Fashion Avenue
By Janet Caudle

This "Fashion Avenue" page is where you can find some of latest fashion collection releases. You can also checkout the "Unexpected Fashion Sales," page for more fashion releases. 


Coming Soon!

"Holiday Shopper 2019"

Releasing Tuesday, December 10th at 12:00pm Central Texas Time.

6 piece suit set made from silk wool houndstooth, satin, suede, & fur fabric. "Holiday Shopper" will appear below next to our "Witches Brew" at the release date & time. xoxo



The beautiful Dawn repaint by the late Bill Schneider.

My 2 Pooches, Coco (large brown pooch) and Jingles (small red coated pooch)

were created by Peggy Coleman.

You can contact Peggy at for all your pooch needs. xoxo

Later this month look of "Snow Ruby."





Breaking NEWS! "Sapphires n' Snowflakes," 4 piece fashion dress set releasing below on Friday, September 27th at 3:00PM central (Texas) time. 

Update: 5pm (Friday) WOW! Thank you all so much for being here this afternoon & for your wonderful support! I was told we sold out in a flash! I have started a waiting list and I'll start on them when I return from the Dawn convention.

I just can't wait to see everyone & share in all the dolly fun next week!!! My little sister Michele will be flying into California too to visit with me and share in some of the Dawn events too!!!

Again, thank you all for a fun afternoon! I start the packing process tomorrow (Saturday) morning. 

If anyone needs a jewelry set to go with there outfit I do have some leftover that I pulled from the inventory. I can send you a separate PayPal invoice for just the jewelry without the extra shipping amount attached.

Wishing y'all a great evening! I'm off to start dinner & give my eyes a rest! xoxoxo


Saturday morning, September 28th update!

Good morning! I've been working on the shipping labels this morning. If you've placed an order you should be receiving your tracking notices shortly.

Wishing y'all a great Saturday! I'm off to begin the packing process.

Be back later! Much love, Janet xoxo


Saturday evening update!!! Great NEWS!!!

I was able to get all the fashions packed & shipped today!! YAY!!!

So be on the lookout for yours!!

Thank y'all so very much!

Chat more soon! See some of you at the Dawn doll convention next week.

Lots of love, Janet xoxo

Lady in Pink & Sweet Dreams 2019


A Classic Mystery Noir Collection 2019

Meet Lady of Mystery & The Black Onyx by Janet Caudle.

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