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by Janet Caudle

Sew kitty, sew!!!



Happy Tuesday!! Hope you had a beautiful long weekend with friends and family during the Memorial Day weekend. Mike & I spent this holiday working. But this weekend coming my family invited me to spend a nice long weekend with them at Heaven on the River at Beavers Bend Adventures in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. My grandson Carson turns 13, and his daddy (our youngest son) Joey is having his birthday celebration there. I am very much looking forward to spending this time with them.


I am working on waiting list orders. I have not completed any yet for shipping. I have some tuxedo sets on the hand finishing table, and some fur coat sets on the cutting & sewing table & other fashion orders on the sewing table too. I had some other prior sewing commitments that I had to finish first. Oh, and yes, I do have something on the design table. I am aiming for the weekend of the 10th-11th for the first set of waiting orders to be completed & ready to ship. I will keep you posted on my process late next week.

Please know that between June 1st thru the 4th I will be away from my computer/email. If you send me an email, I will get back to you on the 5th/6th.

Have an awesome week! Thank you all for making my world a beautiful place. Lots of love, always, Janet


Happy May 10th! Happy Wednesday! Hope all of you are well & doing good.

I still cannot believe it is May already! My grandkids will be out for the summer in 12 more days.

And, before you know it, it will be Christmas time again.


I have a very small fashion release planned for this Saturday, May 13th, around 12 noon CDT (Central Daylight Time). I will have a newsletter sent out on Wednesday or Thursday, and photos will be posted soon.  

There is 2 designs and 15 sets of each design. I will create a waiting list if needed.

The first design you have seen in earlier photos from our last fashion show. It is the gray/pink/black tuxedo set Kevin is wearing. It is called Black Tie-Gray/Pink. The other fashion set is Passion for Pinks. Cute pink minky fur coat with big fancy handmade flower/fan buttons. The furs used are from both the Glamour in Pink & the Pink Charm dress sets. Pink minky & pink velboa furs. Buttons made from pink satin, and coat lining made from pink taffeta, and a little kitty bag. Hope you are able to be here on Saturday, but if you cannot be here and you would like either fashion set, just let me know, and I will make them for you.

Thank you so much for taking the time to pop-in.

Have an awesome day. Love, J xxxx



This Sunday is Mother’s Day here in the US.

I would like to take this time to wish all the mom’s a Happy & Beautiful Mother’s Day.

A Mother is like a Flower, each one beautiful & unique.


And, for those of us whose mothers are in heaven.

Happy Mother’s Day To all the mom’s in Heaven.

Here is a poem I found that I wanted to share.


If roses grow in Heaven

Lord, please pick a bunch for me.

Place them in my mother’s arms

And tell her they are from me.


Tell her that I love her & miss her,

And when she turns to smile,

Place a kiss upon her check

And hold her for a while.

Because remembering her is easy,

I do it every day,

But there is an ache within my heart

That will never go away.  

-Kirsten Preus-

Forever missed



April 11th, 2023. Happy Tuesday!

Great news! Everyone on the waiting list for the Glamour in Pink, and/or the Pink Charm

fashion sets have been completed & emails sent. If for some reason you have not

received a “completed & ready to ship” email please let me know.

Thanks again for allowing me to make these outfits for you.

More to come!

Enjoy the rest of your day! Love, J xxx


April 9th, 2023. Happy Easter!

"Whatever lifts your spirits, brings you hope & fills you with the miracle of Easter,

that's what I'm wishing for you."

Have a beautiful & blessed day with the ones you love!

Love always, Janet xoxo

April 9th, 2023. Glamour in Pink & Pink Charm waiting list evening update. Great NEWS!

The remaining fashions have been completed. YAY!! I'll start sending "completed & ready to ship" emails on Tuesday since I'll be out of the office tomorrow picking up more supplies. :)

Have a great week! More info to come! Love, Jxoxo


Sunday, April 9th, 2023. Great NEWS!!

The last batch of pink fashions for the waiting list orders are nearly completed.

"Glamour in Pink & Pink Charm.".

I will be packing them for shipping shortly. More info to come.

Have a beautiful day! Love, J xxxx


April 1st, 2023. Happy April, Y’all!!

I just cannot believe we are already in April. This year is flying by so fast.

Great news! I have another batch of (21) lovely dress sets completed & ready to ship! YAY!! So if your on the waiting list for the Glamour in Pink and/or the Pink Charm dress sets, emails will be sent this morning. I still have 26 more dress sets to complete & hope to have them ready next weekend.

Wonder what's next?

Wishing you a wonderful & beautiful weekend!

Chat more soon!  Love always, Janet xxxx



March 25th, 2023. Happy Saturday! Great NEWS!

I have another batch of dresses completed & ready to ship to fill more waiting list orders. YAY!! Still more to come! I will send “ready to ship” emails out tomorrow (Sunday) and ship on Monday. 

Enjoy your Saturday! Thanks again for everything! Love, J xoxo


March 18th, 2023. Saturday evening, update. Just sent waiting list "ready to ship" emails for this weekend. I will bring you more next weekend. 

The email system here is up & running, however, some of the emails I'm sending are bouncing back as "undelieverble."

Thanks for your patience! Always more to come!! :) Love, J xx

March 18th, 2023. Good morning, happy Saturday!!

Well, looks like my email system is not accepting emails this morning. The tech support has been working on upgrading the email system, but it’s not fixed yet. Not sure how to move forward now. If you have sent email within the last 24 hours, it probably still sitting somewhere out there.


On a good note, I do have another batch of Glamour in Pink & Pink Charm gowns ready to ship out on Monday. Before I send “completed & ready” emails, I’ll have to make sure this email system is up & running again.

Thanks for listening!! Have a good day!! Be back later!! Love always, J xxxxx


Friday, March 17th, 2023. Top O' the mornin'

May the dreams you hold dearest be those which come true.

And, the kindness you spread keep returning to you.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Love, J xxxx


March 14th, 2023. Happy Tuesday!

Okay, so I just sent the last emails for the dresses that are ready to ship.

I'll post more info & updates this weekend, when more dresses from the wait list are ready to ship.

Have a great week! Stay safe & be well! Love always, Janet xoxo


March 13th, 2023. Happy Monday!

I was able to get some of the "completed & ready to ship" emails out today.

I will be sending more tomorrow. :)

I'll keep you informed right here for all your news needs.

Have a great evening! Chat soon! Love & hugs, Janet xxxxx


March 12th, 2023. Happy Sunday!

Well, let’s just say, there was a hitch in my

get-a-long this past week. My grandsons & their mom tested positive

for the c-virus, grandma caught it soon after, and now pop-pop too. We are recovering

well, and ready to move on from all this. The first part of waiting list orders

are ready to ship. I must work on the special website pages, and then

I’ll start sending some of the “ready to ship” emails. Hopefully I can start

on them tomorrow (Monday.) I will post more info once some of the

“ready to ship” emails get sent.  

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday & have a beautiful week!

Love always, Janet  


March 9, 2023.

Should have the first waiting list orders for (Glamour in Pink & Pink Charm)

finished tomorrow, and ready to ship on Monday.

Enjoy the rest of your week! Chat soon! Love, Janet xx


February 23rd, 2023. Happy Thursday! More great news!

Just added photos of our next fashion releases on the

"Home" & the "Fashion Avenue Boutique" pages.

I'll be working on a "Newsletter"next & hope to have it sent out this evening too.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Have a great tomorrow!! See you soon!

Love, J xxxx


February 22, 2023. Happy Wednesday!! Exciting news!

Just finished packing all the fashions for this Saturday’s fashion show release. YAY!

Yes, it’ll be this Saturday, February 25th, at… Let’s see, what time?? Humm… 

Okay, let’s make it at 12:00 noontime, Texas time, CDT (Central Daylight Time). 

More information & photos coming soon (taking photos today)!

Have a great Wednesday! Love, J xoxo



February 14th, 2023. Wishing y’all Happy Valentine’s Day!

Great news! New fashion couture’s to release next weekend. Around February 25th or the 26th.

I can’t wait!! More information to follow.

Have a great week and have a beautiful Valentine’s Day! Love, J xoxoxoxo


January 27th, 2023. Great news!

All the “ready to ship” letters have gone out yesterday & shipping out today. If you requested to be placed on the waiting list for “Happy Holiday’s 2022” dress set, but haven’t heard from me. Please let me know. Lately, I’ve missed a couple waiting list orders.

Wishing y’all a wonderful weekend ahead! Chat more soon on what’s coming next! Now, I have to go and clean up all my messes so I can make new messes tomorrow. HA!


January 25th, 2023.


I just finished packaging all the fashion orders. YAY!!!

Since it's late I'll start on the "ready to ship" emails tomorrow.

Thank you so much for all your patience. Chat more tomorrow!

Have a great evening! Love, J xoxo



January 24, 2023. GREAT NEWS!!

Just finished all the fashion orders from last year. YahOOO!! Doing the happy dance!! So ready to start & finish our first fashion couture set for 2023!! Hoping for it’s release next month. More information to follow in a couple of weeks. YAY!!

Tomorrow (Wednesday) I’ll start packaging all the fashion sets then I’ll send out “ready to ship” emails. If you’re waiting on a fashion order, emails will begin to go out Wednesday & Thursday. If there’s any extra fashion sets left over, I’ll add them to the inventory next month too.


January 22, 2023. Happy Sunday!!

Wanted to let y’all know that the Christmas holiday dress sets orders or still in the making. The gowns are finished the shopping holiday bags & gold purses are finished, and I’m currently working on all the furs. If you’ve on the waiting list for other sets they are in the making too. I hoping all orders will be ready to ship this week. I’m a little behind on reading/replying to emails this past week. Doing my best to get to all of them.

I’ll post more info late tomorrow! Thanks for all your patience!

Have a beautiful Sunday!



January 14th, 2023. Happy Saturday, Y’all!

Looks like it’s going to be a bright & sunny day here! I’m so ready for spring to get here.I older I get the warmer I want to be. HA!

I’m currently working on all the “Happy Holiday’s 2022” waiting list orders.Hoping for them to be done by next weekend. I’ll post more information late next week on my progress.

No new fashion releases for the month of January. I’ll keep you posted for what maybe coming in February.

FYI: Here’s something fun!! Someone sent me a link to an Ebay Seller item that has a vintage Dawn & Gary doll wearing some of my older fashion designs. I just took a peek and “yes” they both my creations. Let’s see if I can get you the run down. First the opening bid is for 79.99. That includes the dolls & the fashions, plus shoes. If it was a buy-it-now I would have purchased them myself. LOL!!

Let’s see. I don’t know who the Seller is but they do have over 2500 feedbacks with 100% positive feedback. Here’s the link.


Secret Garden

After Five

Oh, my and she’s wearing a pearl necklace. Could that be my necklace that came with this gown set? It appears to be. Looks like she’s wearing the pearl bracelet too.

“Secret Garden” Okay, it appears Dawn’s fashion is incomplete. It only has the gown & necklace, bracelet. No crocheted hat, or white basket.


And let’s see for Gary:

“After Five” tuxedo set.


Have a great weekend! Stay warm! Chat more soon!
Lots of dolly love, Janet xxxxx



January 1st, 2023

Happy New Year! May you find success, happiness, and everything your heart desires.

May 2023 bring you lots of love, laughter and joy.

Wishing you & your loved ones a very sparkling New Year!

Love, Jxoxo

Happy New Year 2023!!

May it be the Best Year ever!!!




December 25th, 2022.

Merry Christmas! Wishing everyone the timeless treasure of Christmas,

the warmth of home, the love of family, and the company of good friends.

May your heart and home be filled with Yuletide cheer!!

Love always, Janet xxxxx


FYI: Sorry for my delay. Be back on the 28th to catch up on everything.


Happy Friday, December 9, 2022. It’s happening!!

Happy Holiday’s 2022 dress set releasing:

Date: Saturday, December 10th , 2022
Time: 12:00pm central standard time (Texas time)
Where: Fashion Avenue Boutique page

Hope you can all be there, but if not and you would like to have this fashion just let me know. A waitlist has been started.

Thank you so much for allowing me to share my creations with you.

Have a great day! See you tomorrow!! Love, J xxxx

FYI: A Newsletter about this fashion release was sent out last night (Thursday).



Thursday, December 8, 2022. Great NEWS!!

I just finished packing all the fashions for the show.  YAY!! I’m off to clean up my messes and start photographing. Hope to have a Newsletter released sometime this evening.

I’m still pushing for this Saturday as the release day.

More details soon. Have a fun afternoon! Chat more soon! Love, J xoox


December 1st, 2022!! Can you believe it, it’s already December?

YIKES!! So much to do, and so little time to do it! I really had tried to have a little holiday fashion release this weekend, however I’m still several days behind. I’m thinking next Saturday, December 10th, but I’ll keep you posted right here, and I’ll send a newsletter to confirm everything. Not to worry if you're not able to be here when the holiday fashion releases, I can make more after the holidays if needed.

Enjoy the rest of your week and have a great weekend! Thank you for you everything you do for me!

Stay warm!! It’s another cold & windy day here in Bowie. Much love, J xxxx

PS. Did I tell you all my family will be here for the holidays?? I'm very excited! From the 22nd until 27th!

Oh what fun it'll be.... xoxo

Isn't she a cute little doll?


Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all!!


May the chairs around your table be filled with those you love.

May this day & ever day be filled with love.

There are so many things I am thankful for, your kindness & your friendship,

& being able to express myself through my fashions for you is at the top of my list! Thank you!

Warmest Thanksgiving blessing to you & your family.

From my home to yours. Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all!!

Love, Janet xoxo


 Nov. 12th, 2022. Happy Saturday! Hope everyone is doing well! Got back from the Dawn convention in Orlando, and then got myself sick. Finally was able to see the doc yesterday, and got me some antibiotics & cough syrup. I remember a time when I’d get sick, it last for 24 hours and I’d be good as new again. Now, it takes me weeks to get over a common cold.

The Dawn convention was magical! It was great to visit with old friends & make new ones. I’m going to spend the weekend recuperating, recovering & unpacking. Can’t wait to start unpacking & playing with all my convention treasures!

I’ll be sitting here for the next couple of hours catching up with the emails.

Have a fun weekend! It’s cold here in Texas this morning. 29 degrees! Stay warm! Love, Janet


Who's ready for some pumpkin pie?

I can't wait! Thanksgiving Day is just a couple weeks away!


November 11th, Happy Veterans Day!

In honor of all the men & women who served & continue to serve this country, “Happy Veterans Day!” Thank you for your service & your sacrifice. God Bless you & God Bless America.


7:30pm Saturday update. Just finished packaging the extra & waiting list fashions. I'll be back tomorrow to send emails & add extra's to the inventory as mention earlier. Good night! See you tomorrow! Love, Jxx


October 15th! Happy Saturday Y’all! I’ll be adding (10) “Formal Affair” tuxedo sets & (10) Black Silver Buckle hats, (1) Love Blooms dress set to the inventory today (Fashion Avenue Boutique page). I’ve finished the wait list orders too for the Cherry & the Lemon Starlet gown sets. I may have a couple extras of them too. I’ll know later on today when I finish packaging them. Chat more when I finish up!


I’m off to package your fashion orders. Have an awesome day! Love, J xoxo

New fashion update: No new fashions set to release this month.

October 10, 2022. Happy Monday Y’all! Just a few short weeks away, and Mike & I will be traveling across the US heading to Orlando, Florida for the 22nd Annual Topper Dawn Doll Convention! We are leaving the day after Halloween. YAY!! Looking forward to seeing everyone again. I can’t wait!!

Currently I’m working on the waiting list orders for Cherry & the Lemon Starlet gowns. I’ll start sending emails this coming weekend. I’ll be adding some extra "Formal Affair" tuxedo sets (10), and the last of the “Love Bloom” dress sets (2) the inventory this weekend too. That’s all for now!

No new fashions until later next month (November). I’m kind of up in the air at the moment. Not sure if I should work on the colors I have on the table, or push them aside and work on a Christmas/Winter holiday couture?  Decisions! Decisions!!  Guess I’m going to have to surprise myself this time around. HA!!

Have a fun week! Chat soon!

Stay safe & be well, my friends! Love, Janet xxxx

Great news! The 6th & 7th in the Galaxy of Star collection releasing this Saturday, October 1st, 2022 at 12pm (CDT) Central Texas time on the “Fashion Avenue Boutique” page. This is a silent showing. No newsletters. There are 30 of each Starlet set. And, I have more supplies to make more. No worries.

I’ll try and get photos posted by late this evening, if not I’ll post them in the morning.

Will also add some extra “In the Garden” & “Love Blooms” to the inventory too.

Next fashion couture release will be sometime in November after the Dawn convention.

Thanks for everything! Stay safe & be well!  
Have a wonderful Friday! Chat more soon! Love, Janet xx


September 19th, 2022. Happy Monday Y’all!!

I have some amazing personal news to tell! Sorry, I’ve been out of the office these past few days, so your emails may have gone unanswered, and the website has not been updated.  I promise to get caught up with everyone over the next couple of days.

To my surprise this past Friday, our son (Daniel) from Vermont, my sister Michele from Pa and her boyfriend Ron, and our second son Joey & wife Sarah from Lubbock, Texas along with our 4 grandkids, surprised me with a 3-day birthday bash. Joey brought his smoker. He smoked a brisket, 3 racks ribs, 2 whole chickens, and plenty of stuffed jalapeno peppers. Sarah & Michele made appetizers, side dishes & desserts.  I made my favorite beans. HA! Oh, and they brought plenty of drinks for everyone. HA!!! So, with lots of celebrating, drinking & eating we didn’t want it to end. It’s been two years since we’ve had everyone here, all together, at the same time. Of course, we didn’t want it to end.

Hang in here with me as I get everything caught up to date.

Have a wonderful week! Chat soon!

Love always, Janet xxxx


September 10th, 2022. Great NEWS!

I just finished all the waiting list orders, and they are ready to ship. I’ll start sending emails out shortly. Monday, September 12th will be the shipping date. Wishing you all a great weekend! Thanks for everything!! Chat soon! Love, Janet xx


Sept. 8th, 2022.

What a sad day for the people of United Kingdom & people around the world. The nation will profoundly miss her unwavering service & dignified presence. May God provide strength to the Royal Family and to the people during this difficult time. God Bless the Queen. Rest in Peace.



Sept. 8th, 2022.

The news coming from Buckingham Palace today about Her Majesty’s health is very worrisome.

From what I'm reading, Queen Elizabeth II is under medical supervision, and remains at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. Members of the Royal Family are traveling to Balmoral Castle.

May God’s presence strengthen and comfort Her Majesty The Queen today.



September 6th, 2002. Happy Tuesday!

I hope y’all had a great Labor Day holiday weekend! Great news!!

I’m just about finished with all the “Love Blooms” waiting list orders, and the extra “In the Garden” too. I hoping to have them all completed by this coming weekend. Emails should be going out on Saturday, Sept. 10th, with shipping date of Monday, Sept. 12th. YAY!!

Wishing you a very happy week! Love, Janet



August 24th, 2022. Happy Wednesday!

Hope everyone is doing well.

The weather here in Texas finally cooled down. It’s 74 degrees this morning,

with the high today of 86. YAY!! I love being warm, but I love fall temps the best!

Great news! I’ll be starting on the waiting list orders for the “Love Bloom” dress sets

& the extra “In the Garden” request, and some extra tuxedo sets too.

Currently I have no new fashions releases on the schedule this month,

and no new feathered mask yet.

Wishing you all a beautiful day! Love, J xxxx



Release Date: Sunday, July 31st, 2022
Time: 12:00pm (CDT) Central Texas time. At that time,
Love Blooms will appear below-left side, next to In the Garden.

36 dress sets, completed & ready to ship. Shipping date on Tuesday, Aug. 2nd, if not before.

Thank you for allowing me to share my creations with you. Enjoy the rest of your week! Hope to see you here this Sunday! Have fun! Love always, Jxxxx

"Love Blooms"



July 27, 2022. Happy Wednesday!

I want to give you an early look at the fabric I’ve been working with. As you noticed written on the salvage edge of this fabric reads:

“Love is a flower you’ve got to let it grow.” ~John Lennon

This fabric was love at first site for me! The colors and the floral blooms are amazing. It was sent to me by a Dawn friend, and I couldn’t wait to create some beautiful from it. 

I also wanted to give you an update on the release date for this next floral dress set. Instead of Saturday, Jul 30th, the release date will be this coming Sunday, July 31st.

Mike is off on Friday & Saturday, so I'm going to spend that time with him, and I'll see you this Sunday. I'll post more information tomorrow (Thursday). Photos, date & time.

Chat more soon! Have a beautiful day! Love, Jxxxx


July 24, 2022. Happy Sunday!! Hope you’re having a beautiful weekend!

Wanted to let you know that there will be a new fashion released next weekend. I’m pushing more like Saturday, July 30th, but I’ll have a definite date towards the middle of the week. I’ll get the details posted by Thursday, and send a newsletter too.

I also have (2) extra “In the Garden” dress sets available.

Last call! Come & get them! They’ve been added to the inventory on the Fashion Avenue Boutique page.


Enjoy the rest of your Sunday & have a great week! Chat more soon! Love, Janet xx



FYI: July 10th. Hello everyone!

Well, it’s the time again where the USPS decides they need to raise their postal rates again. Their new rates go into effect today, July 10th.  Not sure what the new rates are going to be or how much they will affect us, but I’ll post the new rates by next weekend.

Hope to see you soon! Have a beautiful Sunday!



To see future Galaxy of Stars gowns, look under the “New Galaxy of Stars” tab.

Also, future mask to match gowns will be for the Laurel Rose, Purple, & Hot Pink gown sets.

No feathers have been found to match the aqua gown, or the yellow gown yet.

Have a fun day! Love, Jxx



Happy Thursday! July 7th, 2022.

As promised I have uploaded a couple of photos of "Purple Starlet" on the Fashion Avenue Boutique page, & have posted a little more information there as well. Hope you like!


Happy Wednesday! July 6th, 2022


Here’s the latest on the “Purple Starlet” gown. I hate that I have to report this but I was only able to get 42 gowns from the purple star tulle.  Please know if this tulle becomes available to me again I will make more “Purple Starlet” gowns. 

Sunday, is the release date (July 10th), and Tuesday (July 12th) will be the shipping date.   All 42 gown sets will be released on Sunday. No waiting list will be available.


I will take photos tomorrow, and get them uploaded to the website, sometime on Thursday.


Thank you all for continuing to support my love & creations.

I am very grateful to you all. Chat more tomorrow.

Love, Janet xoxo


Happy 4th of July weekend!!

Wishing you & your family a wonderful, happy & safe holiday weekend!

Exciting news for those waiting for the 5th in the “Galaxy of Stars” collection. It’ll premier next Sunday, July 10th, at 12pm noon Texas central time. Like last time, no newsletter will be released, as mentioned earlier this year. “Purple Starlet”  (a bright grape color purple) is limited due to the fabric shortage sent to me. I didn’t notice it when I received all ten colors back in January 2020. The fabric vendor is no longer in business. No worries, we’ll make the best of it.

**I'll take photos & post later this week with more information.**

**No mask being made at this time, but will be created later along with the mask to match the Laurel Rose Starlet gown set.** 

More great news! For those looking for the next floral dress design, releasing later this month.

Coming in hot, and Dale wears it so well. Colors, bright pink, purples, yellows, greens! That’s all I can say for now!  After that, should be the 6th in the “Galaxy of Stars” collection, bright/hot pink.

Thank you all so very much for your continuous support for my fashions & I.

With love, always, Janet xxxx

PS. I’m off to start cooking for Mike & I’s 4th of July celebrations.

Have a great weekend!!



June 18th, 2022. Happy Saturday! Great news!!

The remaining 25 waiting list orders for “In the Garden” have been completed. YAY!! YAHOOO!! I’ll be packaging them up to make them ready to ship. Then, I’ll start on the “completed & ready to ship” emails, which will go out sometime on Sunday (Father’s Day.) Since Monday is a reserved Federal holiday (Juneteenth Day), the post office will be closed but will reopen on Tuesday, so that will be the next shipping date. Thank you so much for your kindness & patience.

I’ll post new fashion release information here next weekend.

Wishing you all wonderful & beautiful days, always!

Lots of dolly love & hugs, Janet  xx



June 9th, 20022. Great news!! The first batch of 25 waiting list orders for the “In the Garden” dress sets are completed. Along with some Laurel Rose Starlet gown orders, & some Formal Affair tuxedo sets. I’ll be packaging them over the next couple days.  They should be ready to ship on Monday. I’ll start sending out email letters over the weekend. The second batch of 25 waiting list orders for the “In the Garden” are in the making and hope to have them completed & ready to ship by next weekend.

Look for information on new fashion releasing in a couple of weeks.

Thanks so much for your patience & your kindness! Chat more soon! Love, Janet xxxx


May 21st, 2022. Happy Saturday!!

Great news!! I’m so happy to announce that “In the Garden” spring fashion dress set will be releasing tomorrow, (Sunday!) Not to worry! If you can’t be here tomorrow let me know and I’ll add you to the wait list and get one made for you while supplies last.

Release Date: Sunday, May 22nd, 2022
Time: 2:00pm (CDT) Central Texas time.
Where: The “Fashion Avenue Boutique” webpage.

Hope to see you here tomorrow!! I'm sending the newsletter shortly!

Enjoy your Saturday & have a great Sunday!

Love, J xxxx


May 19th, 2022. Happy Thursday!!

Great news!! I’m hoping to be able to release the next in the floral dress “In the Garden” this Sunday, May 22nd. I hope to get all the details and post them here late tomorrow with a newsletter & photos.

Enjoy the rest of your day! Love, Janet xxxx

April 29th, 2022. Good evening! Happy Friday!

I will be adding “Laurel Rose Starlet” to the inventory tomorrow (Saturday) at around 12:00pm (CDT) Central Texas time. Unannounced.  No newsletter. (A small photo of this gown set can be viewed on the Galaxy of Stars page.)

A waiting list will be created if needed, and I’ll do my best to make more. Look for more starlet gown sets to be added to the inventory in the near future.

There’s a purple, hot pink, yellow, aqua, possibly royal blue & mint.

 I didn’t make a matching masquerade mask this time around. I’m going to hold off on the masks for a while. However, if there’s a big need for them I will do my best to make them.

I will also be adding to the inventory tomorrow will be a few extra Pieces of April dress sets & one Scarlet Starlet gown set. 

In May, look for another cute little floral dress set.  

See you tomorrow! Love always, Janet xxx



April 28th, 2002. Coming soon! Laurel Rose Starlet gown set.

Possible release date this Saturday, April 30th! More information tomorrow (Friday.)

Love, Janet xxxx


April 23, 2022. Happy Saturday! Great NEWS!

I just completed all the waiting list orders for Pieces of April. YAY! Since it’s late in the day, I’ll start sending the Completed & Ready to ship emails out in the morning.

Have a great evening! Chat more tomorrow! Love, Jxoxo



April 18th, 20022. Good morning, happy Monday!

Hope you are doing well!

The latest update on the wait-list orders for the “Pieces of April."

Hoping to have all them ready to send out

notification this coming weekend. I’ll post more at the end of

the week with my progress,

Enjoy your week! Chat more soon! Love, Janet xx

More fashions to come!!


Happy Easter, everyone!

I hope you all had a great time

celebrating with friends & loved ones.

God Bless.  Love, Janet xx


March 31st, 2022. Happy Thursday! Great news! As promised!!

"Pieces of April" spring fashion dress set to be released this Saturday, April 2nd at 2:00pm (CDT) Texas time zone. See photos & more information on the "Fashion Avenue Boutique" page.

Enjoy the rest of your day! Chat more soon! Love, Jxoxo



March 30, 2022. Happy Wednesday!

Had to drop online to let you know there will be a new release fashion set this weekend called, “Pieces of April.”   YAY! I’m working on photos, & should have the uploaded to the website tomorrow, with more information. Chat more soon!! Enjoy your evening!

Lots of love, Janet xxxxx


March 28th, 2022. Great News!!

Coming soon! "Pieces of April!"

Look for more information this week.

If all goes well, it's release will be this coming Saturday.

Enjoy your day!

Chat more on Wednesday! Love, Jxoxo


March 17th, 2022

May your thoughts be glad as the shamrocks,

May  your heart be as light as a song,

May each day bring you bright, happy hours,

That stay with you all the yearlong.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!


March 17th, 2022. Happy Thursday! Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Great news! The Scarlet Starlet waiting list for the gown sets and/or the mask  have been completed! YAY!!

 I'll start sending out "read y to ship" emails this Saturday & Sunday., for Monday shipping date!

Thanks a million!


May your troubles be less

And, your blessings be more

And, nothing but happiness,

Come through your door.


March 15th, 2022. Happy Tuesday!! Great NEWS!!

If you're on the waiting list for the Scarlet Starlet gowns, they have all been completed & are ready to ship. "Completed & ready to ship" notices should be going out on Friday, and Saturday. I'm working on the Scarlet Starlet mask and hope to have them completed & ready to ship as well.  Chat more soon!

Enjoy your day! Love, Jxoxo