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by Janet Caudle

Sew kitty, sew!!!



January 27th, 2023. Great news!

All the “ready to ship” letters have gone out yesterday & shipping out today. If you requested to be placed on the waiting list for “Happy Holiday’s 2022” dress set, but haven’t heard from me. Please let me know. Lately, I’ve missed a couple waiting list orders.

Wishing y’all a wonderful weekend ahead! Chat more soon on what’s coming next! Now, I have to go and clean up all my messes so I can make new messes tomorrow. HA!


January 25th, 2023.


I just finished packaging all the fashion orders. YAY!!!

Since it's late I'll start on the "ready to ship" emails tomorrow.

Thank you so much for all your patience. Chat more tomorrow!

Have a great evening! Love, J xoxo



January 24, 2023. GREAT NEWS!!

Just finished all the fashion orders from last year. YahOOO!! Doing the happy dance!! So ready to start & finish our first fashion couture set for 2023!! Hoping for it’s release next month. More information to follow in a couple of weeks. YAY!!

Tomorrow (Wednesday) I’ll start packaging all the fashion sets then I’ll send out “ready to ship” emails. If you’re waiting on a fashion order, emails will begin to go out Wednesday & Thursday. If there’s any extra fashion sets left over, I’ll add them to the inventory next month too.


January 22, 2023. Happy Sunday!!

Wanted to let y’all know that the Christmas holiday dress sets orders or still in the making. The gowns are finished the shopping holiday bags & gold purses are finished, and I’m currently working on all the furs. If you’ve on the waiting list for other sets they are in the making too. I hoping all orders will be ready to ship this week. I’m a little behind on reading/replying to emails this past week. Doing my best to get to all of them.

I’ll post more info late tomorrow! Thanks for all your patience!

Have a beautiful Sunday!



January 14th, 2023. Happy Saturday, Y’all!

Looks like it’s going to be a bright & sunny day here! I’m so ready for spring to get here.I older I get the warmer I want to be. HA!

I’m currently working on all the “Happy Holiday’s 2022” waiting list orders.Hoping for them to be done by next weekend. I’ll post more information late next week on my progress.

No new fashion releases for the month of January. I’ll keep you posted for what maybe coming in February.

FYI: Here’s something fun!! Someone sent me a link to an Ebay Seller item that has a vintage Dawn & Gary doll wearing some of my older fashion designs. I just took a peek and “yes” they both my creations. Let’s see if I can get you the run down. First the opening bid is for 79.99. That includes the dolls & the fashions, plus shoes. If it was a buy-it-now I would have purchased them myself. LOL!!

Let’s see. I don’t know who the Seller is but they do have over 2500 feedbacks with 100% positive feedback. Here’s the link.


Secret Garden

After Five

Oh, my and she’s wearing a pearl necklace. Could that be my necklace that came with this gown set? It appears to be. Looks like she’s wearing the pearl bracelet too.

“Secret Garden” Okay, it appears Dawn’s fashion is incomplete. It only has the gown & necklace, bracelet. No crocheted hat, or white basket.


And let’s see for Gary:

“After Five” tuxedo set.


Have a great weekend! Stay warm! Chat more soon!
Lots of dolly love, Janet xxxxx



January 1st, 2023

Happy New Year! May you find success, happiness, and everything your heart desires.

May 2023 bring you lots of love, laughter and joy.

Wishing you & your loved ones a very sparkling New Year!

Love, Jxoxo

Happy New Year 2023!!

May it be the Best Year ever!!!




December 25th, 2022.

Merry Christmas! Wishing everyone the timeless treasure of Christmas,

the warmth of home, the love of family, and the company of good friends.

May your heart and home be filled with Yuletide cheer!!

Love always, Janet xxxxx


FYI: Sorry for my delay. Be back on the 28th to catch up on everything.


Happy Friday, December 9, 2022. It’s happening!!

Happy Holiday’s 2022 dress set releasing:

Date: Saturday, December 10th , 2022
Time: 12:00pm central standard time (Texas time)
Where: Fashion Avenue Boutique page

Hope you can all be there, but if not and you would like to have this fashion just let me know. A waitlist has been started.

Thank you so much for allowing me to share my creations with you.

Have a great day! See you tomorrow!! Love, J xxxx

FYI: A Newsletter about this fashion release was sent out last night (Thursday).



Thursday, December 8, 2022. Great NEWS!!

I just finished packing all the fashions for the show.  YAY!! I’m off to clean up my messes and start photographing. Hope to have a Newsletter released sometime this evening.

I’m still pushing for this Saturday as the release day.

More details soon. Have a fun afternoon! Chat more soon! Love, J xoox


December 1st, 2022!! Can you believe it, it’s already December?

YIKES!! So much to do, and so little time to do it! I really had tried to have a little holiday fashion release this weekend, however I’m still several days behind. I’m thinking next Saturday, December 10th, but I’ll keep you posted right here, and I’ll send a newsletter to confirm everything. Not to worry if you're not able to be here when the holiday fashion releases, I can make more after the holidays if needed.

Enjoy the rest of your week and have a great weekend! Thank you for you everything you do for me!

Stay warm!! It’s another cold & windy day here in Bowie. Much love, J xxxx

PS. Did I tell you all my family will be here for the holidays?? I'm very excited! From the 22nd until 27th!

Oh what fun it'll be.... xoxo

Isn't she a cute little doll?


Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all!!


May the chairs around your table be filled with those you love.

May this day & ever day be filled with love.

There are so many things I am thankful for, your kindness & your friendship,

& being able to express myself through my fashions for you is at the top of my list! Thank you!

Warmest Thanksgiving blessing to you & your family.

From my home to yours. Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all!!

Love, Janet xoxo


 Nov. 12th, 2022. Happy Saturday! Hope everyone is doing well! Got back from the Dawn convention in Orlando, and then got myself sick. Finally was able to see the doc yesterday, and got me some antibiotics & cough syrup. I remember a time when I’d get sick, it last for 24 hours and I’d be good as new again. Now, it takes me weeks to get over a common cold.

The Dawn convention was magical! It was great to visit with old friends & make new ones. I’m going to spend the weekend recuperating, recovering & unpacking. Can’t wait to start unpacking & playing with all my convention treasures!

I’ll be sitting here for the next couple of hours catching up with the emails.

Have a fun weekend! It’s cold here in Texas this morning. 29 degrees! Stay warm! Love, Janet


Who's ready for some pumpkin pie?

I can't wait! Thanksgiving Day is just a couple weeks away!


November 11th, Happy Veterans Day!

In honor of all the men & women who served & continue to serve this country, “Happy Veterans Day!” Thank you for your service & your sacrifice. God Bless you & God Bless America.


7:30pm Saturday update. Just finished packaging the extra & waiting list fashions. I'll be back tomorrow to send emails & add extra's to the inventory as mention earlier. Good night! See you tomorrow! Love, Jxx


October 15th! Happy Saturday Y’all! I’ll be adding (10) “Formal Affair” tuxedo sets & (10) Black Silver Buckle hats, (1) Love Blooms dress set to the inventory today (Fashion Avenue Boutique page). I’ve finished the wait list orders too for the Cherry & the Lemon Starlet gown sets. I may have a couple extras of them too. I’ll know later on today when I finish packaging them. Chat more when I finish up!


I’m off to package your fashion orders. Have an awesome day! Love, J xoxo

New fashion update: No new fashions set to release this month.

October 10, 2022. Happy Monday Y’all! Just a few short weeks away, and Mike & I will be traveling across the US heading to Orlando, Florida for the 22nd Annual Topper Dawn Doll Convention! We are leaving the day after Halloween. YAY!! Looking forward to seeing everyone again. I can’t wait!!

Currently I’m working on the waiting list orders for Cherry & the Lemon Starlet gowns. I’ll start sending emails this coming weekend. I’ll be adding some extra "Formal Affair" tuxedo sets (10), and the last of the “Love Bloom” dress sets (2) the inventory this weekend too. That’s all for now!

No new fashions until later next month (November). I’m kind of up in the air at the moment. Not sure if I should work on the colors I have on the table, or push them aside and work on a Christmas/Winter holiday couture?  Decisions! Decisions!!  Guess I’m going to have to surprise myself this time around. HA!!

Have a fun week! Chat soon!

Stay safe & be well, my friends! Love, Janet xxxx

Great news! The 6th & 7th in the Galaxy of Star collection releasing this Saturday, October 1st, 2022 at 12pm (CDT) Central Texas time on the “Fashion Avenue Boutique” page. This is a silent showing. No newsletters. There are 30 of each Starlet set. And, I have more supplies to make more. No worries.

I’ll try and get photos posted by late this evening, if not I’ll post them in the morning.

Will also add some extra “In the Garden” & “Love Blooms” to the inventory too.

Next fashion couture release will be sometime in November after the Dawn convention.

Thanks for everything! Stay safe & be well!  
Have a wonderful Friday! Chat more soon! Love, Janet xx


September 19th, 2022. Happy Monday Y’all!!

I have some amazing personal news to tell! Sorry, I’ve been out of the office these past few days, so your emails may have gone unanswered, and the website has not been updated.  I promise to get caught up with everyone over the next couple of days.

To my surprise this past Friday, our son (Daniel) from Vermont, my sister Michele from Pa and her boyfriend Ron, and our second son Joey & wife Sarah from Lubbock, Texas along with our 4 grandkids, surprised me with a 3-day birthday bash. Joey brought his smoker. He smoked a brisket, 3 racks ribs, 2 whole chickens, and plenty of stuffed jalapeno peppers. Sarah & Michele made appetizers, side dishes & desserts.  I made my favorite beans. HA! Oh, and they brought plenty of drinks for everyone. HA!!! So, with lots of celebrating, drinking & eating we didn’t want it to end. It’s been two years since we’ve had everyone here, all together, at the same time. Of course, we didn’t want it to end.

Hang in here with me as I get everything caught up to date.

Have a wonderful week! Chat soon!

Love always, Janet xxxx


September 10th, 2022. Great NEWS!

I just finished all the waiting list orders, and they are ready to ship. I’ll start sending emails out shortly. Monday, September 12th will be the shipping date. Wishing you all a great weekend! Thanks for everything!! Chat soon! Love, Janet xx


Sept. 8th, 2022.

What a sad day for the people of United Kingdom & people around the world. The nation will profoundly miss her unwavering service & dignified presence. May God provide strength to the Royal Family and to the people during this difficult time. God Bless the Queen. Rest in Peace.



Sept. 8th, 2022.

The news coming from Buckingham Palace today about Her Majesty’s health is very worrisome.

From what I'm reading, Queen Elizabeth II is under medical supervision, and remains at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. Members of the Royal Family are traveling to Balmoral Castle.

May God’s presence strengthen and comfort Her Majesty The Queen today.



September 6th, 2002. Happy Tuesday!

I hope y’all had a great Labor Day holiday weekend! Great news!!

I’m just about finished with all the “Love Blooms” waiting list orders, and the extra “In the Garden” too. I hoping to have them all completed by this coming weekend. Emails should be going out on Saturday, Sept. 10th, with shipping date of Monday, Sept. 12th. YAY!!

Wishing you a very happy week! Love, Janet



August 24th, 2022. Happy Wednesday!

Hope everyone is doing well.

The weather here in Texas finally cooled down. It’s 74 degrees this morning,

with the high today of 86. YAY!! I love being warm, but I love fall temps the best!

Great news! I’ll be starting on the waiting list orders for the “Love Bloom” dress sets

& the extra “In the Garden” request, and some extra tuxedo sets too.

Currently I have no new fashions releases on the schedule this month,

and no new feathered mask yet.

Wishing you all a beautiful day! Love, J xxxx



Release Date: Sunday, July 31st, 2022
Time: 12:00pm (CDT) Central Texas time. At that time,
Love Blooms will appear below-left side, next to In the Garden.

36 dress sets, completed & ready to ship. Shipping date on Tuesday, Aug. 2nd, if not before.

Thank you for allowing me to share my creations with you. Enjoy the rest of your week! Hope to see you here this Sunday! Have fun! Love always, Jxxxx

"Love Blooms"



July 27, 2022. Happy Wednesday!

I want to give you an early look at the fabric I’ve been working with. As you noticed written on the salvage edge of this fabric reads:

“Love is a flower you’ve got to let it grow.” ~John Lennon

This fabric was love at first site for me! The colors and the floral blooms are amazing. It was sent to me by a Dawn friend, and I couldn’t wait to create some beautiful from it. 

I also wanted to give you an update on the release date for this next floral dress set. Instead of Saturday, Jul 30th, the release date will be this coming Sunday, July 31st.

Mike is off on Friday & Saturday, so I'm going to spend that time with him, and I'll see you this Sunday. I'll post more information tomorrow (Thursday). Photos, date & time.

Chat more soon! Have a beautiful day! Love, Jxxxx


July 24, 2022. Happy Sunday!! Hope you’re having a beautiful weekend!

Wanted to let you know that there will be a new fashion released next weekend. I’m pushing more like Saturday, July 30th, but I’ll have a definite date towards the middle of the week. I’ll get the details posted by Thursday, and send a newsletter too.

I also have (2) extra “In the Garden” dress sets available.

Last call! Come & get them! They’ve been added to the inventory on the Fashion Avenue Boutique page.


Enjoy the rest of your Sunday & have a great week! Chat more soon! Love, Janet xx



FYI: July 10th. Hello everyone!

Well, it’s the time again where the USPS decides they need to raise their postal rates again. Their new rates go into effect today, July 10th.  Not sure what the new rates are going to be or how much they will affect us, but I’ll post the new rates by next weekend.

Hope to see you soon! Have a beautiful Sunday!



To see future Galaxy of Stars gowns, look under the “New Galaxy of Stars” tab.

Also, future mask to match gowns will be for the Laurel Rose, Purple, & Hot Pink gown sets.

No feathers have been found to match the aqua gown, or the yellow gown yet.

Have a fun day! Love, Jxx



Happy Thursday! July 7th, 2022.

As promised I have uploaded a couple of photos of "Purple Starlet" on the Fashion Avenue Boutique page, & have posted a little more information there as well. Hope you like!


Happy Wednesday! July 6th, 2022


Here’s the latest on the “Purple Starlet” gown. I hate that I have to report this but I was only able to get 42 gowns from the purple star tulle.  Please know if this tulle becomes available to me again I will make more “Purple Starlet” gowns. 

Sunday, is the release date (July 10th), and Tuesday (July 12th) will be the shipping date.   All 42 gown sets will be released on Sunday. No waiting list will be available.


I will take photos tomorrow, and get them uploaded to the website, sometime on Thursday.


Thank you all for continuing to support my love & creations.

I am very grateful to you all. Chat more tomorrow.

Love, Janet xoxo


Happy 4th of July weekend!!

Wishing you & your family a wonderful, happy & safe holiday weekend!

Exciting news for those waiting for the 5th in the “Galaxy of Stars” collection. It’ll premier next Sunday, July 10th, at 12pm noon Texas central time. Like last time, no newsletter will be released, as mentioned earlier this year. “Purple Starlet”  (a bright grape color purple) is limited due to the fabric shortage sent to me. I didn’t notice it when I received all ten colors back in January 2020. The fabric vendor is no longer in business. No worries, we’ll make the best of it.

**I'll take photos & post later this week with more information.**

**No mask being made at this time, but will be created later along with the mask to match the Laurel Rose Starlet gown set.** 

More great news! For those looking for the next floral dress design, releasing later this month.

Coming in hot, and Dale wears it so well. Colors, bright pink, purples, yellows, greens! That’s all I can say for now!  After that, should be the 6th in the “Galaxy of Stars” collection, bright/hot pink.

Thank you all so very much for your continuous support for my fashions & I.

With love, always, Janet xxxx

PS. I’m off to start cooking for Mike & I’s 4th of July celebrations.

Have a great weekend!!



June 18th, 2022. Happy Saturday! Great news!!

The remaining 25 waiting list orders for “In the Garden” have been completed. YAY!! YAHOOO!! I’ll be packaging them up to make them ready to ship. Then, I’ll start on the “completed & ready to ship” emails, which will go out sometime on Sunday (Father’s Day.) Since Monday is a reserved Federal holiday (Juneteenth Day), the post office will be closed but will reopen on Tuesday, so that will be the next shipping date. Thank you so much for your kindness & patience.

I’ll post new fashion release information here next weekend.

Wishing you all wonderful & beautiful days, always!

Lots of dolly love & hugs, Janet  xx



June 9th, 20022. Great news!! The first batch of 25 waiting list orders for the “In the Garden” dress sets are completed. Along with some Laurel Rose Starlet gown orders, & some Formal Affair tuxedo sets. I’ll be packaging them over the next couple days.  They should be ready to ship on Monday. I’ll start sending out email letters over the weekend. The second batch of 25 waiting list orders for the “In the Garden” are in the making and hope to have them completed & ready to ship by next weekend.

Look for information on new fashion releasing in a couple of weeks.

Thanks so much for your patience & your kindness! Chat more soon! Love, Janet xxxx


May 21st, 2022. Happy Saturday!!

Great news!! I’m so happy to announce that “In the Garden” spring fashion dress set will be releasing tomorrow, (Sunday!) Not to worry! If you can’t be here tomorrow let me know and I’ll add you to the wait list and get one made for you while supplies last.

Release Date: Sunday, May 22nd, 2022
Time: 2:00pm (CDT) Central Texas time.
Where: The “Fashion Avenue Boutique” webpage.

Hope to see you here tomorrow!! I'm sending the newsletter shortly!

Enjoy your Saturday & have a great Sunday!

Love, J xxxx


May 19th, 2022. Happy Thursday!!

Great news!! I’m hoping to be able to release the next in the floral dress “In the Garden” this Sunday, May 22nd. I hope to get all the details and post them here late tomorrow with a newsletter & photos.

Enjoy the rest of your day! Love, Janet xxxx

April 29th, 2022. Good evening! Happy Friday!

I will be adding “Laurel Rose Starlet” to the inventory tomorrow (Saturday) at around 12:00pm (CDT) Central Texas time. Unannounced.  No newsletter. (A small photo of this gown set can be viewed on the Galaxy of Stars page.)

A waiting list will be created if needed, and I’ll do my best to make more. Look for more starlet gown sets to be added to the inventory in the near future.

There’s a purple, hot pink, yellow, aqua, possibly royal blue & mint.

 I didn’t make a matching masquerade mask this time around. I’m going to hold off on the masks for a while. However, if there’s a big need for them I will do my best to make them.

I will also be adding to the inventory tomorrow will be a few extra Pieces of April dress sets & one Scarlet Starlet gown set. 

In May, look for another cute little floral dress set.  

See you tomorrow! Love always, Janet xxx



April 28th, 2002. Coming soon! Laurel Rose Starlet gown set.

Possible release date this Saturday, April 30th! More information tomorrow (Friday.)

Love, Janet xxxx


April 23, 2022. Happy Saturday! Great NEWS!

I just completed all the waiting list orders for Pieces of April. YAY! Since it’s late in the day, I’ll start sending the Completed & Ready to ship emails out in the morning.

Have a great evening! Chat more tomorrow! Love, Jxoxo



April 18th, 20022. Good morning, happy Monday!

Hope you are doing well!

The latest update on the wait-list orders for the “Pieces of April."

Hoping to have all them ready to send out

notification this coming weekend. I’ll post more at the end of

the week with my progress,

Enjoy your week! Chat more soon! Love, Janet xx

More fashions to come!!


Happy Easter, everyone!

I hope you all had a great time

celebrating with friends & loved ones.

God Bless.  Love, Janet xx


March 31st, 2022. Happy Thursday! Great news! As promised!!

"Pieces of April" spring fashion dress set to be released this Saturday, April 2nd at 2:00pm (CDT) Texas time zone. See photos & more information on the "Fashion Avenue Boutique" page.

Enjoy the rest of your day! Chat more soon! Love, Jxoxo



March 30, 2022. Happy Wednesday!

Had to drop online to let you know there will be a new release fashion set this weekend called, “Pieces of April.”   YAY! I’m working on photos, & should have the uploaded to the website tomorrow, with more information. Chat more soon!! Enjoy your evening!

Lots of love, Janet xxxxx


March 28th, 2022. Great News!!

Coming soon! "Pieces of April!"

Look for more information this week.

If all goes well, it's release will be this coming Saturday.

Enjoy your day!

Chat more on Wednesday! Love, Jxoxo


March 17th, 2022

May your thoughts be glad as the shamrocks,

May  your heart be as light as a song,

May each day bring you bright, happy hours,

That stay with you all the yearlong.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!


March 17th, 2022. Happy Thursday! Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Great news! The Scarlet Starlet waiting list for the gown sets and/or the mask  have been completed! YAY!!

 I'll start sending out "read y to ship" emails this Saturday & Sunday., for Monday shipping date!

Thanks a million!


May your troubles be less

And, your blessings be more

And, nothing but happiness,

Come through your door.


March 15th, 2022. Happy Tuesday!! Great NEWS!!

If you're on the waiting list for the Scarlet Starlet gowns, they have all been completed & are ready to ship. "Completed & ready to ship" notices should be going out on Friday, and Saturday. I'm working on the Scarlet Starlet mask and hope to have them completed & ready to ship as well.  Chat more soon!

Enjoy your day! Love, Jxoxo


March 11th, 2022. Happy Friday!

I was just made aware that emails that were sent to me over the weekend didn’t reach my inbox.

If you have written me over the past weekend, and have not received any reply back, please let me know.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend! Love, Janet


March 2nd, 2022. More great news!

The website host was able to restore all my contents on this page. YAY!

It's a great day!

FYI: If you're unable to be here this Saturday and you want either the Scarlet Starlet gown set and/or the Scarlet Masquerade mask, just send me an email at: janetsdolls@janetsdolls.com.

Thanks again! Enjoy your evening! Love, Jxxxxx


February 28th, 2022. Good morning! Great news!!

My internet is back up & running! And, if I have anymore problems, all I have to do

is text the tech. Now, I like that kinda service. :)

Let’s see, let’s have the release of the Scarlet Starlet gown set, &

the Scarlet Masquerade mask” next

Saturday, on March 5th at 2:00pm central Texas time.

I’ll have our newsletter sent out this Wednesday, and photos uploaded today.

Wishing you & yours a wonderful week!

Looks like the weather here will be warm & sunny! My favorite combination.

Thank you, all, so much for your time & patience. Love, Jxxx


February 25, 2022. Sorry, everyone! I had to cancel tomorrow’s fashion release. My internet service (which includes website & emails) has been going up & down for the past 3 days. Ever since this ice storm blew in on Wednesday. I thought it would straighten out once the weather started warming up. BUT, it hasn’t. My internet provider is sending a tech out Monday morning. I’ll be back here on Monday, if they are able to fix my system at that time. Wishing y’all a good Friday, and a wonderful weekend. Hope to see you back here on Monday. Much love, Janet



***Breaking news! The 3rd in the Galaxy of Stars collection "Scarlet Starlet" gown set & the "Scarlet Masquerade" mask to release this Saturday, Feb. 26th, at 2:00pm central Texas time.

Photos + more information coming soon. Chat soon! ***

Have a great day! Love, Jxx


February 21st, 2002. Happy Monday!

Great news! The third in the Galaxy of Stars Collection: “Scarlet Starlet,”

 (30) gown sets have been completed.

Working on the Scarlet Masquerade masks!

Hope to have everything ready to release this coming Saturday, Feb. 26th.

I’ll be able to provide more information later this week.

My grandson's have no school today. Wonder if I'll be able to get any dolly work done? HA!

Chat more soon! Have a fun day! Love, Jxoxo



February 17th, 2022.  Happy Thursday!

More great news! The “Scarlet Starlet” gown sets are coming along very nicely.

Hoping to release them the weekend of Feb. 26th.  I’ll keep you posted!

Tomorrow Friday, Feb. 18th around lunchtime I’ll be adding a few extra Starlet gowns (the Midnight & Silver), some masks & the Black Silver Buckle cowboy hats, along with the extra “Formal Affair” tuxedo sets. I hope to continue to make extra “Formal Affair” tuxedo sets & hats throughout the year.

Enjoy your day! Stay warm! Stay safe & be well! Love, Jxxxx

FYI: Monday, February 21st, is Presidents Day, a federal holiday.

USPS postal offices will be closed.


February 13th, 2022. Happy Saturday!

Wishing everyone an early “Happy St.Valentine’s Day!!” xoxo

Great news! I have some extra Starlet gown sets, along with some extra masks. I’ll be adding to the website inventory next Friday. Wait! Wait! Along with the waited Black Silver Buckle cowboy hats. YAY!

Next up, is the 3rd release in the Galaxy of Stars collection, the “Scarlet Starlet!” More information to follow in the next two weeks. Then, after that, some springtime couture fashions. They’re in the creating and in the supply stages. I can’t wait!! Chat more soon!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day & a great week!

Love always, Janet xoxo


February 3rd, 2022. Happy Thursday!

Great news for those waiting for “The Golden Mask” dress sets. They have been completed!! YAY! All I have to do is package them, and that should be finished by the end of the day.

I’ll start sending (completed & ready to ship) emails out tomorrow (Friday).

My “Latest News” page still hasn’t been restored back to its original writings & photos. I would hate to think I lost all that contents forever. Let’s hope not.   

Wishing you a wonderful day! Chat more soon! Love, Jxxxxx


Re-posting the new USPS postal rates effective January 2022

Oh NO! Not again! New USPS rate change!

USA domestic shipping rates:

First Class padded envelope $4.50

First Class box shipping $5.00

USPS Priority Mail $10.00

Signature Confirmation extra service $2.90 (US only)


International First Class shipping up to 8oz shipping weight (excluding Canada)

First Class padded envelope $17.50

First Class box shipping $18.00

Shipping weight over 8oz starts at $27.00 +


International First Class shipping for Canada Only

Canada First Class padded envelope $14.50

Canada First Class box shipping $15.00



January 31st, 2022. Happy Monday! Yikes! Can you believe this?

It’s the last day of the month. Oh my, where did January go?

Hope you had a warm & wonderful weekend. Everyone here is doing good, and getting back to normal. I’m not going to say another word about it, as not to jinx us. We are on the mend!!

Currently I am working on completing the last of The Golden Mask sets and they should be ready to ship in the next few days. I’ll be back to post more just as soon as they have been completed or before!

As for my website, missing photos/contents. The contents and photos on this page here are still gone, and the support team is still working on the issues. Thank you for your patience.

Have a wonderful day & a super great week! Chat more soon! Love, Janet xxxx  



January 27th. Hope everyone is well & doing good.

Here’s at the Caudle residence we are still fighting this virus. Seems Mike & I keep passing it back to one another. His fever came back on Sunday, we go the meds from doc again, and now today Janet’s fever’s back. We are both doing what we can, and we will get through this.

In the meantime, I do have the last 25 dress sets in production. I will do my best to see everyone left on the waiting list has The Golden Mask completed & ready to ship. I’ll be back this weekend, and hopefully have better news.

Love y’all! Stay warm, and keep yourselves happy & healthy. Chat more soon! Janet xoxo


PS. My website hosting company seems to be having technical problems for the past few days. So, if my website is missing photos and/or contents you’ll know why. Hopefully they can fix these issues quickly.


Jan. 22nd. Happy Saturday! Great news, friends! I’m back!

Yes, I did test positive the other day, and they changed my meds again for the 3rd time. Good thing is no pain, my energy levels are coming back, my head is clear to think again! YAY! If I can only get my sense of taste & smell back, life can go back to normal.

Okay, time to get back to some serious business! Let’s get back to sending the “completed & ready to ship” messages out. This time, as least I have Mike here to help me out just encase.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend. Stay safe & warm! Love always, Janet xxxx


Hello, happy Wednesday! January 20th, 2022.

Had a relapse on Monday afternoon, before I was able to send out the “completed & ready to ship messages. It was a good thing those messages didn’t go out because I had no strength to prepare them all for the post office. My doctor sent over some more drugs yesterday, and they could be working. We shall see. I had to take another covid test. If it comes back positive Mike & I will have to quarantine for another 5 days. If it comes back negative then I’ll be able to go inside the clinic to have some extra test done.  Should be getting the result this morning, and we’ll go from there. If it wasn’t for the pain, I could get things done.

I’ll do my best to come back to the office later today, to give an update & maybe do a few emails.

Take care of yourselves, stay warm, and pray you are all being protected from the storms.


Jan. 17th. Happy Monday! Happy MLK Day!

Great News for those on the waiting list for The Golden Mask. I have finished the first 25 sets, and they are ready to ship. YAY!! I will try and get some “completed & ready to ship” emails out today & start shipping tomorrow. I'll hope to have the next batch ready by the end of the following week.

Oh, and yes, I did receive supplies this past Saturday to make those Black Silver Buckle hats. There’s enough to make 30 If I’m careful with my supplies. YAY!

Wishing you a wonderful Monday & a great week! Love, Jxoxo


Oh NO! Not again! New USPS rate change!

New USPS postal rate change effective January 2022.

USA domestic shipping rates:

First Class padded envelope $4.50

First Class box shipping $5.00

USPS Priority Mail $10.00

Signature Confirmation extra service $2.90 (US only)


International First Class shipping up to 8oz shipping weight (excluding Canada)

First Class padded envelope $17.50

First Class box shipping $18.00

Shipping weight over 8oz starts at $27.00 +


International First Class shipping for Canada Only

Canada First Class padded envelope $14.50

Canada First Class box shipping $15.00



January 15th, 2022. Good morning!

Happy Saturday from very windy & very cold Bowie, Texas!

Hope everyone is doing well. I personally can’t wait for spring to get here.


Have to say, I haven’t gotten one waiting list order out yet for The Golden Mask. I’m again, a little behind. Caught the virus this week, been a little under the weather.

I’ll be working quietly here in my office today, trying to finish up the first round of (25) of the waiting list orders for The Golden Mask.

Monday is a holiday, (Martin Luther King) so shipping could begin as early as Tuesday, January 18th.

Yesterday, my ex-daughter-in-law Jen has tested positive and my little grandson Alex too. My grandson Carson tested negative. Adalyn (Addie) our new grand-daughter is not well at the moment, and Aiden like Carson hasn’t shown any signs.

We’re in for another wild week of the unknowns. Hopefully by the end of this month, my family here & my family in south Texas will be as good as new again. So, we all can get back to work & school.


There hasn’t been a lot of doll news to share. January didn’t start off the way I would have liked it to. However, I could be receiving a batch of silver buckle sets, tongues & leathers to make a batch of cowboy hats. I may have enough for 30/40 hats. We shall see!


I apologies for not getting to my emails these last few days, but I will do my best to get to them today & tomorrow.


Hope my next update will bring some cheer!

Stay safe, stay warm & be well! Love always, Janet


January 7, 2022. Happy Friday!

Hope everyone is having a good week & staying warm. Want to give you a little update.


Warning! Warning! The following message could cause sadness.


It started on Monday afternoon when we lost our 14yr old golden retriever Lilah.

Lilah’s been my shadow for over a decade. We did everything together, starting from the time we woke up, to the time we went to bed. We even took our meds together. It was the only way I could remember to take mine.

The only thing that brings us comfort is knowing she’s no longer in pain.

It doesn’t stop the hurt in our hearts. Rest in Peace my Sweet Angel Lilah.

Now, I was just bragging to y’all the other day, how our youngest son Joey & his wife Sarah and our grandkids were here on New Year Eve, and New Year. We had a fabulous time together celebrating Christmas & ringing in the New Year! Well, Joey tested positive for covid omicron, he had gotten really sick, but he’s on the mend today. Sarah, tested positive too now and she’s doing her best to beat it as well. Mike too started really feeling poorly, so we finally were able to get him tested, and he tested positive yesterday for Covid omicron. He’s self-quarantine for 5 days now. As for me, I’ve tested negative, and the doctor had ready prescribed all the meds I needed. So, I’m really should I catch it too.

As for the kiddos, so far, so good! They are all doing well!! YAY!! 

So, as for my first week back to sewing, I haven’t accomplished much. I hope to have my first batch of the waiting orders for “The Golden Mask” ready next weekend. Now, if something happens to me, and I become ill too, I’ll let you know.:)

Wait!! I did manage one good thing this week! I was able to make a big pot of homemade chicken noodle soup.

Yummy!! Homemade soup always makes me feel better, no matter what is going on! HA!

Thank you so much for always being here for me.

I wish you & yours a beautiful day, and many blessings, always.

Stay safe & stay well! Love you all,  Janet xxxx



Wishing you & your family the best year, ever,2022!


1/2/2022. Happy Sunday! Hope you are all well & doing good & rocking in the new year!

Here at the Caudle home we are slowly recovering from the holiday festivities. Mike’s back at work this morning, and Janet having a bad case of the “I don’t want to!” Ha!  First there was the 48 hour Twilight Zone marathon, and then there’s the Colombo marathon still in progress. Maybe that’s it? Or, it could be that it’s been in the 80s all Christmas week and now this morning we’re in the teens. Burrr…

Or, it could be my coffee isn’t strong enough lately. Here, let me share with you one highlight of my Christmas morning. A complete shocker!! Blew me totally away, so much, that if I had known what was in that box, I would have opened it before Christmas. Ha!

As a collector myself in dolls for many decades, anything doll related just sends me over the moon. So this is how the story starts.

In 2020 the Dawn convention had to be canceled due to the virus. A beautiful Dawn collector sent out to all the conventioneers an 8x10 photo copy of the 50th golden anniversary Topper Dawn 2020 doll photo. (See photo below.) When I received that photo, it sent me over the moon. I wanted that doll, but I never knew one existed. Anyhow, during Christmas of 2020 I created the dress set called “Clara’s Dream.” Keeping with my own style I tried to pacified myself & released it in January 2021.

Again,I had no ideal, that the photo below was made into an actual doll. That was until I saw it on Ebay a few months back. I tried, and tried but was not able to win her. Then at this year’s Dawn convention, there she was on the raffle table, going to be raffled off. I did my best to win her. I kept stuffing the jar with purchased raffle tickets. I just knew I’d win her. I knew it! She was meant for me!  But again, I was not successful. For me it was time to give up. Shake it off, she was not meant for me.

This Christmas morning, I opened a package sent by a dearest friend. Oh my GOODNESS!! Before my sleepy eyes, there she was!! I did a double take! Were my eyes deceiving me? Yes, way!! No way!!There she was, and she was mine. I was jumping up & down, up & down. It was an amazing feeling!! Unbelievable!! Just unbelievable!!

Thanks for allowing me to share my time with you. Have a beautiful Sunday!

I’m off to catch up on some emails.

May your 2022 be the best year ever! Lots of Love, Janet xxxx

My Christmas gift Dawn doll by a friend (doll on the right.) And, photo on the left was given to me by a friend. That photo inspired me to create "Clara's Dream" in 2021.


“The Golden Mask”

Has sold out!

A waiting list has been started,and this fashion gown will retire

on Dec. 31st, 2021, or before if the supplies run out.

Thank you so much!

email: janetsdolls@janetsdolls.com


December 14th, 2021. Great NEWS!! “The Golden Mask” dress set will be releasing tomorrow (Wednesday) December 15th, 2021 at 11:00am Central Texas time. A small quantity of 26 dress sets which include the gown, the mask, & the purse. Cost per gown set is $30.00.

If they should sell out, I will start a waiting list and production will begin in January 2022. I hope to have a few more “Formal Affair” tuxedo sets & some “Black Silver Buckle” western hats too next year.

You’ll be able to find “The Golden Mask” dress set available on the “Fashion Avenue Boutique” page at the time & date stared above.

A Newsletter should be sent out later today.

Wishing you & your loved one’s peace, health, happiness & properity in the coming New Year 2022.

See y'all tomorrow! Lots of love, always, Janet xxxxx

December 4th, 2021. Great NEWS!

All the waiting list orders from the Galaxy of Stars collections have been completed. YAY!! All I have to do is sew the pieces to the packaging cards, and package them in their boxes. So be on the lookout! If you’re on the waiting list you should be receiving a “completed & ready to ship” email, today or Sunday.

FYI: My internet connection has been up and down all week. (Not fun.) They’re sending a tech out on Monday, so if my response time is slower than usual, please accept my apology.

Thanks again for everything! Have a fun weekend! Chat soon! Love, Janet xoxo


November 25th, 2021.

May your day to filled with love & laughter

with family & friends & great food!


Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours!



November 23rd, 2021. Great news!

The first batch of waiting list orders (from our Nov. 7th website release) have been completed & are ready to ship. I'll be sending notices out throughout the day, and if all goes well, I'll be starting on the next batch of waiting list orders tomorrow. YAY!!

Have a great day!! Chat more soon! Love, Jxoxo


November 20th, 2021

Good morning, & Happy Saturday!

I’m currently working on the first batch of waiting list orders from our last show which consists of 30 dresses + masks from our last fashion show release. Hope to have this batch ready for shipping starting Monday. I’ll keep you posted.

Oh WAIT! My grandsons Carson & Alex are out of school all of next week!  Things could get a little wild around here. LOL!!

Here’s an update on the cowboy Black Silver Buckle hats:

I was able to make 18 hats. So, anyone who was on the waiting list for one will get one. However, at this time I’m unable to make any more until the vendor is able to restock their supplies.

Dang it! And, just when I was getting good at building those buckle belts! I’ll keep you posted!

Wishing everyone a beautiful weekend! Be safe out there, especially if you’re going to be running around food shopping for last minute Thanksgiving Day stuff. HA!  Love, Jxoxo


November 5th. Happy Friday Y'all!!

Just wanted to drop in and give you an update on the release of the Galaxy of Star gown sets & masks.  I should have the waiting list orders from the Dawn convention completed & sets that will be releasing on the website, by the end of today. Giving me all day tomorrow (Saturday) to package them. If all goes well, I’ll release the Galaxy of Stars fashions & accessories this Sunday (November 7th) around 3pm Central Texas time.

Look for another update message tomorrow (Saturday).

Please know that I haven’t gotten into my emails yet but I will be reading and replying to them tomorrow. Thank you all for your support & patience. Chat more tomorrow! Enjoy your Friday! Love, Janet xoxo

10/29/2021. Happy Friday Y'all!!

Happy Halloween!! Hope you find magic & mischief everywhere you look!

Great news! If all goes well, I should be releasing to the website next weekend, the Galaxy of Stars gown collection. Midnight Starlet & Silver Starlet. The set will include the gown, satin lame purse & silver glittered crown. Extra accessories Midnight Masquerade Mask, Silver Masquerade Mask, and black cowboy hat with silver bucket band will be sold separately.

For those who requested any of these items at the Dawn convention last weekend, you will be receiving a separate email stating your items have been completed & are ready to ship late next week too.

Let me tell you a little bit about the Galaxy of Stars Collection. Currently I have a total of 10 different colors of star tulle. This is a stiff tulle, and it stands out, therefore using a taffeta fabric underneath is perfect. As I find the perfect taffeta fabric to match the star tulle, I will add a new gown set to the website. Not all gown sets will have an option of purchasing a match masquerade mask. They will only be made if the color feathers can be found to match the gown set. I can tell you this. The next gown set in this series could be Scarlet Starlet.

As for a holiday set this year. May be the “Golden Mask” to close out our 50th Anniversary celebration of Dawn. I also would like to end this year with another fashion couture set. It happens to have metallic golds in it too. HA! We shall see, it’s still pinned to one of my dolls.

Wishing you all a fun & safe Halloween! Have a spooky wonderful time!! Lots of Love J xx



10/23/2021. Happy Friday Y’all!!

Hope you’re having a great week! And that all our dolly friends made it home safely from the Dawn convention!


Let me say, the Dawn convention last weekend was amazing!! Just amazing!! I had a blast hanging out with doll friends, and meeting new doll friends. I won lots of fabulous items off the donation prize tables and I won one of the table centerpieces called “West Texas” created my Helen Hamberg. Here’s a photo of her. I fell totally in love with her and you can see why!


The goody bags were filled with some many awesome gifts too. Oh, and Helen’s & Tamy’s “Exploding Surprise” (I have to take some photos to share.) I was in ah! And our convention doll was the icing on the cake. Bought tears to my eyes. See, we had to mail-in our Dinah doll to use for the convention doll. I sent in a Dinah doll that Bill Schneider gave me where he had enhanced her makeup colors too. She’s now wearing a perfect outfit, in a perfect setting. She just loves her new setting and I think Bill would agree too. (Hope to get some photos to share real soon.)


A special shout-out to those who donated items and spent time creating all the wonderful things we were able to enjoy during our entire time. It’s was done in the love & appreciation of a shared passion for our little dolls. Thank you All, for everything you’ve done to make our Dawn convention a great success. And to our co-captains, as they call themselves Helen Hamberg and Tamy Ryan. For their vision, their creative talents, and their courage to host our 22nd Dawn doll convention during the most difficult times in modern history. Thank you!


Yes, I did release some new gowns & accessories at the convention during the Meet & Greet!! I’m afraid I let you down though. I wasn’t able to get any photos before the sale but I will get some taken and uploaded to the website.


Since this was my first time selling in person, I was a bit overwhelmed. Everyone was so gracious and kind. Thank goodness Mike (my husband) was there to save the day too! Here’s a photo I was able to take when Judi was kind enough to let me display her purchases so I could take a photo.


I named this collection of gowns “Galaxy of Stars.” Since I hadn’t done any gowns since Feb. 2020, and time was of the essence I thought this would be a great time to release them. First one in the series is called “Midnight Starlet, and the second one is names Silver Starlet.” I also made two masks, one “Midnight Masquerade & Silver Masquerade.” And one other item was a black cowboy hat called the “Black Silver Buckle," that I thought look great with "Formal Affair" tuxedo set.

All of these pieces are in production as I write, and just as soon as I have the all completed, I will post the information on this page, and send out a newsletter on how you can purchase any of these pieces.


Thank you all, so much for everything! Chat more soon!


Wishing you all a great Friday and have a wonderful weekend! Lots of love, Janet



Thursday, October 14, 2021.  Happy October Y’all!

Let’s see if I can get you all caught up on the latest!

I’m packing my bags now and heading to the Dawn Convention! YAY!! I can’t wait to see everyone!

Please know, since I’ll be away from my computer, I won’t be able to respond to any of your emails until Monday, October 18th.

But before I leave today, I wanted to share some news!

Remember when I first started creating for Dawn and my fashions had my black & gold fashion labels inside?? Well, guess what? I found the vendor who made them for me, and he made me a big batch of those labels! This time they are white with black lettering! I’m so excite and I can’t wait for you to see them. YAHOO! No more paper tags. As a matter of fact my next designs have them inside.

Did you say, next designs? Okay, let me tell you this quickly! I have a little fashion collection with some accessories I plan to release at the Dawn convention this Friday night during the “Meet & Greet” opening. This is the first time I’ve ever had a sales table at any convention. I don’t have photos yet, and I’m keeping things under-wrap for now, since I’m still working on a few things. LOL!! One thing I will tell you is not to worry. Once I get back from the convention, I will take photos & upload them to the website with all the information you’ll need to purchase any of the pieces. So, what I’m saying is, my pieces aren’t exclusive only to the convention, it’s for all of y’all. So long as I’m able to get the supplies.

Oh, one more thing before I go! Having Daniel (eldest son) home from Vermont was fabulous!! Hadn’t seen him in over a year. We had a BLAST! Hated to see him go! Praying he’ll make it home for Christmas.

I’ll see some of you real soon! So, until Monday, stay cool & stay safe!

Enjoy the rest of your day, and have an awesome weekend!

Peace!! Love you always, Janet xoxo



September 22nd, 2021.

Happy Fall Y’all!! It was 55 degrees here this morning. Just amazing!!

I finally finished all of the (extra) tuxedo sets this morning, and they’re currently in the packing stages. I’ll start sending “ready” emails out tomorrow.

Thanks so much for hanging in there with me! Chat more shortly!

Enjoy your day!! Love, J xx


September 18th, 2021. Happy Saturday!!

Been working hard on making all the requested “Formal Affair” tuxedo sets (40.) Currently I have 35 sets on the hand finishing table and 5 sets on the sewing machine table. Hopefully, starting tomorrow some “completed & ready to ship,” emails will begin going out, and continue throughout the next several days.


For those wondering what might be next. Let me say, there is something in the works, and I’ll post details after all the tuxedo orders have been filled. I can’t wait!!


Enjoy your weekend! Have lots of fun! Chat more very soon!

Thank you again! Lots of love, Janet

PS. Forgot to mention, our eldest son Daniel will be coming home for a short visit on the 30th of this month. YAHOOOOOO!!



September 3rd, 2021. It’s September already? Yikes! Where has the time gone?

Happy Friday! Woohoo! We have a 3-day weekend. Monday, we celebrate Labor Day, a day to honor & recognize the American labor movement. It is a Federal holiday Monday which means the USPS postal service will be close so no packages will be able to ship out this day. But they will ship out on Tuesday!

As promised, I will have “Formal Affair” a 3-piece tuxedo set added to Fashion Avenue Boutique page this Sunday, September 5th at 2pm Central Texas time. No worries if you miss out, I’ll make more when supplies arrive.

Once a get some photos I’ll upload them to the website later today.

Wishing you a beautiful Friday. Peace & love, J xoxoxo



August 15th, 2021. Happy Sunday! Hope you’re all doing well.

Sorry I haven’t brought you any updates these past few weeks. Last time we chatted I was off to finish up a project I was working on. Then a great thing happened! My two grandsons came back to Bowie. What a blessing! So, they’ve been hanging out with grandma these past two weeks. School’s back in session next Wednesday, here’s to hoping all goes well!

Let’s see, I’m currently working on a Gary black/white formal suit since many of you have been requesting it. Hope to have it added to the website during the Labor Day weekend.

More information to come. I’ll keep you posted here on this page.

Wishing you all a beautiful Sunday and a blessed week! Chat more soon! Lots of love, Janet xxxx


July 17th, 2021. Happy Saturday!

Hope everyone is doing well & enjoying the summer!

Just wanted to give you a little update on what’s happening. I’m currently working on convention stuff, and just as soon as I’m finished with them, I’ll give you an update on what’s next.

I have (1) extra Golden Extravaganza tuxedo set & (3) Wrapped in Gold gown set that I’ll be adding to the inventory later tomorrow (Sunday) on the Fashion Avenue Boutique page.

Wishing everyone a beautiful day, & a wonderful weekend! Chat soon! Love always, Jxoxo


July 8th, 2021. Happy Thursday!

Great news! All the remaining waiting list orders for Golden Extravaganza and or, Wrapped in Gold have been completed. YAY!! I’ll start packing them for shipping on Friday and then send emails (Saturday) to those remaining on the list. Shipping date will be on Monday, July 12th.

Question: When’s the next fashion release? To be honest with y’all I have a bunch of convention things to finish, which will take me the end of this month. So, I’m thinking sometime middle to late August.

I’ll keep you posted right here.

Wishing you a great day, and have a wonderful weekend! Chat soon! Love, Janet xoxo


June 27th.  Happy Sunday!!

Great news!  More waiting list orders for Golden Extravaganza and/or the Wrapped in Gold fashion sets have been completed & are ready to ship. YAY! Emails will be sent shortly. If you don’t receive an email today then look for an email after the 4th of July! I should be finished with all the waiting list orders by than. Thank you so much!

Wishing y’all a beautiful Sunday & a wonderful week!

Chat more next weekend!! Lots of love, Jxxxx


Sunday evening update on waiting list orders.

I wasn't able to get all the "ready to ship" emails out today, so I will begin to send more tomorrow.

Thanks for hanging in there with me! Chat more soon! Love, J

June 20th, 2021. Happy Father’s Day to all dads!

Great news, as promised some of the waiting list orders for the "Golden Extravaganza" & orders for the "Wrapped in Gold" sets are now ready to ship. YAY!! Emails will be sent shortly. If you don’t receive an email please hang in there, I have many more waiting list orders to fill.

I am forever grateful for all your support of my fashions. Playing dolls, & making fashions has been with me my entire life.  Thank you for making the world around me so beautiful & amazing.

Wishing everyone a week great week!! Chat more soon!

Love always, Janet xxxx


June 15th, 2021. OH my! June is slipping away from us already! I just wish “time” would slow down a little. Just wanted y’all to know that I’m working on all the extra fashion sets from our latest releases. Wrapped in Gold & Golden Extravaganza! The first batch of waiting list orders will be ready this coming weekend, and then for the next couple of weekends to follow.

For those of you wondering what’s next? We shall see! I’ll give you more hints just as soon as I’m sure! HA!

Enjoy your week! Love always, Jxxxx


June 3rd, 2021. Happy Thursday!!

Happy Thursday!

Get ready! Coming Soon!! This Saturday at 12:00pm Central (Texas) time.

"Wrapped in Gold & Golden Extravaganza," will be releasing on

the "Fashion Avenue Boutique" page. More information will be in your “First to Know” newsletter being sent out later today. 

See you soon! Love, J xoxo

Look! Someone shared a wrapped in gold orange kitty & tuxedo kitty! :)



May 28th, 2021. Happy Friday!!

Wishing you a happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Great NEWS! I finally finished Gary’s new tux/suit & Dawn’s new golden gown set! YAY!! I still have to package each fashion set, photograph & upload them to the website. I should have the photos taken & uploaded to the website sometime next week. Both, the Gary & Dawn sets will be release next Saturday, June 5th at 12:00 noon (Central Texas time). I’ll post more information next week too.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!!

God Bless & keep you safe! Love always, Janet xoxo


May 19th, 2021. Happy Wednesday!

Hope you’re all doing good & enjoy the spring weather. It’s been raining here on & off the past couple of weeks. This morning the sun is shining, the rain will hold off until late this evening. YAY!

We had an amazing time during my sister’s Michele’s visit! Her graduation went great, we had a fabulous graduation party here at my house, and the next morning we all traveled to the Galveston Island. Michele & her boyfriend flew, and Mike & I drove down there. We totally enjoyed ourselves. As a matter of fact, the photo I posted of the Hilton where we would be staying is actually the view from our room. It was amazing! We walked the beach every day, we floated around in the pool, sunbathed, went shopping and all the food choices & drinks we had were amazing. We didn’t want it to end! Looking forward to our next getaway!

So, I’ve been working quietly on the (no name yet) black & metallic gold tux. I just realized I haven’t made any Gary men’s wear since 2008. Dawn’s “Wrapped ‘n Gold,” is also in the making. Not sure when they will be released. More information to follow next week.

Enjoy the rest of your week & have an awesome weekend! Chat more soon! Love always, Janet  xoxo


Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

May your special day be a beautiful one!


April 22nd, 2021. Happy Thursday!

Just pop-in to let you know I’ll be adding some extra “Doin’ 50 in Style”

to the inventory this morning, on the Fashion Avenue Boutigue page. 

Thanks again! Enjoy your day! Love, J xxxx


April 16th, 2021. Happy Friday!!

Happy Birthday, Daniel!! Today is our eldest son’s birthday.

Wishing him all the best for a great day!!

Great news! I have completed some more “Doin’ 50 in Style,” fashion dress sets. If you’re on the waiting list you should be receiving an email this Saturday, or Sunday. I still have more fashion orders to complete. Trying to have them all finished by the end of this weekend. I’ll post more info this weekend.

Have a great day & have a fun weekend!! Love always, Janet xoxo

Happy Saturday! April 10th, 2021.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!

Here in Bowie the sun is shinning and that always makes me happy!

I’m going to start releasing emails to those on the waiting list for the “Doin’ 50 in Style”

dress set. If you don’t receive a “completed & ready” to ship, email this weekend,

then you should receive one next weekend.

And, don’t forget to check your “Spam” folders just encase your letter gets sent there.

Enjoy your Saturday! More to come! Much love, Janet xxxx


April 5th, 2021. Hope you had a beautiful holiday weekend! Happy Monday!

Please know that the waiting list orders for the latest fashion set, “Doin’ 50 in Style” are in production. The 1st batch of "completed & ready to ship" emails will start going out this Saturday, April 10th. YAY!!

Other great news is: My little sister Michele will be visiting at the end of this month. She will be graduating from Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas, on May 1st. Michele attended MSU in the 80s. She left the university before she could finish her degree. Last year, due to the Covid virus, the university opened online courses for all. Michele met all the requirements to finish her degree. I’m proud to say, this year, MSU will also have an in-person graduation instead of a virtual one.  As her older sister, this is a moment I too have been waiting for. If our parents were here today, it would be one of their proudest moments as parents too.

So, once Michele grabs here diploma, we will all be heading down to Galveston Island, Texas for some much-needed R&R! WooHOO!!!! I can’t wait!!

Chat more soon!! Back to sewing I must go!!

Much love, Janet xoxo



April 4th, 2021.

May you & your family be Blessed as you celebrate the true meaning of Easter.

May your life be blessed with joy, happiness & good health.

Happy Easter! Love always, J xoxo


Don’t these little peeps make you want to craft your own?

I love them! They’re so adorable! I can’t take any credit for them.

I found them on the internet this morning, maker unknown.

Have a sweet day! Love, J xoxo


Have a bunny hoppin' day!! Love, J xoxo


March 24th, 2021. Great news!! Coming Soon!!

“Doin’ 50 in Style,”

coming this Saturday, March 27th, at 1pm Central Texas time. 

This new fashion set will appear on the “Fashion Avenue Boutique” page.

Newsletter will be sent out on Thursday.

More information to follow.

Thanks a bunch for allowing me to share my creations with you.

Enjoy your evening! Chat more tomorrow! Love, Jxxxx


Wednesday, March 24th, 2021


FYI: Back in January of this year I updated the new USPS postal rate changes.

At that time I thought the International postal rates were the same.

Of course, that wasn’t the case, and so I’m making the updated

changes to the web-site today. Below is a list of those new changes.

International First-Class shipping (excluding Canada)

Flat rate BUBBLE mailer       16.00

Flat rate BOX mailer             16.50

International First-Class shipping for Canada Only:

Canada First-Class BUBBLE mailer $ 14.00

Canada First-Class BOX mailer $14.50 




March 18th. Happy Thursday y'all!

I’ve decided to release the next new fashion set next Saturday, March 27th,

probably around noontime. I still need a little more time to finish up.

I’ll post the exact time next week when I post photos and send a newsletter.

I can’t wait for y’all to see it!! Thanks so much again!

Enjoy your evening!

Chat more soon!! Love, Janet xxxx



March 17th. New fashion release update!

I’m thinking of moving the new fashion release date to March 27th, next Saturday.

I’ll post more information by tomorrow(Thursday) night. Chat soon!

Enjoy your evening! Love, J

March 17th, 2021! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

“For each petal on the shamrock this brings a wish your way:

Good health, good luck, and happiness for today and every day.

     Irish Blessing


March 15th, 2021! Great news! Happy Monday!!

Hope everyone is doing well!

Kids are out on Spring Break this week in Bowie. Grandkids will be here shortly!

Getting closer to releasing our next fashion set. This set will also tie into last year’s theme. Dawn’s Golden 50th Anniversary. No, it’s not the “Wrapped in Gold” set yet, or Gary’s set. This next fashion was inspired by a beautiful piece of fabric that was sent to me last year by collector/friend. I can’t wait for you to see it. If all goes well, I hope to release it this Sunday, March 21st. I will post a more definite release date & time later this week and send a newsletter out.

Enjoy your week! Have fun, and I’ll be back shortly with more updates! Love always, Janet xx


March 7th. Happy Sunday!

Hope you are having a beautiful weekend!

The weather here is warming up, and the sun is shining.

This always happy & smile.

Okay, so I’m going to be adding more “Clara’s Dream” to the inventory on the “Fashion Avenue Boutique” page. This is last of this fashion and it will be officially retired at the limited edition of 100 dress sets.

Wonder what’s next? I don’t know?

FYI: No new fashion release this week. I’ll post more information next weekend!

Enjoy your Sunday & have a wonderful week!

Love always, Jxoxo


Another Saturday update!! February 27th.

Hey! Just scored 9 yards of the gold satin lame. All is good! Looks like I’m moving onto the “Wrapped in Gold” set. Oh… Oh… I mentioned earlier about needing to figure out which tie & color on Gary’s suit. I made the black necktie just like the one I made for “Men ‘n Black.” Looks perfect to me! I love the look. We shall see!

Really, at first, I couldn’t remember for the life of me how I made these men neckties. I do now!! HA!

FYI: I just added (2) extra “Clara’s Dream sets to the inventory over on the Fashion Avenue Boutique page. Have fun & enjoy the rest of your weekend!! xoxo

February 27th, 2021.

Happy Saturday Everyone!!

Hope your weekend is starting off great! May the sun be shinning and the weather be warm.

Great news!! I just completed the remaining waiting list orders for “Clara’s Dream.” Hurray!! I’ll be sending out email messages to those on the list later this afternoon. I’ll have some extras to post in the website inventory too. First day to ship out will be on Monday, March 1st.

Oh no! March, already!!???!! The time is just been slipping by so fast. Yikes! The faster time flies the older I get. Time needs to take a break and slow down, and I need to speed up.

I have some more great news. The found another vendor to purchase my gold satin lame fabric from. A sample yard just arrived this week and it’s a perfect match. That “Wrapped in Gold” gown set is still standing here staring at me every day. I also had another great ideal, and that was created a Gary, gold metallic & black suit. Yes, you read that correctly. A Gary’s suit!  Jacket made from the gold metallic satin lame, black satin lapel, black slacks, dicky, cuffs and 2 buttons. Now, However, I’m still working on which tie to make. I’ll get there!! I have a couple other fashion samples I’ve been working on too. I should be able to give you a more definite direction next weekend on my next fashion production.

Wishing all of you a wonderful weekend. Hope your able to spend special time with your loved ones.

“Come on Spring!”

Oh, OH! I have to share with you my latest addition to my Dawn collection.

I got her at a Buy-It-Now steal.


Again, have fun! Enjoy! May God Bless you & yours & keep you safe & well! Chat more soon!

Love always, Jxoxo


February 20th. Happy Saturday!!!

The sun is shining! The snow is going to begin melting away soon!

Hope everyone is safe & keeping well & warm.

Great news! Emails will be going out this weekend

to some on the waiting list for “Clara’s Dream.”

I still have 10 more sets to complete. So, if you don’t

receive an email this weekend, more than likely you will

receive one next weekend.

Enjoy your day! Have fun! Stay warm & be well! Love, Janet xoxo

February 18th. Happy Thursday!

Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe & warm. We are doing good here.

We have electricity, and are able to stay warm, and soon the water will be back on.

I still haven’t released any “Clara’s Dream” sets ready to ship.

We should start warming up here in Texas on Saturday. If all looks good, I’ll start releasing emails on Saturday.

Chat more soon! Enjoy your day! Love, Janet xoxo


February 16th! Good morning! Happy Tuesday!

Happy Mardi Gras!!

Since we’ve been dealing with extreme weather conditions here in Texas. Between the snow storms, and drastic temperature conditions, power outages, I decided not to send the next batch of “Clara’s Dream” ready to ship notices. I’m going to wait until later on this week. Possibly sending notices out of Thursday, and shipping day be Friday or Saturday of this week.

In the meantime, I’m working on the last batch of “Clara’s Dream” requests. Maybe, they’ll be ready to ship by the end of this week too. Time will tell! Since, Mike’s at home all week due to the weather conditions, he can sure make it a little difficult for me to get my sewing done. LOL!!

Please stay safe, stay warm & be well! Chat more soon! Love always, Jxoxo


February 14th! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hope you are able to spend the day with someone or something you love.

The word chocolate comes to mind! HA!

Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day. Enjoy your day! Love always, Janet xoxo

FYI: I should have the next sets of “Clara’s Dream” ready to ship later today. Tomorrow is a holiday, so the earliest they can be ship them would be on Tuesday. I’ll post more later on once I have them ready to ship. Also, hoping to finish up the remaining “Clara’s Dream” sets by next weekend too.

No new fashion’s will be released this week.

Have a great week! Stay warm, safe & be well! Janet xoxo


February 5th! Happy Friday!! Where did January go?

Hope Y'all are doing well, and staying warm. I have great news, some of the extra “Clara’s Dream” dress sets have been completed & will be ready to ship on Monday. So, sometime over this weekend, emails will go out to some of you, with the information on how to purchase your set. YAY!

I’m still making the waiting list orders for “Clara’s Dream” and once I’ve completed them, I’ll post more information our next fashion release. But I will say...

“Wrapped in Gold” was supposed to be one of December’s 2020 release, celebrating Dawn’s 50th in gold. However, that fashion set has been stalled for a couple of months waiting for the supplies to arrive. I do plan to release a photo of my sample “Wrapped in Gold,” sometime soon. (Meaning when I set my photo session up.LOL!) Our next fashion set to be released is part of Dawn’s 50th birthday celebration. When I have more information to share on either one of these upcoming fashion sets, I’ll post it right here.

May your days be filled with lots of love & sunshine! Chat more soon!

Love always, Janet xoxo


January 22nd, 2021. Happy Friday Y'all!! As promised!! I've posted several photos of the next design "Clara's Dream" on the website home page & the Fashion Avenue Boutique page.

Hope you like! There will be 40 dress sets available for shipping. Releasing on Sunday, packing them for shipping on Monday, and shipping on Tuesday, January 26th.  More information to follow on the Fashion Avenue Boutique page throughout the day, and a newsletter will be sent Friday afternoon.

Clara's Dream Releasing on:

Release Date: Sunday, January 24th, 2021
Time: 2:00pm central time (Texas time)
Where: The “Fashion Avenue Boutique” web-page.


Breaking!! New postal rates. See below.

Effective January 1st, 2021

for domestic first class & Priority Mail.

Currently the international rates will remain the same for now.

US domestic shipping:

First class domestic flat rate bubble mailer $3.95

First class domestic flat rate box mailer $4.50

USPS Priority Mail flat rate $8.15



January 21st, 2021. Happy Thursday!!!

(I'll be posting photos on Friday.)

Hope everyone is doing well, and staying healthy!

Yes, we will be having a new fashion release this Sunday!! January 24th at 2:00pm central Texas time!

More information to come!!! See you soon! Love always, Jxxxx



January 17, 2021. Happy Sunday, to all!!

Hope you're having a lovely weekend!! Here in the big state of Texas its cool with a lot of sunshine!! Just as I like it!! Thanks for hanging in here with me! If all goes well there will be a fashion release next weekend! More information to come! Enjoy your Sunday, and have a great week! Love always, Janet xoxo


Happy New Year’s!

Hope you’re enjoying the new day in this new year! We woke up to snow covered trees, and ground this morning. It was awesome! The snow is just about melted away. That’s Texas for you!

May this new year bring you lots of love, peace, joy, happiness, safety, good health, & prosperity!

Love always, Janet

FYI: Latest fashion news. No new fashion release this weekend. I’ll keep you posted.


Good afternoon!! Happy Monday, after Christmas! December 28th, 2020

The last of my houseguests are on their way home.  We all had a great time! Lots of fun, good foods, and spirits! Hope you & your family are relaxing and enjoying the holidays too.

The PC monitor in my sewing room blew out. It’s now a strobe light, blinking on and off. Good thing I have a backup PC here in my living room. I’ll be working from it until I get a replacement for my sewing room one.

Wishing you a great afternoon! I’m off to put my sewing room back together, catching up on e’s, & watching the grandkids until they return back to school.

Love always, Janet xoxo


Happy Monday!! December 21st, 2020. It’s Christmas week here!!

My family will start rolling in today.   For me, Christmas seems to be the most stressful time of year. This year is without any exceptions. 2020 has got to be the most challenging year ever.

I was so hoping to complete my last outfit of the year before Christmas or at least by the end of this year. At this time, it’s wishful thinking on my part.

I’ll be spending this entire week with my family, and I’ll be back next week when everyone heads back home.

I wish you all a beautiful & blessed, healthy & safe Christmas. I’ll be back to ring the new year in with you. With love, always, Janet


Good morning! Happy Friday!! December 4th, 2020

Great news! A new fashion set will be releasing tomorrow (Saturday). I’ll post photos and send a newsletter out today with all the information. For those that newsletters end up in their Spam folders I’ll post this information.

Release Date: Saturday, Dec. 5th, 2020
Time: 2:00pm central time (Texas time)
Where: The “Fashion Avenue Boutique” web-page.


 Have a great Friday! Love, Janet xoxo

FYI: New postal rates will change effective January 1st, 2021. New rates will be posted then.

FYI: Not to put any pressure on myself, I do plan one last finale fashion before the end of this year. Be on the lookout! More information to come. Have fun!


December 2nd, 2020!! Happy December, Happy Advent & Happy Holiday's!!

Wonderful news this morning! I finally received my notion/fabric supply Monday, and have been busy finishing up my next creations. HURRAY!! If all goes well over the next few days, I should have them packed and ready to release this Saturday, so I can ship on Monday, if not it’ll have to be Sunday, and shipping on Tuesday.

Let’s see…  Fashion hints.  Remember it is not holiday related, but winter related. I made something similar in 2008. New hint, the colors are: mocha, black & metallic gold. Please also remember there will only be 44 sets available because I used the main fabric, I purchased many years ago and it’s no longer available.

NOTE! If any fabric hoarder has this fabric in their stash, and would want one made, I may consider making you one from it so long it’s the same fabric.

I’ll send a newsletter out once I narrow the exact day & time, and I’ll post photos once they have been completed & ready to upload. More information to come. Stay tuned! Love, Janet xoxo


November 27, 2020. Happy Friday!!!

First let me say, there won’t be a fashion release this weekend. I really wanted to but they’re not finished. I’ll try again for next weekend. Maybe a Saturday late afternoon release. I’ll keep you post right here.

Like I was saying, this next fashion is not holiday related. It does blend with the last few fashion releases. Something warm. I made something very simpler back in 2008. That’s all for now!! I’ll give another hint in a few days. Stay tuned!

Have a great Friday, and enjoy your weekend! Much love, Janet xoxo 


November 24th, 2020. Happy Tuesday, Everyone!!

As “Thanksgiving Day” in American draws near, I want to give thanks for each and every one of you. For if it weren’t for you and won’t be able to create fashions for our little dolls. Sewing for them brings my great joy & love, and the best part is sharing them with you. I am so grateful to all of you.

Thank you for your friendship & your support.

May God bless you all and keep you safe & well through the coming holidays,

and through the coming New Year. Love always, Janet xoxo

New fashion release NEWS! Let’s see now… I am currently working on a new fashion release. Let me tell you just a little bit about it. First, I’m not sure of the release date! I would love to release it this coming Sunday, but one of my supplies are delayed so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to finish them before this weekend. I’ll keep you posted.

About the fashion?  There are only 44 sets made because I’ve used up all the main fabric supply.  So, there is no waiting list. This fashion set is not holiday related but can keep the winter’s chill off. That’s all for now! I’ll try to drop more hints on Friday.

Special notice: There will be a postal rate increase for the US only. New rates will be posted soon.

Wishing you a wonderful & blessed “Thanksgiving” holiday. And to everyone may the rest of your week be beautiful & bright! Lots of love, Janet xoxo



November 15, 2020. Happy Sunday!!

Hope you’re having a nice weekend! The sun is shinning here in Bowie! That always makes me smile!

I’ve finished the last of the remaining “Sunflower n’ the Bumblebee” orders, emails will be sent shortly to those who continue to be on the wait list. I also have some extra “Sunflower n’ the Bumblebee” sets and I’ve added them to the Fashion Avenue Boutique page. YAY!!

What’s next? Something’s in the making! I’ll post more information next weekend! Until then, wishing you all a beautiful & happy week! Thank you again for everything!! God bless! Much love, Jxoxo

November 8th, 2020. Good evening!

Hope you had a nice Sunday! Weather here in Bowie, was beautiful with lots of sun!

I've added two more "Lovely n' Leopard" dress sets to the inventory on the "Fashion Avenue Boutique" page. Thanks a bunch!

November 6th, 2020. Happy Friday, everyone!!

There’s lots of sunshine here in Bowie today and I’m loving it! Planning on popping in my Hallmark, Signed, Sealed & Delivered DVD’s and get to sewing! HA!

I have several Sunflower n’ the Bumblebee dress sets ready to ship, and extra Lovely n’ Leopard ready to ship. I'll be sending emails to those on the waiting list Saturday or Sunday. I haven’t completed all the fashion orders for the Sunflower n’ Bumblebee sets, so if you don’t receive an email over the weekend, that just means your fashion is still in making process and should be completed by next weekend.

New fashion update. Currently at this time there is no new fashion release information. Stay tuned.

May you enjoy your Friday, and have a fun filled weekend despite all the craziness around us lately!

Love you all! Janet


Happy Saturday!! October 24th, 2020

Surprise!! As promised, I'll be bringing you “Sunflower n’ the Bumblebee.”

Release date: Sunday, October 25th, 2020

Time:    2:00pm Central Time (Texas time)

Where: on the “Fashion Avenue Boutique” web-page.

See the Fashion Avenue Boutique page for more information.

See you soon!! xoxo


Happy Saturday! Great news! I finished our next fashion release yesterday! YAY!!  

More information & photos will be posted later this afternoon/evening & I’ll send a newsletter out too.

FYI: The release date & time will be Sunday, (tomorrow) October 24th, at 2:00pm central time (Texas time.)

Have fun & enjoy the day! Chat more soon! Love, Janet xo


 October 19, 2020.

Good morning! Happy October!! Its 47 degrees & cloudy here in Bowie, Texas.

Okay! Okay, so I know it’s a little late to be offering sometime for Halloween. (Packaging will be in Halloween theme.)

Although, we could consider my next fashion release a sort of, kind of, costume… And, perfect for Fall! I did leave a hint weeks ago somewhere on the website what was coming next.  HA!

That being said, I continue to work night & day to bring you our next release sometime over this upcoming weekend. I’m really pulling for late Saturday, but that’s only if everything is completed on by this Thursday. I’ll post more information this Thursday. Have an awesome week! Chat more soon! Love always, Janet xoxo   


Happy Friday! October 9th, 2020.

  Sold! Thank you! Adding (2) extra Lovely n’ Leopard dress sets to the inventory on the Fashion Avenue Boutique page. 

No new information to report on our new fashion design release.

Enjoy your day & have a wonderful weekend. Lots of love, Janet xo


October 3rd, 2020. Happy Saturday!

Great news! For those waiting for their “Lovely n’ Leopard” fashion dress set.

They all have been completed & they are ready to ship. Emails notifications will be sent out today.

Shipping date will be Monday, October 5th, 2020. YAY!! Chat more soon!

Enjoy your weekend!! Love, Janet


September 27th, 2020. Hello my friends! Happy Sunday!

I have to tell you I’m a wee bit behind on everything. First, it started on my birthday (17th) when my husband Mike threw me a surprise birthday party. AND, our eldest son, Daniel from Vermont came home to visit as a surprise gift for his mama!! Let me say, please don’t surprise your mama like this, it increases the heart rate. I thought I was going to die! Best gift ever though!! Everything was amazing! From the friends, family, food, flowers, even the cake, which I might add was in some resembles of our Lovely ‘n Leopard dress & delicious too!!! HA!!

Daniel & I spent the remaining week playing catch up (it was awesome), while our youngest son Joey got engaged to a beautiful lady named Sarah. Sarah has two children, a boy & a girl! That’s not all folks!!! Sarah and Joey plan to marry this coming Friday.  Now, after they marry it will increase the size of my grandchildren from 2 to 4!! So, I have Carson & Alex, and soon Adan & Addie! All the children get along so happily and the couple are crazy about each other. We are so happy for them!

Not finished yet!! SURPRISE, this week Mike’s two brothers Eddie from South Carolina, & Tommy from Georgia are coming for a visit! They’ve never been here before!!  “Welcome to Texas” guys! I’m going to be whipping up a Texas barbecue feast of brisket, smoked sausage & ribs, beans, coleslaw, potato salad, sweet tea & beer & dessert is still up in the air at the moment. Oh… So much to do, so little time!!

Speaking about time!! Yes, my timing is a little off with those Lovely ‘n Leopard dress sets, however I’m really hope to have them ready to ship sometime this week. Thank you so much for hanging in here with me and for your patience.

Oh, I must not forget!! The coming new fashion release for October is still in the designing phase, and gathering supplies. I will keep you posted on my progress once its official & fully into production.

Wishing everything a beautiful Sunday & a wonderful a fun week!!

Chat more soon! Love always, Janet xoxo



Coming Soon!!! Lovely n' Leopard

New fashion dress set “Lovely n’ Leopard” releasing this Sunday, September 13th at 2:00pm central (Texas) time on the “Fashion Avenue Boutique page.

See photos on the "Fashion Avenue Boutique" page.

See you soon!


September 6th, 2020. Happy Labor Day Weekend! Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday!

I’ve been quietly working on our next fashion set and getting closer to releasing it. Here is a list of colors I’ve been working with to give you an ideal. Earth, caramel, nutmeg, bone, leopard & ivory then, working with mocha, light ecru, gold, black & Aztec leather colors. Sound exciting?

If all goes well, I’ll release it next Saturday, Sunday, Sept. 13th. More information, & photos & newsletter coming soon!

Enjoy your holiday & have a great week! Love always, Janet xoxo


August 16th, 2020. Happy Sunday!!

I’m going to be adding (2) Flowers in the Sun & (1) Golden Celebration that have not been claimed to our inventory.  

All emails for the extra “Simply Vintage” sets have been sent out today too! YAY!! Moving along…

Have an awesome Sunday!! xoxo


August 6th, 2020 Happy National Root Beer Float Day!

“Simply Vintage,” photos have been posted on the Home page & the Fashion Avenue Boutique page. Sending a Newsletter out with all the details! Thanks again for allowing me to share my creations with you. Enjoy your evening! See you Saturday! Love, Janet xoxo


Happy Wednesday! Okay, it’s been decided! Next fashion “Simply Vintage,” will be released this Saturday, August 8th at 12:00pm, Central Texas time. YAY!! 

Enjoy the rest of your week! Much Love, Janet xoxo


Happy Sunday & Happy National Friendship Day!

Great news!! I’ve narrowed down the next fashion release date! YAY!! Either next Saturday or Sunday… I’ll post the time & date here on Wednesday, and have a newsletter sent out on Thursday with all the information.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday & have a great week! Thanks for everything!! Chat more soon!

Be safe & be well! Love always, Janet xoxo  8/2/2020


Happy August 1st

Can you believe summer is nearly over?

Hope everyone is staying well. Mike took an unplanned two-week vacation so it’s been really hard to get any dolly fun done around here! LOL!! He’s back at work, and Janet’s been playing non-stop in her sewing room trying to bring you the latest design.

Last time around, I talked about having an unique piece of vintage fabric for my next design. I have never seen fabric like this. It’s a vintage 1950s looped ribbon brocade in ivory color (as advertised by the Seller). Since this fabric is very limited, I’ll only have enough for 55 sets.

I haven’t been able to decided on the release date yet, but I can say it could be as early as Tuesday, August 4th late afternoon, or as late as next Saturday morning. Should it be as early as next Tuesday, I’ll send a newsletter out to you late tomorrow night.

Thank you always for your patience’s, more information coming soon!!

Have an awesome weekend!!

It’s was actually 66 degrees here this morning! Just beautiful! Hope your day is beautiful too!!

Much love & hugs, Janet xoxoxo  


July 10th, 2020. Happy Friday!

I just added (1) extra Caramel Fluff fur coat set to the inventory on the Fashion Avenue Boutique Page. Last one! Come and get it!!

No other fashions available at this time. If I have any unclaimed "Flowers in the Sun" fashions I'll posted them to the inventory next weekend. Always more fashions to come!

Have a great Friday & a wonderful weekend!! Stay safe & be well!  Love, Jxoxo


Happy Thursday! July 9th, 2020

Hope you had a great 4th of July weekend!

Great news for those waiting for the extra “Flowers in the Sun” fashion dress set. They have been completed & they are ready to ship. YAY! Email will be sent out to the waiting list members with a special link to purchase their fashion set.

Enjoy the rest of your week & have a great weekend! Post more soon! Be well! Love, Janet xxxx


Happy Sunday! June 28, 2020.

All the extra “Mother of Pearls” fashion sets have been completed & notices are being sent to those still on the waiting list for it. If you haven’t received an email notification and are still interested in this fashion set please let me know.  I have (1) extra Mother of Pearls & (1) extra Caramel Fluff.

The extra “Flowers in the Sun” will go into production tomorrow. I’ll let you know when they are completed & ready to ship.

I’ll keep you posted on the next new fashion release right here. It’s another special fashion. The fabric is like no other ever used before! I’ll tell you more about it in the next coming weeks.

Enjoy your Sunday and have a great week!

Thank you all so much for your continued support, especially through these most challenging times. Stay safe & be well! Lots of love, always, Janet xxxx


Flowers in the Sun will be releasing tomorrow

(Sunday) June 21st at 3pm central Texas time on the "Fashion Avenue Boutique" web-page.

See y'all tomorrow! xoxo

Great news! Coming soon! “Flowers in the Sun!” 

If all goes well, it’ll be released this Sunday, June 21st at 3:00pm central Texas time. I’ll post more information tomorrow (Saturday).

Have an awesome day! Xoxo 


Sunday, June 14, 2020. Great NEWS!!!

For those still waiting and hoping for the Mother of Pearls fashion set. The ivory wool boucle fabric arrived and I just opened it. To my surprise, it’s actually the perfect match! Unbelievable! I would have never imagined it to be the same fabric in a million years!! Doing the happy dance!! So, to hope to finish those sets up and if there’s any extra sets left, I’ll add them to the inventory.

New fashion release coming soon! It’s not fully completed so, no release date yet.

Thanks so much for allowing me to share my creations with you. More to come!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend & have a great week!

Stay safe & stay healthy! J xoxo


June 7th 2020. Happy Sunday! I hope your able to get out and enjoy the weekend! 

Great news for those still on the waiting list for the “Caramel Fluff” fur coat sets! I received the fur fabric last week and just finished packing them for shipping. YAY! As for the remaining extra Mother of Pearls sets,  I still haven’t received any replacement fabric for the jackets yet. I’m not even sure once it arrives that it will match since the actual fabric used in the jacket was from a vintage fabric seller.  We’ll just have to wait and see and hope for the best!
I’ve made some extra “Golden Celebration” Dawn’s 50th  gown sets and I’ll be adding them to the inventory. This will be the last call for this gown set. Limited Edition 100.  I will also be adding a few extra “Caramel Fluff” sets too. This will be the last call for this set too.
Next new fashion release date is still pending. Stay tuned here for more information.
Wishing you & your family a  safe & healthy week ! Lots of love, Janet xx



Good morning! Happy Wednesday! May 27th, 2020.

Here to post the latest!

Thank you for your concerns, we are all doing good!

Yes, we had a EF1 tornado come through Bowie, Friday night. Tore up the town! Looks like a war zone. Lots of trees down, windows blown out, and roofs torn off. Damaged approximately 50 businesses, and 200 homes.

The electricity was restored within hours. Mike & I only had minimum property damage. A big tree came down in our back yard which took down the side privacy fence.

It was a wicked night & a wicked storm though! Sirens kept going off! The noise level was high, with the hail, winds & rain!

No loss of life! We were truly blessed! Thank God!



Okay, so, as for the extra “Caramel Fluff” fur coat sets.

I’m still waiting on the extra fur to arrive. It’s been 3 weeks! Good news is… it has been shipped and should arrive by the end of the week. I'll post again once it arrives!

Mother of Pearls, news! Last week, I was working hard to making all the extra MOP outfits that were needed. All the pieces to this fashion were made (skirts, purses, hats, scarves) and all that was left to do was to make the jackets. Well, Friday I was drawing out the jackets needed and I could only get to #22. I needed 30. Anyone who requested an extra MOP I had to put on hold. I’m not sure I’ll be able to complete (8) of those now. However, I did find some ivory bouche fabric online and ordered it.

Hopefully it will match! We shall see!

I do have 22 MOP sets completed & ready to ship. Emails will be sent out today. YAY!

New fashion release date not available at this time but it is in the works!

I’ll post more info late next week on my progress.

Wishing you a great day! Enjoy the rest of your week! Stay happy & healthy!

Much love, Janet xxxx


Monday, May 25th.

Happy Memorial Day! Honoring those who died in the service of our country.

Wishing you & yours a wonderful, & safe holiday!


FYI: I'll post some fashion news on Wednesday 5/27/20. I am still working on the extra Mother of Pearls sets. Also, the fur fabric for the remaining Caramel Fluff sets has not arrived.  Chat more soon! Have fun! Love, Janet xoxo


Saturday. May 16th. Wishing everyone a great weekend! It's been raining here all day! I hope the sun is shining where you're at.  Like I mentioned earlier this week, I do have most of the "Caramel Fluff" sets completed & ready to ship. Email notices will go out on Sunday. I still have about a dozen more CF sets to make, and they've been delayed due to supply shortage. Once the additional fur arrives I'll schedule the remaining CF into production. I'll continue to keep you posted.

Good news! I was able to complete (10) Mother of Pearls sets. Those emails will go out on Sunday too. I hope to have the remaining MOP orders finished by next Saturday too.

Wishing you all a very good week!

Thank you all for keeping me busy, especially during these most critical & changeling health times. I pray that God keep you & your loved ones safe & healthy.

Be safe & be well!

All my love, Janet xxxxoo


Wednesday, May 13th, 2020

Great news! For those who have been patiently waiting on the waiting list since April for the “Caramel Fluff,” fur coat set, they are completed & ready to ship. YAY!! Email notices should be going out by the end of this week.

More news, for some who went on the waiting list in May for the same fashion, “Caramel Fluff,” I will have some of those completed & ready to ship by the end of today, and email notices will go out too by the end of this week. However, I did run out of fur to meet all the waiting list orders for the Caramel Fluff. A fabric order was placed last week, but it could take a few weeks before I receive it. I’ll keep you posted.

FYI: Waiting list orders for “Mother of Pearls.” They will begin to go into production tomorrow (Thursday).

Next fashions!! No new fashion release for this week. I’ll keep you posted.

Thank you all for keeping me busy, especially during these most critical & changeling health times. I pray that God keep you & your loved ones safe & healthy. Love always, Janet xxxx


Sunday, May 10th, 2020

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms out there!

May your day be filled with lots of love!



May 1st, 2020 Happy Mayday!! Can't believe we're in the month of May already! Where did the time go? Before you know it, it'll be December! YIKES! Not to fast!

Below is a sneak peek at the supplies I've been working with for our next fashion set.

Fabrics used starting from the bottom left, satin, merino wool blend felt, wool blend boucle, habutae, suede, and tulle in colors of butter cream, meringue, ivory & linen. Silver flower beads with pearls, and brooch filled with rhinestones & pearls.

New Fashion release will be this Sunday, May 3rd, at 3:00pm central Texas time. Tomorrow I will be taking photos, working the website, and sending out a Newsletter. More information to come!

Enjoy your Friday!! See you soon! Love, Janet xoxoxo

April 30th. Happy Thursday!

I want to say an extra “thank you” for all of your continued support for me & my creations.  

Especially during these trying times. I’m so thankful for all of you.

May you and your family stay safe & stay healthy.

Dolly news:

The extra “Caramel Fluff” fur coat sets are still in the making. I just received extra supplies needed to fill all the orders. I’m looking at having them all ready to ship by May 16th. Thank you for your patience.

There will be a new fashion release this Sunday.

I will have more information to post tomorrow (Friday.) Stay tuned!!!

Have a beautiful & fun day!


Monday, April 13th. A new fashion fur coat set is releasing today. It’s just being added to the inventory on the Fashion Avenue Boutique page. There is only 15 sets completed & ready to ship. There in a waiting list form on the “Caramel Fluff,” fashion page. If your interested in this fur coat set, just complete this form.

FYI: I am working on new fashions, Not ready for release. Maybe ready by the end of this month, first part of next month. I'll keep you posted here!

Wishing you a happy week! Be safe & be well!


April 12th, 2020! Happy Easter!

May the renewal of life at Easter bring new blessings of love,

hope, peace, good health & happiness to you and your loved ones.

Wishing you a beautiful day and a beautiful week!

Be safe & be well!

Love, Janet xoxo


April 4th, 2020! Happy Palm Sunday!

As Holy Week begins, may you & your loved ones continue to stay safe & stay healthy. xx

Great news! For all that have been on the waiting list for the latest, “Golden Celebration!” They have all been completed & are ready to ship! HURRAY! Email notices should be sending out today. I’ll add extra sets to the fashion page as well.

FYI: I may add a new fur coat set to the inventory this week but no new fashion set will be released and no newsletter. Maybe something new after Easter! I’ll keep you posted!

Wishing all a beautiful day & a beautiful week!  Love, Janet xxxx


March 30th, 2020. Happy Monday, Everyone! I do hope you & your families are all well! It’s certainly a trying time for everyone around the world! My supply chain is running slower then normal, so please hang in there with me, as I wait on supplies to arrive so I can finish the extra “Golden Celebration” 50th Anniversary gown sets.

FYI: No new fashion sets will be released this week. Hoping to have most of the waiting orders finished up by the weekend if my crown supply arrives in time.

Chat more soon! Be safe & well!! Love, Janet


As promised my next special creation to commemorate

Dawn’s 50th anniversary celebration.

Come & join in the celebration!

“Golden Celebration”

Date: Sunday, March 22nd, 2020
Time: 3:00pm central time (Texas time)
Where: Fashion Avenue Boutique page


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Dublin Nights by Janet Caudle 2005 ???

May your troubles be less,

and your blessings be more.

And nothing but happiness,

come through your door.


Happy Friday the 13th

I’ve always wanted to release a new fashion on Friday the 13th.

Don’t’ worry, it’s not this Friday the 13th. HA!!

However, I am adding some extra “Arctic Ice,” to the inventory. Sold out! Thank you!

This is probably the last of the Arctic Ice for now. If needed, I may make a few more later this year for those requesting it.

Next fashion release will also be commemorating Dawn’s 50th birthday celebration.

More to come!

Lots of love & hugs, Janet


March 10th, 2020. Happy Tuesday!

I was able to get the remaining waiting list emails sent yesterday. All is good!! YAY! I will be adding a few Arctic Ice sets to the inventory on Friday. I’m working on the next production. More information to come. Enjoy the rest of your week!

Lots of love & hugs, Janet


Happy Sunday!! Just a quick update!

I wasn’t able to send all the emails out today to the waiting list members. If you haven’t received a “ready to ship” notice, you should be receiving one tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted! Enjoy the rest of your evening. Thanks again, Janet xxx



March 7, 2020. Happy Saturday!

Great news! For those waiting patiently for your, “Sparkle ‘n Shine, or Sweet Champagne, or Arctic Ice,” they are completed and ready to ship!! HURRAY!! I’ll send out emails on Sunday with a special link for you claim your fashions.

Have a great weekend! Love, Janet xx 


March 4th, 2020. Happy Wednesday!

News update on the waiting list fashion orders for the “Sparkle ‘n Shine, Sweet Champagne & Arctic Ice.” The are still in the production and packing stages. Emails should be going out sometime over the weekend, and shipping date will be Monday, March 9th.

No new fashion releases for this week!


Enjoy the rest of your week! Much love, Janet


March 1st, 20202 Happy Sunday!

Gosh, I just can’t believe we’re in March already!! Yikes! Time is flying by to quickly around here!! Looking forward to the Spring!

Just a little message to bring you up to date. I’m still working on the extra “Sweet Champagne” gown sets. I’m hoping to have them all completed by Wednesday and ready to ship next weekend.

Those also waiting for the extra “Sparkle ‘n Shine, & Arctic Snow” sets. They were completed last week, and still in the packaging stage. I should have everything packed any ready to ship out by next weekend or the following Monday.

I’ll post more information on Wednesday!

Have an awesome week!! Love, Janet xoxo


Happy Wednesday! February 26th, 2020.

The extra “Sparkle ‘n Shine” gown sets have been completed. I was only able to make 10 more sets as expected. The are currently waiting to packed for shipping.

I start on the extra “Sweet Champagne,” and there was enough fabric to make all waiting list orders. YAY! So long as I don't make any mistakes along the way.

There should be a few extra "Arctic Ice" sets. I'll post more inform about that on Sunday.

Here’s the total edition:

Sparkle ‘n Shine, limited edition 40

Sweet Champagne, limited edition 65

No new fashions scheduled to release this week!

Thanks again for all your support! Enjoy the rest of your week!

Lots of love, Janet xoxo



Happy Sunday! February 23th, 2020.

Hoping most of you have received your new fashion/fashions from the last weekend’s show.

I’ve started on the waiting list fashion orders. I’m having to retire the “Sweet Champagne’” dress set too. The new dye lot color for the champagne satin is much darker than the original satin I used to create this design. I should have enough my original champagne satin to complete the current waiting list orders for the gown set.

Thank you all so much for hanging in here with me and being patience while I complete your fashion orders.

Let’s see… Anything new this week? Nothing new yet, but I’ll keep you posted!!

Have a beautiful & fun week! Stay safe & happy! Much love, Janet


Breaking NEWS!

Releasing Sunday, February 16th at 3:00pm central Texas time.

Sparkle 'n Shine, and Sweet Champagne fashion gown sets.

Where: Fashion Avenue Boutique page

Come & see the show!

Thanks a bunch! Love, Janet xoxo



Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hope your receiving lots of love today!

My Valentine’s Day got off to a wonderful start. My two handsome grandsons Carson & Alex showed up with a big heart shaped box of chocolates, a beautiful Valentine’s Day card, and a big lovable teddy bear!! HA!! Mike brought me a big vase of red roses, and made me breakfast! What more can a gal asked for?

Now, all I need to do is get me & Mike registered for this year’s Dawn convention! Ha!

Okay, okay!! I know, I know!! The million-dollar question is, when is our next fashion release?? Maybe, this coming Sunday!! Hoping to have something more definite to tell you tomorrow.

Thanks a bunch for hanging in here with me!! More to come…

Lots of love, Janet xoxo


February 2nd, 2020. Happy Super Bowl Sunday & Happy Ground Hog Day!!

Great News! For those of you on the wait list for the “Snow Ruby” & “Arctic Ice,” they have been completed & ready to ship!! YAY!! Emails will be going out shortly!!

Snow Ruby, has retired, however if there are any extra leftover from the wait list, I’ll add them next weekend to the inventory along with extra Arctic Ice sets.

New fashions to come, no promises, but maybe around the weekend of February 15th.

I’ll keep you posted right here!!

Wishing you all a beautiful week! Stay warm!

Lots of dolly love, Janet xoxo


January 25th. Good morning! Happy Saturday!

Your little “Holiday Shopper” and “Arctic Ice” should be arriving soon. All fashions were shipped on Tuesday as scheduled.

Currently I am working on the waiting list orders for the “Snow Ruby” dress set & extra “Arctic Ice” orders. Planning on them to be completed by next weekend. I’ll keep you posted.

Any new fashion releases for 2020 are still in the creating stages, but when production begins, I’ll let you know!

Wishing you a very fun filled weekend! Stay happy & stay warm!

Thanks a million for all your support

Love much, Janet


PS. I apologies for being a little slow on emails this week.


Another Sunday update!!

FYI: The "Arctic Ice" was released to the Fashion Avenue Boutique! Thanks! 

Emails were sent out today to those on the waiting list for Holiday Shopper. If you did not receive an email there was not enough supplies to make more, as stated in your email correspondence with me. There was enough to make 29 extra sets. If for some reason any collector is no longer interest in their set, I will offer it to the next collector on the waiting list. Hope this helps!



Jan. 19,2020. Good morning! Happy Sunday!

Wanted to let you know I’m still in the packaging process this morning. Just as soon as this process has been completed, I will begin to send emails out for the Holiday Shopper.


Arctic Ice should also be released to the website some time today, once I finish all the Holiday Shopper emails & daily emails. Thanks for hanging in here with me!

Have a beautiful Sunday! Chat more soon!


Saturday! 1/18/2020: Great NEWS!!

I just finished the extra Holiday Shopper fashion sets! YAY!! I'll be packaging them up along with the Arctic Ice today. Once I complete the packaging process, I'll bring you up to date again. Not sure when the Arctic Ice will hit the website. Probably early tomorrow!!

 Just received the extra supplies to make the extra Snow Ruby dress sets. They should go into production next Thursday. I'll keep you posted here!

We still haven't rung the New Year in yet with a new fashion for 2020!

Is there something elegant in the works?

Oh, and I received the most beautiful piece (5 yards, plenty to go around) of black, red & ivory) Italian wool blend hounds-tooth fabric. It’s in a teeny tiny scale. I can’t wait to put that into production.

I’ve also received many requests for more fur coat sets too. Thank you! I do have plenty of supplies for more colors!!

Just so many ideals, with so little time!!

Thanks a million for hanging in here with me!!

Have a wonderful day!! Janet xoxo



1/12/2020: Good morning & Happy Sunday!

Here's the latest! The waiting list "Holiday Shopper's" have gone into production. YAY! And, instead of having enough supplies to only make 23/25 I was able to have enough to make 29. Awesome! That's makes a few more people very happy. Pushing for them to be completed & ready to ship the weekend of the 18th.

Also, the supplies to make the extra "Snow Ruby's" have been ordered. The supplies should start arriving sometime this coming week. I'll let you know when they go into production.

The little "Arctic Ice" I mention last week. Once I get them packaged I'll just add them to the website inventory. No newsletter will be sent. Not to worry, if you miss out I can always make more. I'll tell you more about this piece when I add it to the inventory.

What’s coming after that?? I’ll keep you posted!

Wishing everyone a fun-filled week! Much love, Janet



UPDATE: Tuesday 1/7/2020. Great news!

All the Snow Ruby dress sets were shipped yesterday. So, be on the lookout for them.

The extra "Holiday Shopper's" go into production this Wednesday. Again, please know there's not enough supplies to make everyone on the waiting list this fashion set. Once the "Holiday Shopper's" are completed & ready to ship, the extra Snow Ruby's will go into production.

In the meantime be on the lookout for "Arctic Ice." I'll tell you a little about this one in the coming days.

As always more to come! Enjoy the rest of your week!

Thank you again for everything!

Much love, Janet xoxo


Saturday, January 4th update:

Snow Ruby coming soon!

Sunday, January 5th! Time: 2:00pm central Texas time!

Where: On the Fashion Avenue Boutique page!

Have fun! See you soon! xoxo



Friday!! January 3rd, 2020. Great NEWS!! I just finished the "Snow Ruby" fashion set!! YES!!! I'm off to start packing them. I'll do photos tomorrow (Saturday) and post on the website! A First to Know Newsletter should be going out tomorrow too!! If all goes well the release date will be Sunday, January 5th. I'll post more information soon!!

Have an awesome day!!

Love, Janet


December 31st, 2019.

Happy New Year’s Eve!

May the New Year bring you lots of love, good health & happiness!



Latest fashion updates:

Since I haven’t been able to release “Snow Ruby,” by the end of this end, I’ve decided to start a Winterfest collection. Snow Ruby being the first in the series. HA!

Thanks for hanging in here with me! I am getting closer to completing the Snow Ruby sets. Once they all are completed & ready to ship I’ll post more information.

Also, for those on the waiting list for the “Holiday Shopper.” They haven’t gone into production yet, but when they do I’ll post more information here.

Have an awesome New Year’s! See you next year!

Lots of love, Janet xxxx



Happy Friday the 13th!!

I just added 3 extra Witches Brew costume sets to the inventory!! Thank you!!


Holiday Shopper 2019

Releasing Tuesday, December 10th at 12:00pm Central Texas Time. View more information & photos on the Fashion Avenue Boutique page. See you soon!! Love, J xxxxoooo



Sunday, December 8th.

Just finished packing my handmade Louis Vuitton shopping bags.

Could this mean a new fashion release could be coming very soon? Stay tuned! 

Have fun! Love, Janet xoxo


November 29th. Happy Friday! I just added (3) extra Witches Brew costume dress sets to the inventory!

Thanks a bunch! Enjoy your holiday! Love, Janet xoxoxo

I'll be heading to JoAnn Fabric's & Hobby Lobby in Denton, Texas on Black Friday!! YAY!



November 27th. Wishing you & your family a wonderful & blessed Thanksgiving holiday!

November 27th. FYI: Currently there are no new fashion releases!

I have some extra Witches Brew sets that I will add to the inventory on Friday.

Have a beautiful day!

Lots of love, Janet xoxoxo


November 18th. Happy Monday! Great news!

I've finished another batch of "Witches Brew" sets. YAY! More emails will be sent later today!

FYI: No new fashion release news yet.

Enjoy your day! xoxo Janet


November 15th. Happy Friday! Great NEWS! The first batch of waiting list "Witches Brew" fashion costume sets have been completed & are ready to ship! YAY!! Email notices will be sent out some time this morning!   Thanks again! Have an awesome Friday and a beautiful weekend! Chat more soon! Lots of dolly love, Jxxxxx


November 7th, 2019. Happy Thursday!!!

Hot off the press!! Coming soon new costume release "Witches Brew."

Release date & time! Tomorrow! Friday, Nov. 8th at 12:00pm (noon) Central Texas time.

Where at the Fashion Avenue Boutique page. 

Thanks a bunch! Have fun! See you soon! xoxo


11-1-2019. Just added one Sapphires n' Snowflakes dress set to the inventory on the Fashion Avenue Boutique page. Thanks again!

November 1st, 2019. Happy Friday! Hope you had a spooky Halloween!

Sorry I missed y'all yesterday. I did create an awesome witches costume set. It's a must have!

Currently there are not many in production.

Once I figure out how to proceed I'll let you know and post more information next week.

Chat more soon!

Have a fun weekend!

Much love, Janet xoxoxo


October 27th, 2019. Happy Sunday!

I'm going to be adding some extra Sapphires n' Snowflake dress sets &  Bloomin' Blues dress sets along with some pearl jewelry sets to the Fashion Avenue Boutique page shortly!

Gee what's next?? Currently there are no new releases.

I will keep you posted!! Thanks a bunch!

Have a great Sunday! Love, Janet xxx


October 23rd, 2019. Happy Wednesday!!

YAY! I have all the extra "Sapphires n' Snowflakes" packed and ready to ship! I'll be sending out emails shortly!

I'll add some extra sets to the inventory on the Fashion Avenue Boutique over the weekend.

Have a great day!! Thanks for everything!

Love & hugs, Janet xoxo



October 21st! Happy Monday!!


So, I’ve been working hard making all the extra “Sapphires n’ Snowflake” dress sets. If you are currently on the waiting list you should be receiving an email this week. I have them all completed now but I still have to package them for shipping.

Now, about having a Halloween season fashion set… Long story short! I’ve been patiently waiting for some special fabric to arrive from Asia. Looks like it could take another month. I did put something else on the table but I can’t promise you anything at this time!! My husband has medical procedures this week and my ex daughter- in- law is going out of the country for a week and so my grandson’s will be here with me this week too!! 

Dolly’s take me away!!  LOL!!


Have a fun week!! Chat more soon! Lots of love, Janet



Monday, 3pm update!

Just wanted to let y'all know that the Ebay Seller had corrected the (2) listing. All is good!! Hope this helps!  Love, Janet xoxoxo

October 21st! Happy Monday!!

First I have to say... I was on Ebay leaving feedback for a Seller, and a photo of one of my older gowns appeared there. I was like.... Wow!! That looks like my gown!! Cool it was but then I found the Seller also had listed 2 other items claiming they were "Janet outfits." Y'all they are not mine! I contacted the Seller, not sure what will come of it. Please know it doesn’t bother me that someone has to sell their Janet outfit BUT, what really sets me off is folks selling items and claiming they are mine! That's dishonest & could be fraudulent. So please beware of those selling my fashions, because they could be misleading and not mine at all.



October 10th. Happy Thursday y'all!! I'm back!! 

We had an amazing time at the Dawn convention in Newport Beach, Calif. this year!! Vicki, her family & friends did an amazing presentation! Just amazing!! If you've never been to a Dawn convention before you should consider making it to at least one! Seeing friends again, and meeting new ones!! There's nothing else like it!!  Fun!! Fun!! And more FUN!! :)

Have a fun day!!  Back to replying to e's!!

Much love, Janet xoxox


September 26th, 2019. Great news!!
"Sapphires n’ Snowflakes" fashion dress set releasing tomorrow!

Date: Friday, September 27th, 2019
Time: 3pm central time (Texas time)
Where: Fashion Avenue Boutique page


See you soon! Much love, Janet xxx


August 30th, 2019. Happy Friday!! Great news!! Soon to be released!! End of summer fashion set. For your consideration "Bloomin' Blues." You will find a photo of it on the "home" page. This is a 4