Fashion Avenue
By Janet Caudle

This "Fashion Avenue" page is where you can find some of latest fashion collection releases. You can also checkout the "Unexpected Fashion Sales," page for more fashion releases. 

1/20/2020: Monday, 7:30pm. Hello! Let me give you the latest update. I just finished packaging all the fashions for shipping. A postal person will pick them up tomorrow (Tuesday). YAY!

Yes, I have started a wait list for the "Arctic Ice." I'll post more information Friday on the Latest New Update page. Thank you so much again! Have an awesome week!


1/19/2020 Newly releasing, "Arctic Ice," below. Sold out! Thank you!

Sunday evening update! Tomorrow is Martin Luther King federal holiday.  Therefore, no postal packages will be picked up until Tuesday. Unfortunately, I forgot it was a holiday. All is good! Thanks so much for your understanding! Have an awesome evening!


Sunday night update!

Update: The Arctic Ice gown set have sold out. Thank you all so very much!

If you purchased the Holiday Shopper (from waiting list) and purchased the Arctic Ice separate you will be receiving a refund for the extra shipping expense that was paid.

Since the post office is closed tomorrow for the holiday, I will begin the shipping process in the morning.

Good night everyone! Be back in the morning!

PS. Have you seen “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” sitcom on Amazon Prime? The series was recommended to me. Oh my gosh!! The fashions from the 50 & 60 are to die for. Would have loved to have Mrs. Maisel’s closet!!

Snow Ruby


Snow Ruby is a 4 piece fashion dress set made from white satin, rare red cotton velvet fabric, white Minky fur, with plaid brushed cotton fabric from Scotland. 

Little "Jingles" the pooch is not included. She was created by Peggy Coleman.

You can contact Peggy at for all your pooch needs. xoxo

Using this Longlocks as a model is in memory of one of my dear friends Melanie Milling 1964-2014. Many of you knew Melanie. She was truly a very gifted and talented artist/crafter. Longlocks was her favorite Dawn doll. When I was creating this fashion, I knew she would have loved for me to use this Longlocks to model it.

Love always, Janet

"Holiday Shopper 2019"

SOLD OUT! Thank you!



The beautiful Dawn repaint by the late Bill Schneider.

My 2 Pooches, Coco (large brown pooch) and Jingles (small red coated pooch)

were created by Peggy Coleman.

You can contact Peggy at for all your pooch needs. xoxo

Later this month look of "Snow Ruby."



 12:55pm Tuesday, Update to the Holiday Shopper! It has sold out, and the waiting list is full too. I will continue to add names to the wait list just encase someone is no longer interested in this fashion when I have it completed & ready to ship.

I want to thank everyone from the bottom heart! Thank you so much for all your support!


7:30pm Tuesday, evening update! Well, I have all the fashions packed and ready to ship out tomorrow. YAY!! You all should have received your tracking email by now.  Sorry, I haven't been able to get to all the email tonight. Promise to finish them up in the morning.

Wishing you a good night! Chat more tomorrow! Thanks again! xoxoxo

FYI: Please know that I only had enough supplies to make an extra 23 fashion suit sets, I'm hoping for 25. Sorry I wasn't able to fill all the waiting list request.


Thursday morning, update! Great news! All the "Holiday Shopper" fashion suit sets were shipped out yesterday. YAY! So be on the lookout for them!  I'm off to get my home ready for the holidays, and then I'll be back here to work.  "Snow Ruby" will be this years holiday set. More info to come...

Much love to all & may your holiday season be

Merry, Blessed & Bright!!

Janet xoxo



Breaking NEWS! "Sapphires n' Snowflakes," 4 piece fashion dress set releasing below on Friday, September 27th at 3:00PM central (Texas) time. 

Update: 5pm (Friday) WOW! Thank you all so much for being here this afternoon & for your wonderful support! I was told we sold out in a flash! I have started a waiting list and I'll start on them when I return from the Dawn convention.

I just can't wait to see everyone & share in all the dolly fun next week!!! My little sister Michele will be flying into California too to visit with me and share in some of the Dawn events too!!!

Again, thank you all for a fun afternoon! I start the packing process tomorrow (Saturday) morning. 

If anyone needs a jewelry set to go with there outfit I do have some leftover that I pulled from the inventory. I can send you a separate PayPal invoice for just the jewelry without the extra shipping amount attached.

Wishing y'all a great evening! I'm off to start dinner & give my eyes a rest! xoxoxo


Saturday morning, September 28th update!

Good morning! I've been working on the shipping labels this morning. If you've placed an order you should be receiving your tracking notices shortly.

Wishing y'all a great Saturday! I'm off to begin the packing process.

Be back later! Much love, Janet xoxo


Saturday evening update!!! Great NEWS!!!

I was able to get all the fashions packed & shipped today!! YAY!!!

So be on the lookout for yours!!

Thank y'all so very much!

Chat more soon! See some of you at the Dawn doll convention next week.

Lots of love, Janet xoxo

Lady in Pink & Sweet Dreams 2019


A Classic Mystery Noir Collection 2019

Meet Lady of Mystery & The Black Onyx by Janet Caudle.

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