white new gingham day dress set releasing this Wednesday (tomorrow) afternoon.

Date: Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

Time: 2pm central time (Texas time)

Where: The “Unexpected Fashion Sales" web-page.

Ending the summer with an adorable new fashion dress set called Sunny Days! I Hope you will be able to join me here tomorrow. There are 40 dress sets packaged and ready for immediate shipping, along with some pearl jewelry sets too,

Please know if we should sell out I will do my best to make extra dress sets if needed.

I’m looking forward to attending the “Meet Me in St. Louis” 20th annual Dawn convention next weekend. If you are attending please stop & say hello.

Thank you so much for allowing me to continue to share my creations with you.

Wishing you all a very beautiful week!


September 16th, 2018. Happy Sunday!!

Hope everyone is safe and well! Our trip to South Carolina & Georgia was wonderful!! Getting ready to head to the Dawn convention is St. Louis on the 27th. I can't wait to see everyone!

I've been working on completing this adorable little yellow & white gingham fashion dress. I should be finishing up today, and then start the packing process. Release date will be this week. I'll post a time and day late tomorrow, once everything is packed and ready to ship.

Chat more soon!! Thanks a bunch!  Lots of love, Janet xoxo


August 22nd, 2018! Happy Wednesday!!

Just wanted to let you know that I've been working hard on filling all the waiting list fashion orders.

No new fashion sets to be released at this time. I did start on the yellow & white gingham new fashion design day dress but not sure if I can get them completed before the Fall/Halloween collection.

See, I'll be leaving for South Carolina next week and returning September 6th. Then I'll be leaving on Sept 27th and heading to St. Louis for the Dawn Doll Convention! WooHOO!! So as you can see I'm not sure what designs will be coming next. I'll keep you posted!!

Enjoy the rest of your week!! Lots of love, Janet xoxo


August 10th, 2018: Breaking News!

Tomorrow Saturday, August 11, 2018 at 3pm Central Texas time in the “Fashion Avenue Boutique” page, Tier de’Mint & Golden Mint Stardust dress sets will be released for your consideration. There are 30 of each design, completed & ready to ship. Not to worry, if we sell out I will do my best to make you one.

Also, I have restocked the (2) white pearl jewelry sets. They will be available on the "Mint Collection," page too.

Thanks a million for your continuous support.

Enjoy you day and have a great weekend! Love & hugs, Janet xoxo


August 6th! Happy Monday! Breaking news! Two new fashion sets coming soon! This is the mint color gown collection sets. They have been completed & ready to ship! I'll try to have a photo posted too. More information to be released later this week.

I'll be away from my studio for the next few days. I'll have more information when I return. I will reply to email at that time too!

Have an awesome week! Lots of love, Janet xoxo


July 28th! Happy Saturday night! SOLD OUT!  I just added 2 extra "Sunday Stroll" dress setsto the inventory in the "Unexpected Fashion Sales," page. I've also added 3 "Luncheon Dates," and 5 white pearl jewelry sets to the inventory in the "Fashion Avenue Boutique," page.  Or, click on the photos below. Thanks again! xoxo





July 23rd! Happy Monday! Update for those on the waiting list for the "Sunday Stroll," fashion dress set. The fashions are currently on the hand finishing table and as soon as they are completed & ready to ship I will email you! Thanks a bunch for your patience! 

Have a great week! Chat more soon! Love & hugs, Janet xoxo


July 15th, 2018. Just released  "Sunday Stroll" to the website unannounced to the "Unexpected Fashion Sales page." 

Have fun! Always more to come!!

Have a great, great day & a wonderful week!

Thanks a bunch! Lots of love, Janet xoxoxo


July 5th, 2018. Just added 3 extra Prom Queen 2018 gown set & 3 extra pearl jewelry sets to the inventory! You can find them by clicking on the "Fashion Avenue Boutique" page.

Thanks again! Have fun! Love, Janet xoxo



7/3/2018. Happy Tuesday! Just wanted to say I finished all the waiting list orders, and will be sending emails out on Thursday of their completion.  YAY!


I did make (3) extra Prom Queen Gown sets which I will be adding to the inventory on Thursday too. (You will be able to find this gown set in the "Fashion Avenue Boutique" page.

Next fashion collection maybe in mint & gold then yellow! However, there may be a one dress set release in the near future. I'll keep you posted. I just had to make this fabulous little dress set. It's all in white; very find Swiss dot tulle, silk habutae, rhinestones, feathers, satin, organza, and tricot.


Wishing everyone a great week, and enjoy your 4th of July holiday!

Lots of love, Janet


7/3/2018. Happy Tuesday! Just wanted to say I finished all the waiting list orders, and will be sending emails out on Thursday of their completion.  YAY!

I did make (3) extra Prom Queen Gown sets which I will be adding to the inventory on Thursday too. (You will be able to find this gown set in the "Fashion Avenue Boutique" page.

Next fashion collection maybe in mint & gold then yellow! However, there may be a one dress set release in the near future. I'll keep you posted. I just had to make this fabulous little dress set. It's all in white; very find Swiss dot tulle, silk habutae, rhinestones, feathers, satin, organza, and tricot.

Wishing everyone a great week, and enjoy your 4th of July holiday! Lots of love, Janet

Breaking news!  Lavender Collection, this Friday, June 22nd at 11am Texas time!!

6/18/2018 (Monday) Good morning! Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Great news!! I have 2 adorable lavender fashion sets I'm thinking of releasing sometime this week. Maybe this Friday at 11am Texas time in the "Fashion Avenue Boutique" page. I should know more by Wednesday, and I'll post information here, and send out a newsletter.

Have a great, great day & a wonderful week!

Thanks a bunch! Lots of love, Janet xoxoxo


5/31/2018: Just added 2 extra Prom Queen gown sets to the inventory. You can find them in the "Fashion Avenue Boutique," page. Just click on the "Spring Collection" link.

Have a great evening! Love, Janet xo


May 29th! Happy Tuesday! I just finished all the extra fashion sets from the latest fashion show releases. Currently there are no extra sets left to offer, however if any set should become available I'll let you know.

No new fashions are scheduled for release at this time.

Have a great week!! Love, Janet

PS. My sister Michele flew back to Erie, Pa on Saturday. We had an awesome visit. I miss her already!


May 12th, at 10am Central daylight Texas time, at the Fashion Avenue Boutique page. 

Have a great day! See you soon! Love, Janet xo

Wednesday, May 9th. Coming soon! Spring Fashion Show release! Saturday,

Sneak Peek!


Prom Queen 2018



April 16th. Happy Monday!! Looks like the weather is going to warm up here in Texas today!! In the 80s & filled with lots of sunshine!! My kinda day!! 

If your on the waiting list for either "Southern Charm, Berrylicious, and/or Bubblicious," I have them completed and ready to ship! I'll send emails out on Wednesday, and I'll add some extra "Bubblicious," to the inventory here on Wednesday too.

Thanks again! Have a great week! Chat more soon! Love, Janet xoxo


April 5th, Happy Thursday!!  Great news!! Two new dress set will be released this Saturday, April 7th at 10am central (Texas) time. You can look for them in the "Unexpected Fashion Sales" page. I will send a Newsletter out later tonight with more information.

Have a great evening!  Love, Janet xoxo


March 29th, 2018. Happy Thursday!

Wishing everyone a beautiful spring, Happy Passover, Happy Easter!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Lots of love, & blessings, Janet xoxo


Inquiry minds want to know.... Yes, I have been sewing some new gowns in cream & wild berry colors. I'll send out a newsletter out next week, and set a release date too. :)


March 10th, 2018-Happy Saturday!!

I've made all the extra pink gown sets needed from last week's show, and will be sending emails out over the weekend to those on the waiting list. I will also add some extra sets to the inventory on the "Unexpected Fashion Sales" page too.

Currently I am playing around with some new dresses for the spring.

We shall see what comes next! Have a fun weekend! Love, Janet xoxo


Coming soon!! Candy Pink Roses & Bubblicious!

Thursday, March 1st at 3:00pm Central Time (Texas time) in the "Unexpected Fashion Sales" page.  Hope to have a photo uploaded here on the "home" page sometime tomorrow! See you soon!


February 27, 2018. Coming Soon!

Candy Pink Roses & Bubblicious!!

Maybe Wednesday, or Thursday or Friday! I'll know more tomorrow once I have them all packed, ready to ship & photos are taken!

Keep checking back!! More information to follow!

Have a great week!


Happy Valentine's Day!

February 14th! Happy Valentines Day!

Love, Janet xoxoxo


February 7th, 2018. Happy Wednesday!! Thank you all for a great showing on Monday for the release of the Mardi Gras Celebration 2018 dress set. I'm not able I make anymore at this time. The purple color feather used in the mask are no longer available. If I should find the same color purple feathers I will make more for those requesting to be on a waiting.

Have a great day! Love, Janet


February 4th, 2018. Happy Sunday!! Great news! Just finished our little Mardi Gras costume sets! I’ve added few new photos below. Be back later to add more information & send a newsletter out with date & time of release. Have a fun Sunday! Love, Janet



Effective 1/21/18. New USPS rates have been posted in the "Ordering Center" page and below. 

International shipping changes! No longer able to ship 1-fashion using the Flat envelope rate. Only documents can be shipped that way. (For more information read more below.)


January 30, 2018. Happy Tuesday! Sorry folks, I’ve been down with the flu since Friday. One minute I was working away excited with my Mardi Gras costumes and the next in bed with the flu.  Sheesh, I feel great today though and ready to get back where I left off.

Hope everyone is doing well! January is nearly over! Where did the time go?  Hoping to get a couple new photos added on the progress our Mardi Gras costume. Wishing everyone a great week! Chat more soon! Love, Janet xoxo



January 21, 2018. Happy Sunday! Great news!! I have finished all holiday fashion waiting list orders. Hurray!! If you are on the waiting for either “Merry Wishes,” and, or “Holly Kisses,” and have not received an email please let me know!

More great news! I’ve been working on the next fashion costume dress set! The theme was rolling around in my head for a while. Mardi Gras! Valentine’s! Mardi Gras!  Valentine’s!! Looks like Mardi Gras is in the running!!


                       Necklace making        Some finished items           Mask Making


Mardi Gras fabric prints scaled to our little ladies as you know is nearly impossible to find. So I was able to purchase and download digital graphics that made it possible to make my own Mardi Gras fabric.  I then pre-treated some white fabric and voila!! Can’t show you the costume yet, but I’ll try to post photos from time to time.  Release date for the finish costume is unknown at this time.

As for a Valentine’s Day fashion release… Don’t think it could happen but then you never know!! The supplies are here looking at me every day!

Thank you all so much for best wishes! We have been treating my hand Arthritic with steroids and they have helped in relieving so of the inflammation which helped cut down on the pain. So that’s a good thing.

Wishing everyone and a warm & sunny week!! Chat more soon! Lots of love, Janet xoxo


New postal rates Effective January 21st, 2018


US domestic shipping:

First class domestic flat rate bubble mailer $3.20

First class domestic flat rate box mailer $3.70

USPS Priority Mail flat rate $7.50.

International first class shipping (excluding Canada)

Effective January 21st, 2018 the First Class International flat envelope rate is no longer available through the United Stated Postal Service.

New Policy! Merchandise No Longer Allowed in First Class Mail International Flats
USPS First Class Mail International Flats, there’s a new rule effective Sunday, January 21, 2018, First Class Mail International Large Envelope/Flat service for merchandise will NO LONGER be available from the USPS. First Class Mail International Flats will only be approved for use when sending documents. This change is occurring to comply with Universal Postal Union requirements.

Flat rate bubble mailer $14.00

Flat rate box mailer        $14.50

International first class shipping for Canada Only:

Canada first class flat rate bubble mailer $10.00

Canada first class flat rate box mailer       $10.50






January 14th! Happy Sunday!! Hope you are having a great weekend! Staying warm! I'm still working on the holiday fashion waiting list orders. Hope to finish up soon!

Over the past week I have been gathering supplies for something new to make! It's not in production yet, but I'll keep you posted!

Wishing you all a great week filled with fun & laughter!

Lots of love, Janet


January 7th, 2018. Happy Sunday!

 I'm making the holiday fashion sets for those who are on the waiting list.

The first fashion for 2018 has not been scheduled for release. Fashion designs are still rolling around in my head. heeheee!

Wishing you a wonderful week! Lots of love, Janet



December 31st, 2017.

Wishing everyone a Spectacular 2018!!

December 29th. 2017. 

Wishing you a New Year filled with new Hope, new Joy & new Beginnings.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Latest Updates:

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season. I’ve been on the constant go, (like many of you) ever since the release of our holiday fashion collection.

Cleaning, decorating, baking, getting ready for the holiday rush before my family & friends arrived from out of town and out of state.  I’ve had a house full of 10 over the past week +. It’s been very exhausting. I think it’ll take days to recover. HA!

This is my first day back. Please accept my apologies for not making it back sooner. I’m so behind on emails, cards & thank you messages.

I haven’t started on any fashions since the holiday fashion show. My arthritis in my hands had gotten really bad during the last fashion production. I thought they would heal during the Christmas break, but they haven’t. I’m waiting on a pair of arthritis relieve gloves to come in soon, and a doctor appointment on the 8th. I hope we can work something out fast!

Since I was only able to send out a few Christmas cards manually this year, I have been working with an email service called “Constant Contact” today in hopes of getting some colorful email messages sent to you. Hopefully they will come through later today.

I wish you all a beautiful & blessed New Year!

See you next year!

Love, Janet


12/11/2017. Happy Monday!!! Today's the day! Later this afternoon I will be releasing two fashion sets to add to your holiday collection! A Newsletter will be released in a couple of hours with the location & time of this release!

Stay tune!!!!! Have a wonderful day!! Much love this holiday season, Janet xoxox


Dec. 9th. No fashion show this weekend! Still working hard on our holiday collection! Stay tune!

Be back tomorrow! Love, Janet  xoxoxo


Dec 7th, 2017 Happy Thursday!!! Still working on the holiday collection! Hopefully I'll have them finished & ready to ship on Monday. Once I have a definite time & date I'll post it here and send out a Newsletter too!  Have a great day! Love, Janet




November 28th, 2017 Happy Tuesday!!! 

 Gosh, time just seems to get away from me!!

I've been out searching for my next collection supplies!!

First I was gathering supplies for a Berry Christmas collection, and after I finished the Halloween dresses, my mind started bouncing around!! Berry Christmas or Merry Christmas? Well on Friday I finally settled on a Merry Christmas collection in the classic traditional colors plus plaids!! So now I feel like Santa's Helper with lots of red, green & white all around me!! Very festive!!  Just hope I'm able to get somethings done in time!

If not, Christmas maybe rolling into 2018! HA!

Stay tuned!! Not sure when the holiday collection will be released, but promise to keep you posted right here at the “Latest News & Updates” page!!

Have a wonderful week! xoxo



November 9th!! Happy Thursday!! Just popping in to give you an update!! I've been working hard creating the extra Vamp Collection gown sets for those who are on the waiting list! There’s 3 dozens sets ready to ship and a couple dozen left to finish. Once finished I’ll be able to start on the extra "Trick or Treat" costume sets.

The release of the holiday collection has not been scheduled!

 I'll keep you posted right here!! Stay tuned!!

I should have extra Vamp gown sets that I'll add to the inventory next week. And, I may have some extra "Let's Pretend" gown sets that I'll add to the inventory next week too!


Happy Halloween!!

Latest updates: The "Trick or Treat" costume set has sold out! Thank you so much again! If you missed out on this set and want one please let me know and I'll do the best I can to make you one. xoxo


Breaking news! I'm still packing the "Trick or Treat" costume set. Let's release it in the "Unexpected Fashion Sales" page at 7pm Central (Texas) time. You can view a photo of the costume set on the "Home" page. The cost for this set will be $30.00 (above normal). Please know that this set cannot to shipped in the International Flat envelope due to the clear box packaging.

Back to packing!! Have a Spooky day!!


Great news! I was able to complete the “Trick or Treat” costume set late last night!

It’ll be released on Halloween! I’ll be back later on today with the details, photo and the when & where once I have all the sets packed for shipping! xoxo


Trick or Treat! Happy Mischief Day!

Hope you’re having a great day! The latest news on our Halloween witch costume.

At this time I have 3 out of the 4 accessories completed & the dresses are 90% completed!   If I’m able to complete these costume sets, I will release it late tomorrow. 

More information about when and where of the release will be posted here.

Have a spooky Mischief Night!!

Love, Janet xoxo

FYI: International Flat envelope rate will not be available for this costume set due to the size of the clear fashion packaging box.

FYI: The cost of this costume set will be above normal.


Information for those on the waiting list for The Vamp Collection gowns! I will be starting on them right after the release of the Halloween witch costume set.  


October 29th! Happy Sunday! Just wanted to let you know that I made it back from the Dawn Doll Convention safely, and boy how we had a blast!! I’m trying to bring myself back down to earth, but the smiles just keeps on.

It was amazing!  Visiting with friends, and making new friends.  We played, and played, and played! I didn’t want it to end! Pamela, The Countess of Sandwich, & Suz, The Dutchess of Horsham went far and beyond to make everyone’s stay a fabulous & memorable one! They were amazing! The convention was spectacular! They even had a Silhouette Artist who created individual silhouettes of us! I am so thankful to have been able to attend this year's convention. Looking forward to seeing what's next!! xoxoxo

I also wanted to take this moment to thank all who have donated their time and their items to the convention. Without their love & generosity these Dawn Doll convention prizes could not be possible. I am very thankful & grateful to have been awarded some of their donations! xoxox


Information for those on the waiting list for The Vamp Collection gowns! I will be starting on them right after the release of the Halloween witch costume set.  

 I’ll be back with more information soon!  Have a beautiful Sunday! Love, Janet



October 19th, 2017.


Lots of love!! Have a wonderful week, and a beautiful weekend!

Miss y'all already!
Janet xoxoxo



6/29/2017-Good afternoon! Happy Thursday! I wanted to take this time to wish everyone a happy, fun & safe 4th of July weekend!

I have 3 more " Wild Orchid" gowns I will be adding to the inventory.

There's no new fashion release this week.  I have a wedding gown & maid of honor gown in the works. There is no release date at this time. I will keep you posted right here.



6/29/2017-Good afternoon! Happy Thursday! I wanted to take this time to wish everyone a happy, fun & safe 4th of July weekend!

I have 3 more " Wild Orchid" gowns I will be adding to the inventory.

There's no new fashion release this week.  I have a wedding gown & maid of honor gown in the works. There is no release date at this time. I will keep you posted right here.

My daddy is still with us. He fights on, each and every chance he can. Time grows nearer. Give your loved ones a big hug, and let them know they are loved. xoxoxo


6/20/2017- Good evening! Just added 5 more "Wild Orchid" sets to the inventory on the "Unexpected fashion sale," page Thanks a bunch! xoxo

6/20/2017- Happy Tuesday! Hope your having a good day! We had a great Father's Day, which continues! Thank you all so much for all your love, thoughts & prayers! xoxo

Here's a little fashion update! I'll be adding extra "Wild Orchid" gown sets to the inventory later tonight. If your on the waiting list for the "Wild Orchid," only, you should be receiving an email later this evening too! Wishing you a beautiful day! xoxoxo

No new fashion release this week! HA! Keeping you posted right here!


6/13/2017- Happy Tuesday! Just wanted to pop-in to let everyone know that if you like either one of the new dress releases, "Wild Orchid," or the "Lady Like," just let me know, and I'll do my best to make you one.  I used on all the rhinestone belt buckles for "Lady Like," and I will try to order a few more today.

Dad, is being strong, however the cancer is rapidly taking him from us. We are a strong family when taking care of one another, but when the mist of darkness takes over we become weak. I asked him what kind of cake he wanted for Father's Day, he said, New York, cheesecake. So like a good daughter, (presto-just a click away), a cheesecake was ordered from NY. As is stands we will celebrate Father’s Day this Friday.

Wishing you a wonderful week! And don’t forget to make “Father’s Day” special for all the dads in your life! Much love & lots of hugs, Janet


6/9/2017- Happy Friday! BREAKING NEWS! Today, I have two new gown sets to add to the “Unexpected Fashion Sale,” page inventory & a couple of “Let’s Pretend,” gown sets too! If you should miss out on either one of these gown sets and want one, please let me know. Have a super great weekend!!! Love, Janet 



5/29/2017. Happy Memorial Day! Hope everyone is having a great time!

PS. No new fashion releases at this time. However there is some beauties coming! HA!

I'll keep you posted right here! Have a great week! Love, Janet xxx

PS. My dad is holding strong. His brother Al & his nephew (Vincent) were visiting from San Diego this past weekend. And, once again, my sister Michele was here for the weekend too! (Don't know what I'd do without her.)

We all had a wonderful visit & the weather was perfect. Now to start planning for Father's Day which is 14 days away! HA! xoxo  


5/17/2017.  Happy Wednesday! Hope everyone had a great weekend & Moms had a great Mother’s Day!


Dad had a wonderful 80th birthday!  We all enjoyed the day! Philly cheese steaks & New York cheese cakes were a HUGH hit!

Daniel flew in from Vermont & gave his Mom a Dawn Dance Party stage featuring Kevin (who is in excellent condition.) He also brought me Tonner Betty Davis doll. Her clothing was breathtaking, with exquisite details. I was in awe!  Grandsons brought beautiful flowers & handmade Crayola cards! I cooked for them a big pasta dinner and feed them big chocolate fudge brownies, with a slice of cheese cake & strawberries.

Doll news! Currently there are no new fashions to be released. I will keep you posted! I have more Let’s Pretend gowns to release to those on the waiting list. If I have any extra sets left I’ll add them to the website.

Wishing everyone a super great day & week! Lots of love, Janet 

5/11/2017. Wishing you a beautiful & lovely Mother's Day weekend! All my love, Janet xoxo


5/10/2017:No new fashions to be released. 

5/4/2017: Let's Pretend was released.

5/3/2017. Happy May! Wow, the months are just peeling away here! I sure wished they'd slow down a little! We didn't get caught up in those nasty tornadoes in West Texas last week. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those most affected by them.

Dad is doing as well as he can. Although the time is becoming direr as the days go by. He wants to see his 80th birthday, which will be next Friday the 12th. He wanted a New York cheesecake for his birthday cake. So I was able to order a couple from Junior's out of Brooklyn, New York. Junior's has been around since 1950. And, since we are all originally from Philadelphia, Pa, We are having a Taste of Philly with their original Philly cheese steaks. HA! I'll also be doing a little taste of Italy too, since we all are a bunch of crazy Italians here too!  Daniels (my oldest) son will be flying in from Vermont. He has been traveling back & forth from there to Texas, along with my sister Michele who is in Oklahoma.

I was hoping to get more fashions into our spring collection but a mixture of things makes it nearly impossible. I do have something beautiful to add to our collection. Release date, unknown! Maybe tomorrow! I'll know more later on, once I make the finally decision. And please don't worry if you miss out on this set. I can make more, I have enough supplies to make around 12 to 15 more.

Have a great day!!  Much love, Janet


Wednesday, April 26, 2017. Currently all fashions have sold out! No new fashions to be released this week!

I'll continue to keep you posted here.  Have a great day! Love, Janet xxxooo


4/25/2017. Happy Tuesday! Just added 1-extra Miss Cotton Tail costume set to the inventory. (You can find it in the "Fashion Avenue Boutique, click on the "Signs of Spring 2017 Collection link." I also added two extra "Blue Skies" and "Dance 'til Dawn," gown sets. (You can find them in the "Moonlight Madness Sale" page.

Currently there’s no new fashion to be released! However, yesterday, I was able to create a couple of samples that brought a big smile to my face. So we shall see what develops. Have a great week! May the sunshine your way! Lots of love, Janet

4/21/2017: Happy Friday!

Hope you had a great week & looking forward to the weekend! Just wanted to let you know that there are no new fashion releases for this week. I'll keep you posted right here if something new is going to appear.

I may have a few extra sets to add to the inventory. One "Miss Cotton Tail" bunny set, Two "Blue Skies," and 2 "Dance 'til Dawn." Once everyone on the waiting list get their sets,  I'll add the extra ones to the inventory!! 

Have a wonderful weekend! Love & hugs, Janet xxoo


 BREAKING NEWS!  Surprise “Signs of Spring,” fashion collection release

Date:  Sunday, April 9th, 2017

Time: 6pm central time zone
At the “Fashion Boutique” web-page


Happy Friday! 4/7/2017. Lisa & Maria are hosting a Easter photo contest at "The Beckoning Dawn Doll Showcase" page on Face Book. Here's is the link:

Contest ends on April 20th, 2017.

Remember we lost Rebecca (Bex) Montague last June 13th, 2016 to ovarian cancer. The Beckoning Dawn Doll Showcase face book page is Bex's original showcase page and it's being maintain by Lisa, & Maria. 

New Releases coming very soon!!! Easter/Sunday dress set and for the first time ever, a Easter Bunny costume set. YES! I am here today, hoping to complete these little bunny costumes. I'll keep you posted and a newsletter will be sent too! Have a great Friday! Much love, Janet xoxo


3/30/2017- Happy Thursday Everyone! My family & I have been able to help dad out so much this past week. Daniel our elder son made another visit from Vermont. He just left today and my sister Michele continues to travel back and forth from Oklahoma to be with dad too! Thank you all so much for your continued thoughts & prayers.

Please know that there are no new fashions being released this week. I hope to have something special to offer you this coming holiday/season. I'll keep you posted right here!

Enjoy your weekend! Hope the weather will be kind to you! Thank you so much!  With love, Janet xxxooo


3/25/2017- Happy Saturday! Hope everyone is doing well. Dad is still telling his stories and we are all loving that.

I have finished the fashion request from last week and the supplies to make a few more arrived yesterday. That should make some very happy.

Please know that there are no new fashions be releasing this coming week. I will update you later next week on any progress that is being made. Have fun enjoying your weekend, and have a great week!

Love to all, Janet xxxooo 


3/20/2017. Happy 1st of Spring!

Please know that all fashions from last Friday's release shipped on Saturday! 

Thank you all for your continued thoughts & prayers for my dad! He continues to fight on. Spending time with family & friends. My younger sister Michele continues to travel back & forth from Oklahoma. It's great having her around!

Wishing you all a beautiful 1st of Spring week!  Lots of love, Janet xxxooo


Breaking News!!!  3/16/2017 (Thursday) Good evening! Just wanted to pop in to let you know that I will be adding "Blue Skies," and "Dance 'til Dawn," gown sets to the inventory Friday 3/17/17 around 12PM-noon time (central Texas) time. I will also be adding some extra "Snow Princess," gown sets too. All sets to be added to the "moonlight madness sale," page.

Have a good night!! xxxxoooo


Coming soon! Maybe this Friday! Blue Skies & Dance 'til Dawn.

Breaking news! 3/14/2017. The extra "Snow Princess" gown sets will be ready to ship soon for those on the waiting list. Any extra gown sets will be added to the inventory this week when I release 2 new (pastel color) fashion gowns!

(Keep you posted right here on date & time of the new releases.) Thanks again! xxxooo


3/10/2017. Good morning! Happy Friday! I'm here today in hopes to get some sewing done! YAY! Wishing you all a fabulous weekend! Big hugs & lots of love, Janet xxxxooo

Breaking News!!! March 6th, 2017!! YaHOOOooo! This is unbelievable!! I just found 2 yards + of the overlay fabric used in the Snow Princess gown at the Joann Fabrics in Denton, Texas.!! I am so stoked! 

If your wanting this set made please send me an email with the words "Snow Princess" in the subject!! Thanks!!

3/6/2017. Happy Monday! I hope you all are doing well. Great news for those of you waiting of your final batch of holiday fashions. They are all packed and ready to ship. I finally finished them late last night! 

  Currently there are no new fashion releases at this time. I will continue to keep you posted!

Thank you all for your thoughts & prayers for my dad! He continues to fight on. Some of my cousins from Philly just left yesterday. They were able to spend the week with Dad and he enjoyed all the time he got to spend with them. Our son Daniel spent the week before with us and my sister Michele has been traveling back and forth every weekend.

Wishing you all a beautiful week! Lots of love, Janet xxxooo


2/26/2017. Happy Sunday! Sorry I've been away for a little while. My Dad who was diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago with stage 4 cancer was taken off of chemo and told there was nothing more they could do for him. It's been rough this past week just wrapping our heads around it all and it will continue through the days, weeks & months to come. Lots of family coming & going! This doesn't mean I'll stop sewing.

As for now, I'm still trying to finish all the holiday fashion orders. I have 8 Christmas Classic gowns ready to ship, and I have 12 more in the sewing stages. I still have another 9 more Holiday Gathering dress sets to make, but I think I only have supplies to make 8 more. We shall see! Hang in there with me! When I have something new to offer I will post updates here.

Have a beautiful & blessed & fun week! Lots of love, Janet xxxooo


2/15/2017. Happy Belated Valentine's Day! I was unable to get to my computer yesterday. I hope you had a lovely day! Inquiry minds want to know will there be any new fashions released this weekend. Sorry, no new fashions yet but when I start on something new I'll let you know!

Currently I am working on the HG & CC fashion orders. There are many ready to ship. Hopefully I’ll be able to start sending emails out late tomorrow. If not, maybe early Friday in order to get them in the mail by Saturday. Have fun! Chat soon! Janet xxxooo


Happy Sunday!! 2/12/2017!! Hurray! I finally finished the CCC & HC orders yesterday!! Woohoo! I'll send emails out sometime this week. And, for those on the waiting list of the HG & CC I'm working on my first batch. I really hope I'm able to get them all done this week too! (A girl can dream, can't she?) HA! I'm sooooo ready, ready for spring & for creating something new!

Have a beautiful week! And don't forget Valentine's Day is Tuesday!!!

Much love, Janet xxxxxooooo


Happy Friday! 2/10/2017! Hope everyone had a great week! I was able to get just some supplies to make a few more "Hearts Desire," gowns. I will get with those you have requested the fashion, and if there's any left I will post them to the inventory. I will continue to keep a lookout for the red organza ribbon in the dye-lot needed. Today, I'm hoping to finish up the last of the Chocolate Covered Cherries & the Hot Chocolates. Starting on Holiday Gatherings, & Christmas Classic soon after. There will be no new fashions releases this weekend. Stay tuned! Have a great weekend! Xoxo


Update: February 4th. "Hearts Desire," release date (tomorrow) Sunday, Feb. 5th at 2:00 central time.

Where: Moonlight Madness Sale page!

See you soon!


BREAKING NEWS! I want to take this time to bring attention to this year’s 19th Annual Dawn Doll Convention.  It’s going to be awesome! It’s a Gothic Victoria Tea Party in Portland, Maine, on October 21st, 2017. Check out the convention website! (Sorry I don't have a convention photo yet, but as soon as I have one I'll add it along with the website link.)

February 3rd. Happy Friday!! Sorry I was away yesterday and just finished my emails. Today, I plan on finishing up our "Hearts Desire." If I'm able to get them all completed & packed, we might see a (this) Sunday release and a Tuesday shipping date. If so, I will send a "newsletter,”  out  Saturday.

Have a great Friday! More info to come!! Xoxo


February 1st. Happy February! Coming soon! Heart's Desire! More info to come!


January 30th, FYI. No "Snow Princes" fabric to be found. Sorry folks! I tried!

Have a great evening & a beautiful week! More to come!


January 29th. Happy Sunday! I've sent out emails for those on the waiting list for the Chocolate Covered Cherries and/or the Hot Chocolate. If you haven't received an email today, please be patient. I will be working on the last batch of these fashions next week.

Have a great week! Chat more soon!

PS. I'm going fabric & trim shopping tomorrow! It's not like I need anything! Right? HA! Okay, okay! I'm on the hunt for some little Snow Princess overlay fabric! Much love! Janet xoxo


January 27th, 2017. Happy Friday! YAY! I've completed another dozen of Chocolate Covered Cherries fashion sets! On Sunday, I'll send emails to those on the waiting list for this fashion and for the Hot Chocolate sets I finished earlier this week.   I still have several Hot Chocolate's & Chocolate Covered Cherries orders to complete. I'm hoping to have them all finished by next weekend. I'll keep you posted.

Wishing everyone a happy & fun weekend!

My little sister is on her way from Oklahoma this morning to spend the weekend with me.

Gotta go for now! Be back on Sunday!

Much love, Janet xoxoxo


January 22, 2017! Happy Sunday! Just wanted to pop in to wish everyone a great week! I have no new fashions plan for release this week.

I did get started very late this week on pending fashion orders. But, tor the past couple of days I've been working on the extra "Hot Chocolate" fur coat sets. I only had enough fur to make 17 sets, but I have placed an order for my fur. So all is not lost! I'll get these 17 sets completed tomorrow, and start making the extra Chocolate Covered Cherries. I should have them all ready to ship by next  weekend or sooner!  I'll keep you posted! Just as soon as these fashion orders are completed, I will start on the other two, "Classic Christmas" and the "Holiday Gatherings."

Again, no new fashions to be released this coming week!

Much love, Janet xoxo


January 14th. Look for the release of "Snow Princess," 2017.This Sunday afternoon, 1/15/2017 at 2pm central time in the Moonlight Madness page.

See you soon!


January 10th, 2017! Happy New Year's!! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. It was great having my family around! I received so many beautiful & amazing dolls & fashions along with OOAK dolls & OOAK fashions from friends & family. Goodie bags filled with love & tiny miniature accessories for my dolls. I received candles & cookies & candies! Bath & body lotions! And, Amazon Echo! (I haven't yet tried it out!)

Latest doll fashion news! The month of January, I'm working on the extra orders for the Chocolate Covered Cherries & the Hot Chocolate fur set orders. I have some ready to ship, and will continue to work on these orders this month. Next month I'll start working on the extra Holiday Gatherings & the Christmas Classic fashions. 

Update! Tuesday afternoon! I have sent the first batch of emails out for some of the fashions that are ready to ship. If you haven't received an email, that just means your fashion is not ready yet. I will send more waiting list emails next week!

New fashion release! I'm a wee bit behind in that area too.

Look for a small release of "Snow Princess," 2017. Coming soon!


UPDATE: For International collectors who are purchasing ONLY (1) fashion set. A new postal rate has been offered.  USPS First Class Flat envelope rate of $4.00. PLease be aware that it will not be protected by bubble wraping however, it will save lots of money.





Rebecca "Bex" Montague, August 29th, 1967-June 13th, 2016.



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