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Latest News & Updates
by Janet Caudle

Sew kitty, sew!!!



July 22nd, 2024. Great news! If you are on the wait list for the latest outfit

“Countryside Luncheon,” they have been completed & are ready to ship.

YAY!! I will start sending emails out tomorrow (Tuesday) morning

and shipping them out to you. Chat more soon! Love, J xx

“Make each day your masterpiece.” -John Wooden

July 3rd, 2024!

I want to first wish everyone here in the USA 

Happy 4th of July!

Hope you are decked out in your best red, white & blue attire.

I will be!! Have fun & be safe!!

New fashion update!! I have some great news! A new fashion

will be releasing this coming Saturday,

July 6th, 2024 at 12 noon Central Time, Texas.

Shipping date Monday July 8th, 2024.

I will post photos to the website this Friday.

A newsletter should be going out

this evening with all the details.

New postal rates have been added to the “Ordering” webpage.

Here is a link to see the new rate changes effective immediately.

The biggest rate increases went to the international shipping.

You can check out the new rates here:



As always, more info to come!

Have a beautiful & blessed day, my friends!

Lots of love, Janet xx



Tuesday, June 19th, 2024.

Happy Juneteeth Day!



Sunday, June 16, 2024

Happy Father’s Day

to all dads out there,

along with all the grandpas, uncles, godfathers,

& others who have stepped up to make a difference

in the life of a child.


Happy Father's Day!

"The greatest man I know is in heaven

on this Father's Day.

I love & miss you, Dad!"


June 14th, 2024. Happy Friday, Everyone!!

Just added some extra, “Christmas Gala” gown sets

and a “First of Spring” dress set to the

inventory on the Fashion Avenue Boutique page.

Thanks a bunch!!

Have an awesome Friday, and a fabulous weekend!!

Lots of love, Janet xx


June 12th. Happy Wednesday! Great news!

If you have missed out, I have some extra “Christmas Gala” gown

sets available. I will add them to the inventory this coming Friday!

Thanks a bunch!

Enjoy your day! Love, J xx


Great NEWS! It is official! The wait-list for the original

2023 Christmas Gala gown sets have been completed. YaHOOO!

If you have not received any notification that your gown set was

ready to ship, please let me know.

Have a great week!! Thank you All for everything!

Chat soon! Lots of love, Janet xx


June 1st,2024. Happy June!! 

Still working on the last batch of “Christmas Gala” gown sets.

Hoping to have them completed in the next few days. YAY!

Once they have been completed, I will start sending

email notifications!

Wonder what fashion will be released next?

Thank you all so much for your kindness, friendship & your support!

Wishing you all a beautiful & blessed day!

Love always, Janet xxxx



Monday, May 27th, 2024.

USA Memorial Day!

Somber day of remembrance.

“Greater love has no one than this: to lay down

one’s life for one’s friends.” John 15:13


May 19th, 2024. Great NEWS!!

Another batch of “Christmas Gala” gown sets have been completed! YAY!

They still must be pack. So, once I have finished packing them,

I will try to send some “completed & ready to shipemails later today and/or

throughout the week. I have 30 more gown sets to complete.

I hope to be finished by the end of May. Once they are finished,

I will work on some new fashion releases.YAY!!

Thank you all so much for your kindness & support!

Wishing you all a beautiful & blessed week!

Love always, Janet xxxx



May 12th, 2024. Happy Mother's Day to All Moms!

May your day be filled with love, joy, and happiness!

Have a beautiful day!

And, for those of us whose mothers are in heaven.

Happy Mother’s Day To all the mom’s in Heaven.

Here is a poem I found & shared with you last year, that I thought

would be beautiful to continue to share this year.

If roses grow in Heaven

Lord, please pick a bunch for me.

Place them in my mother’s arms

And tell her they are from me.


Tell her that I love her & miss her,

And when she turns to smile,

Place a kiss upon her check

And hold her for a while.

Because remembering her is easy,

I do it every day,

But there is an ache within my heart

That will never go away.  

-Kirsten Preus-

Forever missed


FYI: Still making the Christmas Gala's! heehee!


May 7th 2024. Happy Tuesday!

Hope you are all well! I cannot believe we are almost through halfway though 2024.

And, before you know it, it will be baking cookie time for Mrs. Nick!

Gee, speaking about Mrs. Nick! I must show you my latest arrival that

Mrs. Nick has created for me. A brunette up-do Dawn.

Isn’t she adorable? Just melts my heart away! Look!

Great News! The first batch of the “Christmas Gala” gown sets are ready to ship.

I would have sent emails over the past weekend, but I got caught up in

Mike’s projects. See his brothers Tommy & Eddie are making their way here to

our home from Georgia, and South Carolina, then all of them are heading to

Oklahoma for visit their relatives. As for me, I am just running walking

around here trying to put things in order for their arrival. LOL!

Getting back to dolls, I am starting on my second batch of Christmas Gala’s,

and hope to get some “completed & ready to ship” emails sent over the next few

days from the first batch made.

No new designs are set to release at this time.

I will keep you posted right here!

Have a fun week! Love always, Janet


April 26, 2024. Happy Friday!! Great news!! At last!! Yes, YES!

The “Christmas Gala” gown sets are officially in production! YAY!

I will keep you posted on my progress!

Have fun! Love, J xxxx



April 6th, 2024.

Read the latest NEWS on receiving “First to Know List” Newsletters,

Confirmation emails & Shipping notification letters go to:




Friday, March 29th, 2024. Great news! For those of you that are on the

wait list for the latest “First of Spring” fashion set. They will all be

completed & ready to ship out Monday, April 8th. The “completed &

ready to ship” emails will go out next weekend, April 6th & 7th.  YAY!!

Chat more soon! Love, J xxxx



Sunday, March 31st, 2024 Happy Easter!

May this special day bring joy, hope, and renewal to you and your loved ones.

Whether you are celebrating with family, enjoying a festive meal,

or simply savoring the beauty of spring, may it be filled with

blessings and happiness.


May the miracle of Easter bring you peace and joy.


On this solemn day, may you find strength in the message of Good Friday.

Friday, March 29th, 2024. Great news! For those of you that are on the

wait list for the latest “First of Spring” fashion set. They will all be

completed & ready to ship out Monday, April 8th. The “completed &

ready to ship” emails will go out next weekend, April 6th & 7th.  YAY!!

Chat more soon! Love, J xxxx



March 24th, 2024. Happy Palm Sunday!

May the spirit of this Sunday

The wonders of this season,

And the beauty of springtime.

Fill your heart with joy

And your life with love.

Have a Beautiful Palm Sunday, and a Blessed Holy Week.


Happy Wednesday, March 20th, 2024.

Important Message!

Hello everyone! I have been able to reach out to the technical support team with some of the issues related to Newsletters not being receiving in your inboxes or your spam boxes. Issues with not receiving email shipping tracking notices. And, not receiving confirmation notices when you try to subscribe or re-subscribe to the “First to Know” list.

I am compiling an email list of those who are having these problems, and will be forwarding them into the technical support team. If you are experiencing any of these issues, please email me, at janesdolls@janetsdolls.com (keep you message brief) and let me know which issues you are having and the email address you are using. If you can, please extend this message to other Dawn & Pippa fans that do not visit this website regularly.  Thanks for all your help! Maybe we can get some of these issues resolved.

Have a great day! Love, J


Tuesday, March 19th, 2024. Happy First Day of Spring


Wishing y’all a wonderful Springtime, full of love, happiness,

joy & laughter. Cheers to good times! Happy Spring!! xx



Happy Saint Patrick's Day!! March 17th

May your troubles be less, and your blessing be more.

And nothing but happiness, come through your door.


Saturday morning! Look finished baby chicks now have their bows! 

I am off to package everything up! See you at the show!

Friday, March 15th, 2024. Great NEWS!

New fashion release "First of Spring"

releases tomorrow, March 16th, 2024 at 2:00pm) Central Daylight Time (Texas time).

Where: At the "Fashion Avenue Boutique"

These little chicks need bows. Back to work I go!!

Hope y'all have a wonderful Friday night!

See y'all tomorrow! J xoxo


Things that were in the making!


March 13, 2024! Happy Wednesday! Great news, if all goes well, we will have a little

spring time dress set released this coming Saturday, March 16th, 2pm

Central Daylight Time, Texas.  Right before the First Day of Spring,

which is this coming Tuesday, March 19th.  More info to follow, newsletter,

& photos. I will create a wait list of this fashion set if needed, and I make

and ship these extra sets before I start on the “Christmas Gala’ wait list orders.

The “Christmas Gala” silver fabric should be arriving later this week or the

first part of next week. I will post more information about those wait list orders

next week, once I have this fabric in my hands.

As most of you know, the United States Postal Service has risen its rates,

again, and again. The last time I had to increase my shipping rates was in 2022.

I will post new USPS rates around the 15th of April.

Thank you all so much for allowing me to continue to share my

little creations with you. Enjoy the rest of your week, and hope

to see you this Saturday.

Peace & love, Janet xxxx


Friday. March 8th, 2024. Great news!!

Christmas Gala silver metallic fabric, has been ordered. YAY!!

They finally made it available late Wednesday. I will post more info once I have it in my hands. LOL!!

FYI: There might be a new spring dress set available soon.

I will post more information this weekend!

Enjoy your Friday, and have a wonderful weekend!

Thank y’all so much for everything! Lots of love, Janet xx


March 4th, 2024. Good morning y’all! Great news!

About the silver metallic fabric needed to make the “Christmas Gala” wait list orders. I did speak with the fabric vendor’s associate this morning, and they were able to tell me that this fabric should be available tomorrow afternoon. I will post more info soon. Doing the happy dance but I will hold off on the big celebration once the fabric is in my hands. LOL!!

Have a beautiful week!

Spring is in the air here! Heehee!

Love always, Janet xx


Saturday, February 24, 2024.

Great news! The remaining wait list orders for Checkered Fad

& the Charcoal-Black Tie Tux sets have been completed & they are ready to

ship. YAY!!! I will be sending “completed & ready” ship email outs today, and tomorrow.

If you do not receive an email by Monday, and you are on the wait list for

either fashion sets, please let me know.

Next week I will be completing some of my promised sewing commitments

before I move onto our next fashion releases. I am also sitting on

pins & needles waiting to see if the Christmas Gala silver fabric gets

restocked to by the end of next week too.

Wishing you all a very beautiful week! Thank you for everything!

Chat next weekend! Love, Janet xx

February 18th, 2024. Happy Sunday! Great news! More wait list orders for the

Checkered Fad, and Charcoal Black Tie tuxedo sets have been completed & are ready to ship.

Since Monday, 19th is a holiday (post office is closed), these orders will begin

shipping this Tuesday the 20th. If you are on the wait list, and do not receive

an email notification today, then look for one next weekend.

More to come! Have fun!!

Thank you all so much for everything! Have a wonderful week! xoxo


FYI: Monday. January 22nd. New update info on the Christmas Gala silver fabric.  

The fabric vendor just posted a change in the restocking date,

from February 15th to February 29th. 


February 14th, 2024:

Here is to spreading the love today and every day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Love always, J xxxx



February 10th, 2024

Happy Saturday! Great news!

I have a bunch of Wait List orders completed and ready to ship out for Monday.

The “Completed & Ready to ship” emails will be going out today and tomorrow.

If you are on a Wait List and do not receive an email this weekend,

keep an eye out for next weekend.

Always, more to come…

Wishing you a bright and beautiful day!

Love, J xxxx



January 25th, 2024. Happy Thursday!

I just uploaded some photos of the two outfits

being released this Saturday, January 27th, at 2pm Central Standard Time, Texas.  

One is the Van charcoal and black tux set, and the other is a Dawn black & red

skirt sets. YAY!! See you Saturday! Thanks again! Janet xoxo


Monday. January 22nd. New update info on the Christmas Gala silver fabric.  

The fabric vendor just posted a change in the restocking date,

from February 15th to February 29th. 

Chat more later this week!

Stay warm & have fun! Jxxxx


January 20, 2024. Happy Saturday!

It is bitter cold here in Bowie 15 degrees. Way to cold for me.

Looking forward to spring. How about you?

Great news! Next Saturday, January 27th, I will release a new adorable

fashion set for Dawn & Van’s charcoal tuxedo set. YAY!! I will take photos

next week, upload them to the website, and send a newsletter out too.

I am thinking the time of the releases maybe 2pm central Texas time.

Speaking about newsletters. I cannot say for sure but some

AOL email addresses are not receiving the newsletters. If you have

used an AOL email address to Subscribed to the “First to Know List,”

newsletters and you are not receiving the newsletters, you might

try using another email address besides AOL.

FYI: The Christmas Gala gown sets are still on hold until after

the 15th of February. I will continue to keep you updated. Even though

they say the estimated restock date for the fabric is February 15th,

I continue to check every day to see if it has restocked. LOL!

Have a wonderful weekend! Stay warm! Chat more soon!

Peace & Love, Janet xx



January 6th, 2024. Happy Saturday, y’all!

Great news, I finally have Van’s charcoal tuxedo sets on the hand-finishing table,

and, the next Dawn fashion is in production. YAY!! No fashion release dates yet but

I will keep you posted right here.

The Christmas Gala gown sets are still on hold until after the 15th of February.

No decision will be made until after the 15th of February once I learn whether

the silver fabric becomes available again.

Have a wonderful weekend! Stay warm! Chat more soon!

Peace & love, Janet xx


May the new year bring you many blessings of love & joy,

friendships & adventures, good health & good fortunes.

Cheers! Happy New Year my friends!

Make it a beautiful year for one and all! Love y'all!



May your heart and home be filled with peace and joy.

May the joys of Christmas bring happiness and goodness

which stay with you all year long. Happy New Year!

Peace & Love, Janet xx





Happy Holidays!!!

Dec. 16th, 2023. Just sent the “newsletter” out for

tomorrow’s holiday fashion release.

See y’all tomorrow! xoxo


December 15th, 2023! Happy Holidays!!!

Great NEWS! “Christmas Gala” will be releasing very soon!

This Sunday, December 17th at 2pm central time. More information to follow,

with photos tomorrow (Saturday). I’ll post a Newsletter tomorrow too!

One thing I must mention, there is only 30 sets available.  One of the main fabrics used in this design is on backorder from the vendor until February 15th, 2024. At first, they said this fabric would be restocked on Nov. 22nd and now it has been moved until next year. So, please be aware I will not be able to guarantee I will be able to make more of the “Christmas Gala. I can create a waiting list and make more when it does become available.

I must run! Still more sewing to be done!

Chat more tomorrow!! Love, Janet xx



December 2nd, 2023. Happy Holidays Y’all!!

Gosh, can you believe it is already December? Time flies when you are having fun!

I have some Great news!! I just finished packing the remaining waiting list orders for

the“Pins & Stitches” dress set. HURRAY!! I am so excited!! Emails will start

going out today & into Sunday, and the shipping date will be Monday, December 4th.

If you haven't received your "completed & ready to ship" email by Monday,

please do not hesitate to email me. 


Next up!! I do have a few things on the designing table.

Let us see what the holidays might bring! Post more info next weekend!!


Wishing you all a beautiful 1st week of December!!

Happy Holiday! Love, Janet xoxo



November 23, 2023.

Wishing you & your family a beautiful Thanksgiving Day!

May you have a joyful day this Thanksgiving.

May your holiday be full of blessings, love & an abundance of happiness.


Happy Thanksgiving from my home to yours!

Love always, Janet xoxo


Happy Veterans Day &

Happy 248th Birthday US Marine Corps!

In honor of all the men and women who served

and continue to serve this country,

“Happy Veterans Day!”

Thank you for your service and your sacrifice.

God Bless you & God Bless America.


October 31, 2023.

Happy Halloween, Y'all!! Sweet Treats!!


I must tell you this story of what happened to me while I was trying to create some fashion dresses to go with the theme of the Dawn convention this year. Shake, Rattle & Roll. Well, after had completed the 1950s waitress dresses for Nancy, I wanted to create my poodle & cat dresses to take to the convention. I had downloaded a new poodle & cat silhouette for my Cameo cutter. I did not have any more black velvet fabric sheets that I had when I created the poodles for the “Oh la la” dress set in 2016.  So, I purchased other velvet sheets from another vendor. I had no clue that this replacement velvet would not work. I tried and tried using all sorts of cutting options.  No go… it was very disappointing.

Well, while I was downloading other imagines, this adorable imagine popped up in my searches & it read “Don’t make me get out my pins!” Being so frustrated and not being able to produce what I wanted; this imagine just brought a big smile to my face. (I was so ME!) I laughed & smiled!  So, I purchased the imagine so I could keep it on my desktop to bring a smile to my face. LOL!!


Days had gone by. I was still working on trying to get these poodles & cats cut with my machine. Still no luck. It was hard for me to let go, and move on. I looked up, and saw that cute little imagine on my desktop, saying “Don’t make me get out my pins!” That is when I hit me, my creative mind was clicking away & before you knew it “Don’t make me get out my pins,” was created. I even had the local T-Shirt shop make me a couple of t-shirts with those words & imagine on it.

I made 15 costume dress sets and I sold them at the Dawn convention in Vegas. While I was there, I did create a waiting list for those that wanted it too. I am currently working on a couple of dozen sets & I hope to have some completed by next weekend (Nov. 4th-5th). If you would like one too, send me an email at: janetsdolls@janetsdolls.com & I will add your name to the waiting list.  I will try & send out a Newsletter next weekend to.

More information about the "Pins & Stitches"

costume dress set go to the "Fashion Avenue Boutique" page.

Have a beautiful fall week!

Stay safe & warm!

Thank you all so much for your kindness & support.

Without you, there would be no me! Love always, Janet xxxx


PS. The USPS had a postal rate increase in July 2023. I have not made any adjustments to the postal rates both domestically or internationally yet. I hope to get the adjustments made soon & I will post them here. They also changed the name of USPS 1st class packages to USPS Ground Advantage.


October 21st, 2023. Happy Saturday, Y’all!  

WOW! What a fabulous time we all had at this year’s

Shake Rattle & Roll Dawn Convention in Las Vegas!

Mike & I are still recuperating from the travel. heehee! It was AMAZING and I scored big time too! I cannot wait to share some of my goodies & winnings with you. Thank you so much to all who participated, & donated to this awesome event.  And a huge thank you to Nancy Collins (Our Hostess with the Mostess) and to all her wonderful helpers who made our event so fun & special.

The Dawn conventions is the most fabulous time for me. I LOVE seeing everyone, & spending chit chat time with them. It is so much fun, not to mention all the planned events, Friday night shopping sale tables, games, prize tables, raffles, goody bags, convention dolls, mini’s & dresses, and contests. FOODS & FUN, and so much more!!!

I also released my fashion costume set, “Pins & Stitches” at the convention. I only had 15 sets to sell at the convention. Please don't worry more are being made.

Hope to get photos taken of my gifts & prizes and have them uploaded here to the website along with a photo of "Pins & Stitches."

My emails have gotten away from me too, and I have been trying to catch up. I apologies for the long delay. Thank you so much for hanging in there with me.

Have a great weekend!! Love always, Janet xx

PS. I'll have photos uploaded to this page.

My seating/placement at the convention. Check out my pink Cadillac filled with old fashion candies, cat glasses, 45 LP record placements, & coasters, note papers, a chocolate guitar. Coffee mug (my favorite). I love receiving convention mugs, they really make my every morning even more special! Oh and check out the convention centerpiece dolls. (I actually won the one at our table. Boy, I was so stoked! I couldn't believe it!!) More pics to come...

My Friday night sales purchases! Nice! Right?

Here is my first raffle winning of the day. Shirley Temple

created by Angela Singleton and donated by Aida Palazola.

I was over the moon with this winning! First, shocked they called my name as the winner, and it being a Shirley Temple Dawn doll. She could have been a Pippa doll, but I didn't open the display up to find out yet. She goes perfectly with my other Shirley Temple memorabilia's. Awesome!!! Right? :)

The photo to your left has the offical Dawn Doll Convention created & donated by Helen Hamberg. This dress set is gorgeous! I love the colors, and I believe Nancy had the material made in tiny little records. It also comes with socks & shoes & a record purse. Adorable!

The adorable coffee mug was donated by Trish Freeland. Next up we have the offical convention doll "Kiss my Grits!"Angie starring as "Flo" the character from Me's Diner. This TV sitcom ran from 1976 to 1985. The photo to the right is the box of the box. Creative Team. Angela Singleton: Wig Maker, Dawny Wambsgans: Cat-Eye Eyeglasses. Janet Caudle: Waitress Uniform. Mary S: Custome "Flo" Face Paint. Nancy Collins (Hostess with the Mostess) Concept & Box design. Limited Edition of 53.

Here's Longlocks dressed in a replica of the convention logo. Nancy had these made from a beautiful lady in Russia and she passed them out to a few people as "thank you" gift's. She's adorable. Yes, Nancy & Longlocks too. Now look straight back in the photo and thats the offical Las Vegas "Shake Rattle & Roll" mini created and donated by Vicki Ewalt! I had a panic attack this moring when I thought I had lost it. Sheesh, that was a close one!

Okay, are you ready for my Grand Prize Raffle winning! Let us just say your odds of winning one of the (3) Grand Prizes is slim. Every attendee is given (3) blue raffle tickets, and you can place them in any of the (3) grand prize boxes. I placed one ticket in each of the boxes.  When they called my name, I was totally shocked! It was like one in a million to me.

As you can see by the photos this was created by DH Designs David Hodge with Karen Boobyer.

It is Elizabeth Taylor in “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.” She is just STUNNING!

Thank you DH & Karen B!

Speaking of stunning!

At one point I was sitting somewhere and this lovely lady Linda Klug came up to me. Handed me a card & a doll. She said she had commissioned Karen Boobyer to create a doll in a 50s fashion to give as a “thank you” gifts. I was stunned!! It was love at 1st site when I saw the doll. I called her (the doll) my Princess Grace Kelly in the movie Rear Window 1954. You can imagine how stoked I was. I still am!

I think we are on a natural high during & after these Dawn Doll Conventions.

All the dolls & all the goodies! All I want to do all day is play! HA!

Here's a black t-shirt we all received. The imagine "Fashions for Dawn

and her Friends was designed by Nick DWTLH Customized, and donated by Patricia Lightner.

How cool is that? Our very own custom Dawn Doll convention T by Nick!

Top left of the photo is a full color copy of the 1971 Topper Dawn Fashion Doll Toy Dealer Supplement Catalog. Very exciting to see & to have.

At the top right is a photo of Henry Orenstein Founder of Topper Toys. We celebrated what would have been his 100th birthday on October 13th. In the photo there is a doll created of him.  


I could not help but show off my Nick DWTLH Rags to Richness Tea Party Wonderland yarn dolls.

The doll (Ms. Plum) on the left was a Christmas gift given to me a few years back by a friend. As you can see my collection has expanded since. The doll on the right is Ms. Flip Slip that I got from last years Dawn convention. And now, this convention the middle doll (Tip Top Frenchie Hair of Yarn) doll was a gift from Nancy.

I just love them all!! Thank you! xoxo