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Caramel Fluff

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Price: $25.00
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Prod. Code: JC310

May 28th, 2020 this fur fabric is due to arrive today. YAY! The remaining waiting list orders for this set should be completed and ready to ship by the following weekend.

If I should have any extra sets left over I'll post them here.

I'll keep you posted on the "Latest News Page & Update" page. Thank you!


  • Caramel Fluff is a 4 pc beautiful soft caramel fur coat set. Lined in champagne color satin with 2 front snap closures.
  • Janet's same original fur hat (wrap type) as with all the other fur coat sets.
  • Caramel fur pocketbook, with one gold plated brass bead, gold chain strap, special gold heart charm, and a clear stretch magic loop to put on your dolls wrist.
  • Fur boots.


(There is currently (4/13/20) only 15 fur coat sets made to date. I am currently working on waiting orders. Once they are complete & ready to ship this number will change.)

FYI: Little “Valenteen" the mini pooch is not the same color as “Ruby" aka "Jingles". She is a close color match to Caramel Fluff fur coat set. “Valenteen,“ is not include and was made and created by Peggy Coleman. You can contact Peggy at: pecbonita62@gmail.com for all you pooch needs.


FYI: June 6th, 2020. Total of 48 fur coat sets were made to date. Thank you!

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