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Sew kitty, sew!! 

October 19th, 2017.

Happy Wednesday! Just wanted to give you an update. All fashions from the Vamp Collection were shipped out as scheduled this past Monday. You should start receiving them shortly.

News on my hard drive. It's still in the shop! They told me on Monday it was in need of replacing. They are ordering a new hard drive and hoping to be able to transfer as much data from me old drive to the new drive.

I'll be leaving here later this afternoon and heading to Dallas, and then onto Boston, and then onto Portland, Maine for the 17thn Annual Dawn Doll Convention. It's going to be so exciting & so much fun. I just can't wait to see on my Dawn & Pippa friends again, and meet new ones.

My husband Mike is going with me so that will help calm my flying fears once again, especially when there's a layover in New York and changing planes before heading into Boston. Plan to spend that afternoon & evening & morning in Boston with our eldest son Daniel & his (our) friend Joann. Joann's from Bowie, but she has been living in Boston for many years. All four of us will be taking a road trip into Portland for the convention.  I can't wait! I have to sign off for now! I will be back here on Monday to assume our dolly fun!

Lots of love!! Have a wonderful week, and a beautiful weekend!

Miss y'all already!
Janet xoxoxo


10/10/2017: Happy Tuesday!! Coming soon! The Vamp Collection!

Yes, that's right! So many people have been waiting for a newsletter releasing a new dress collection. Promise to release a "First to Know" newsletter later this week with the link to the Vamp Collection. The dresses are ready for shipping. If we should sell out I will do my best to make more.

The Vamp Collection! Crimson Night & Love at First Bite!

They just could be to die for!! haahaahaa!

Not sure if my adorable Halloween Witch will be completed before the month ends, but as soon as I return from the Dawn Convention I'll do my best to get them ready in time for Halloween.

Have fun! See you soon!

Sept. 30th. Happy Saturday! Hope your having a wonderful weekend! I thought I'd mention I'm going to be adding 3 extra "Royal Caribbean" gown sets to the inventory. Have fun!


Sept. 24th. Happy Sunday! Wanted to wish everyone happy fall on Friday, but my computer monitor quit working. It was a crazy morning around here trying to wake it up. When I finally realized it was broke for good, I had to do what I could to replace it.  It’s a good thing some online stores offer overnight shipping cheap. HA! It’s all good now! Wishing you all a happy fall season! Have a great week! Love, Janet


My thoughts, love & prayers continue to go out those effected

by Hurricane Harvey, Irma & Maria.


Wishing everyone a wonderful week filled with lots of fun & happy faces! Love, Janet



Breaking news...


I wanted to take this time to thank everyone for the kind words, thoughts & prayers over these past 2 1/2 years for my daddy. I'm here today to tell you my daddy passed away Friday morning, July 28, 2017 from his long battle with cancer.  It's hard to imagine living in a world without him but knowing he's at peace & free from pain & now with my mom brings comfort to my spirit.  Rest in Peace, daddy. 

Gone from our home but not from our hearts.

I will love & miss you until we meet again.


7/23/2017: Happy Sunday!

I just added an extra "Special Occasion," pink gown set to the inventory. 

Coming soon! Cabana Blue! No release date scheduled at this time! Stay turn, always more to come! xoxo

My daddy's update: Thank you all so much for all your kind words, thoughts & prayers for my daddy. He continues to fight. If smiles could be the cure, he would have won ready. Even though his body doesn't want to move anymore and his mind comes and goes, he still continues to make us laugh and makes us smile. Lots of love, Janet xo

7/10/2017- Happy Monday! Breaking News!

Two new gown releases "Perfect Moment" and "Special Occasion," to be added to the inventory tonight at around 7pm Texas time tonight.  You will be able to find the new gowns on the "Unexpected fashion sales," page when they are released. Thank you so much for allowing me to share my creations with you. Much love, Janet xoxo

7/9/2017: Folks have been asking me when the "Fashion Show Release Collection," will resume. Please know that I hope to resume the "First to Know" fashion release collection this fall. For "unexpected fashion releases, please check out the "latest news update," page or the "unexpected fashion sales," page. Thanks so much for your continued support for my creations! Lots of love! Janet

7/9/2017- Happy Sunday! Hope everyone had a delightful weekend! Great news!

If you are looking to add a new fashion set to your doll’s wardrobe collection, I have two new sets releasing some time Monday or Tuesday.  If you send me emails today or tomorrow, please know I won’t be able to reply until late Monday or early Monday evening.  The two new gown sets are “Perfect Moment,” bridal set  & “Special Occasion,” bridesmaid pink gown set .

More fashion sets to come!! Ha! Enjoy your week! Hope to see you soon! Love, Janet


6/29/2017-Good afternoon! Happy Thursday! I wanted to take this time to wish everyone a happy, fun & safe 4th of July weekend!

I have 3 more " Wild Orchid" gowns I will be adding to the inventory.

There's no new fashion release this week.  I have a wedding gown & maid of honor gown in the works. There is no release date at this time. I will keep you posted right here.

My daddy is still with us. He fights on, each and every chance he can. Time grows nearer. Give your loved ones a big hug, and let them know they are loved. xoxoxo


6/20/2017- Good evening! Just added 5 more "Wild Orchid" sets to the inventory on the "Unexpected fashion sale," page Thanks a bunch! xoxo

6/20/2017- Happy Tuesday! Hope your having a good day! We had a great Father's Day, which continues! Thank you all so much for all your love, thoughts & prayers! xoxo

Here's a little fashion update! I'll be adding extra "Wild Orchid" gown sets to the inventory later tonight. If your on the waiting list for the "Wild Orchid," only, you should be receiving an email later this evening too! Wishing you a beautiful day! xoxoxo

No new fashion release this week! HA! Keeping you posted right here!


6/13/2017- Happy Tuesday! Just wanted to pop-in to let everyone know that if you like either one of the new dress releases, "Wild Orchid," or the "Lady Like," just let me know, and I'll do my best to make you one.  I used on all the rhinestone belt buckles for "Lady Like," and I will try to order a few more today.

Dad, is being strong, however the cancer is rapidly taking him from us. We are a strong family when taking care of one another, but when the mist of darkness takes over we become weak. I asked him what kind of cake he wanted for Father's Day, he said, New York, cheesecake. So like a good daughter, (presto-just a click away), a cheesecake was ordered from NY. As is stands we will celebrate Father’s Day this Friday.

Wishing you a wonderful week! And don’t forget to make “Father’s Day” special for all the dads in your life! Much love & lots of hugs, Janet


6/9/2017- Happy Friday! BREAKING NEWS! Today, I have two new gown sets to add to the “Unexpected Fashion Sale,” page inventory & a couple of “Let’s Pretend,” gown sets too! If you should miss out on either one of these gown sets and want one, please let me know. Have a super great weekend!!! Love, Janet 



5/29/2017. Happy Memorial Day! Hope everyone is having a great time!

PS. No new fashion releases at this time. However there is some beauties coming! HA!

I'll keep you posted right here! Have a great week! Love, Janet xxx

PS. My dad is holding strong. His brother Al & his nephew (Vincent) were visiting from San Diego this past weekend. And, once again, my sister Michele was here for the weekend too! (Don't know what I'd do without her.)

We all had a wonderful visit & the weather was perfect. Now to start planning for Father's Day which is 14 days away! HA! xoxo  


5/17/2017.  Happy Wednesday! Hope everyone had a great weekend & Moms had a great Mother’s Day!


Dad had a wonderful 80th birthday!  We all enjoyed the day! Philly cheese steaks & New York cheese cakes were a HUGH hit!

Daniel flew in from Vermont & gave his Mom a Dawn Dance Party stage featuring Kevin (who is in excellent condition.) He also brought me Tonner Betty Davis doll. Her clothing was breathtaking, with exquisite details. I was in awe!  Grandsons brought beautiful flowers & handmade Crayola cards! I cooked for them a big pasta dinner and feed them big chocolate fudge brownies, with a slice of cheese cake & strawberries.

Doll news! Currently there are no new fashions to be released. I will keep you posted! I have more Let’s Pretend gowns to release to those on the waiting list. If I have any extra sets left I’ll add them to the website.

Wishing everyone a super great day & week! Lots of love, Janet 

5/11/2017. Wishing you a beautiful & lovely Mother's Day weekend! All my love, Janet xoxo


5/10/2017:No new fashions to be released. 

5/4/2017: Let's Pretend was released.

5/3/2017. Happy May! Wow, the months are just peeling away here! I sure wished they'd slow down a little! We didn't get caught up in those nasty tornadoes in West Texas last week. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those most affected by them.

Dad is doing as well as he can. Although the time is becoming direr as the days go by. He wants to see his 80th birthday, which will be next Friday the 12th. He wanted a New York cheesecake for his birthday cake. So I was able to order a couple from Junior's out of Brooklyn, New York. Junior's has been around since 1950. And, since we are all originally from Philadelphia, Pa, We are having a Taste of Philly with their original Philly cheese steaks. HA! I'll also be doing a little taste of Italy too, since we all are a bunch of crazy Italians here too!  Daniels (my oldest) son will be flying in from Vermont. He has been traveling back & forth from there to Texas, along with my sister Michele who is in Oklahoma.

I was hoping to get more fashions into our spring collection but a mixture of things makes it nearly impossible. I do have something beautiful to add to our collection. Release date, unknown! Maybe tomorrow! I'll know more later on, once I make the finally decision. And please don't worry if you miss out on this set. I can make more, I have enough supplies to make around 12 to 15 more.

Have a great day!!  Much love, Janet


Wednesday, April 26, 2017. Currently all fashions have sold out! No new fashions to be released this week!

I'll continue to keep you posted here.  Have a great day! Love, Janet xxxooo


4/25/2017. Happy Tuesday! Just added 1-extra Miss Cotton Tail costume set to the inventory. (You can find it in the "Fashion Avenue Boutique, click on the "Signs of Spring 2017 Collection link." I also added two extra "Blue Skies" and "Dance 'til Dawn," gown sets. (You can find them in the "Moonlight Madness Sale" page.

Currently there’s no new fashion to be released! However, yesterday, I was able to create a couple of samples that brought a big smile to my face. So we shall see what develops. Have a great week! May the sunshine your way! Lots of love, Janet

4/21/2017: Happy Friday!

Hope you had a great week & looking forward to the weekend! Just wanted to let you know that there are no new fashion releases for this week. I'll keep you posted right here if something new is going to appear.

I may have a few extra sets to add to the inventory. One "Miss Cotton Tail" bunny set, Two "Blue Skies," and 2 "Dance 'til Dawn." Once everyone on the waiting list get their sets,  I'll add the extra ones to the inventory!! 

Have a wonderful weekend! Love & hugs, Janet xxoo


 BREAKING NEWS!  Surprise “Signs of Spring,” fashion collection release

Date:  Sunday, April 9th, 2017

Time: 6pm central time zone
At the “Fashion Boutique” web-page


Happy Friday! 4/7/2017. Lisa & Maria are hosting a Easter photo contest at "The Beckoning Dawn Doll Showcase" page on Face Book. Here's is the link:

Contest ends on April 20th, 2017.

Remember we lost Rebecca (Bex) Montague last June 13th, 2016 to ovarian cancer. The Beckoning Dawn Doll Showcase face book page is Bex's original showcase page and it's being maintain by Lisa, & Maria. 

New Releases coming very soon!!! Easter/Sunday dress set and for the first time ever, a Easter Bunny costume set. YES! I am here today, hoping to complete these little bunny costumes. I'll keep you posted and a newsletter will be sent too! Have a great Friday! Much love, Janet xoxo


3/30/2017- Happy Thursday Everyone! My family & I have been able to help dad out so much this past week. Daniel our elder son made another visit from Vermont. He just left today and my sister Michele continues to travel back and forth from Oklahoma to be with dad too! Thank you all so much for your continued thoughts & prayers.

Please know that there are no new fashions being released this week. I hope to have something special to offer you this coming holiday/season. I'll keep you posted right here!

Enjoy your weekend! Hope the weather will be kind to you! Thank you so much!  With love, Janet xxxooo


3/25/2017- Happy Saturday! Hope everyone is doing well. Dad is still telling his stories and we are all loving that.

I have finished the fashion request from last week and the supplies to make a few more arrived yesterday. That should make some very happy.

Please know that there are no new fashions be releasing this coming week. I will update you later next week on any progress that is being made. Have fun enjoying your weekend, and have a great week!

Love to all, Janet xxxooo 


3/20/2017. Happy 1st of Spring!

Please know that all fashions from last Friday's release shipped on Saturday! 

Thank you all for your continued thoughts & prayers for my dad! He continues to fight on. Spending time with family & friends. My younger sister Michele continues to travel back & forth from Oklahoma. It's great having her around!

Wishing you all a beautiful 1st of Spring week!  Lots of love, Janet xxxooo


Breaking News!!!  3/16/2017 (Thursday) Good evening! Just wanted to pop in to let you know that I will be adding "Blue Skies," and "Dance 'til Dawn," gown sets to the inventory Friday 3/17/17 around 12PM-noon time (central Texas) time. I will also be adding some extra "Snow Princess," gown sets too. All sets to be added to the "moonlight madness sale," page.

Have a good night!! xxxxoooo


Coming soon! Maybe this Friday! Blue Skies & Dance 'til Dawn.

Breaking news! 3/14/2017. The extra "Snow Princess" gown sets will be ready to ship soon for those on the waiting list. Any extra gown sets will be added to the inventory this week when I release 2 new (pastel color) fashion gowns!

(Keep you posted right here on date & time of the new releases.) Thanks again! xxxooo


3/10/2017. Good morning! Happy Friday! I'm here today in hopes to get some sewing done! YAY! Wishing you all a fabulous weekend! Big hugs & lots of love, Janet xxxxooo

Breaking News!!! March 6th, 2017!! YaHOOOooo! This is unbelievable!! I just found 2 yards + of the overlay fabric used in the Snow Princess gown at the Joann Fabrics in Denton, Texas.!! I am so stoked! 

If your wanting this set made please send me an email with the words "Snow Princess" in the subject!! Thanks!!

3/6/2017. Happy Monday! I hope you all are doing well. Great news for those of you waiting of your final batch of holiday fashions. They are all packed and ready to ship. I finally finished them late last night! 

  Currently there are no new fashion releases at this time. I will continue to keep you posted!

Thank you all for your thoughts & prayers for my dad! He continues to fight on. Some of my cousins from Philly just left yesterday. They were able to spend the week with Dad and he enjoyed all the time he got to spend with them. Our son Daniel spent the week before with us and my sister Michele has been traveling back and forth every weekend.

Wishing you all a beautiful week! Lots of love, Janet xxxooo


2/26/2017. Happy Sunday! Sorry I've been away for a little while. My Dad who was diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago with stage 4 cancer was taken off of chemo and told there was nothing more they could do for him. It's been rough this past week just wrapping our heads around it all and it will continue through the days, weeks & months to come. Lots of family coming & going! This doesn't mean I'll stop sewing.

As for now, I'm still trying to finish all the holiday fashion orders. I have 8 Christmas Classic gowns ready to ship, and I have 12 more in the sewing stages. I still have another 9 more Holiday Gathering dress sets to make, but I think I only have supplies to make 8 more. We shall see! Hang in there with me! When I have something new to offer I will post updates here.

Have a beautiful & blessed & fun week! Lots of love, Janet xxxooo


2/15/2017. Happy Belated Valentine's Day! I was unable to get to my computer yesterday. I hope you had a lovely day! Inquiry minds want to know will there be any new fashions released this weekend. Sorry, no new fashions yet but when I start on something new I'll let you know!

Currently I am working on the HG & CC fashion orders. There are many ready to ship. Hopefully I’ll be able to start sending emails out late tomorrow. If not, maybe early Friday in order to get them in the mail by Saturday. Have fun! Chat soon! Janet xxxooo


Happy Sunday!! 2/12/2017!! Hurray! I finally finished the CCC & HC orders yesterday!! Woohoo! I'll send emails out sometime this week. And, for those on the waiting list of the HG & CC I'm working on my first batch. I really hope I'm able to get them all done this week too! (A girl can dream, can't she?) HA! I'm sooooo ready, ready for spring & for creating something new!

Have a beautiful week! And don't forget Valentine's Day is Tuesday!!!

Much love, Janet xxxxxooooo


Happy Friday! 2/10/2017! Hope everyone had a great week! I was able to get just some supplies to make a few more "Hearts Desire," gowns. I will get with those you have requested the fashion, and if there's any left I will post them to the inventory. I will continue to keep a lookout for the red organza ribbon in the dye-lot needed. Today, I'm hoping to finish up the last of the Chocolate Covered Cherries & the Hot Chocolates. Starting on Holiday Gatherings, & Christmas Classic soon after. There will be no new fashions releases this weekend. Stay tuned! Have a great weekend! Xoxo


Update: February 4th. "Hearts Desire," release date (tomorrow) Sunday, Feb. 5th at 2:00 central time.

Where: Moonlight Madness Sale page!

See you soon!


BREAKING NEWS! I want to take this time to bring attention to this year’s 19th Annual Dawn Doll Convention.  It’s going to be awesome! It’s a Gothic Victoria Tea Party in Portland, Maine, on October 21st, 2017. Check out the convention website! (Sorry I don't have a convention photo yet, but as soon as I have one I'll add it along with the website link.)

February 3rd. Happy Friday!! Sorry I was away yesterday and just finished my emails. Today, I plan on finishing up our "Hearts Desire." If I'm able to get them all completed & packed, we might see a (this) Sunday release and a Tuesday shipping date. If so, I will send a "newsletter,”  out  Saturday.

Have a great Friday! More info to come!! Xoxo


February 1st. Happy February! Coming soon! Heart's Desire! More info to come!


January 30th, FYI. No "Snow Princes" fabric to be found. Sorry folks! I tried!

Have a great evening & a beautiful week! More to come!


January 29th. Happy Sunday! I've sent out emails for those on the waiting list for the Chocolate Covered Cherries and/or the Hot Chocolate. If you haven't received an email today, please be patient. I will be working on the last batch of these fashions next week.

Have a great week! Chat more soon!

PS. I'm going fabric & trim shopping tomorrow! It's not like I need anything! Right? HA! Okay, okay! I'm on the hunt for some little Snow Princess overlay fabric! Much love! Janet xoxo


January 27th, 2017. Happy Friday! YAY! I've completed another dozen of Chocolate Covered Cherries fashion sets! On Sunday, I'll send emails to those on the waiting list for this fashion and for the Hot Chocolate sets I finished earlier this week.   I still have several Hot Chocolate's & Chocolate Covered Cherries orders to complete. I'm hoping to have them all finished by next weekend. I'll keep you posted.

Wishing everyone a happy & fun weekend!

My little sister is on her way from Oklahoma this morning to spend the weekend with me.

Gotta go for now! Be back on Sunday!

Much love, Janet xoxoxo


January 22, 2017! Happy Sunday! Just wanted to pop in to wish everyone a great week! I have no new fashions plan for release this week.

I did get started very late this week on pending fashion orders. But, tor the past couple of days I've been working on the extra "Hot Chocolate" fur coat sets. I only had enough fur to make 17 sets, but I have placed an order for my fur. So all is not lost! I'll get these 17 sets completed tomorrow, and start making the extra Chocolate Covered Cherries. I should have them all ready to ship by next  weekend or sooner!  I'll keep you posted! Just as soon as these fashion orders are completed, I will start on the other two, "Classic Christmas" and the "Holiday Gatherings."

Again, no new fashions to be released this coming week!

Much love, Janet xoxo


January 14th. Look for the release of "Snow Princess," 2017.This Sunday afternoon, 1/15/2017 at 2pm central time in the Moonlight Madness page.

See you soon!


January 10th, 2017! Happy New Year's!! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. It was great having my family around! I received so many beautiful & amazing dolls & fashions along with OOAK dolls & OOAK fashions from friends & family. Goodie bags filled with love & tiny miniature accessories for my dolls. I received candles & cookies & candies! Bath & body lotions! And, Amazon Echo! (I haven't yet tried it out!)

Latest doll fashion news! The month of January, I'm working on the extra orders for the Chocolate Covered Cherries & the Hot Chocolate fur set orders. I have some ready to ship, and will continue to work on these orders this month. Next month I'll start working on the extra Holiday Gatherings & the Christmas Classic fashions. 

Update! Tuesday afternoon! I have sent the first batch of emails out for some of the fashions that are ready to ship. If you haven't received an email, that just means your fashion is not ready yet. I will send more waiting list emails next week!

New fashion release! I'm a wee bit behind in that area too.

Look for a small release of "Snow Princess," 2017. Coming soon!


UPDATE: For International collectors who are purchasing ONLY (1) fashion set. A new postal rate has been offered.  USPS First Class Flat envelope rate of $4.00. PLease be aware that it will not be protected by bubble wraping however, it will save lots of money.





Rebecca "Bex" Montague, August 29th, 1967-June 13th, 2016.



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