Fashion Avenue
By Janet Caudle

This "Fashion Avenue" page is where you can find some of latest fashion collection releases. You can also checkout the "Unexpected Fashion Sales," page for more fashion releases. 


 Good evening! Happy Saturday! I'm going to try and release the 2 new holiday fashions sets tomorrow, Sunday 12/16/2018 at 3PM central time right here on the Fashion Avenue Boutique page. My PC is still down and has to take a trip to the PC doctor on Monday. I'm going to launch it from Joey's (my sons) laptop. Hope all goes well! I'm heading over to send out a Newsletter, and reply to some of your emails. See you soon! Thanks again! :)

Have a wonderful weekend! Love, Janet xoxo

PS. Sunday, December 16th at 3PM central time you can just click on the photo below with the new "Ribbons 'n Bows & the Snow Bird," to enter the show.



Ribbons 'n Bows & Snow Bird by Janet Caudle



"Pistachio 'n Buttercream Fluff" & "Green Apple Sorbet."

Releasing Friday, November 23rd at 3pm Central time I will be adding two new fashion sets to the "Unexpected Fashion Sales" page. 

This is a unannounced collection in which I have decided to call the "Holiday Desserts Collection." Pistachio 'n Buttercream Fluff & Green Apple Sorbet! Just the names alone should give you a hint of the color schemes being used! It is a fabulous collection and it does have hints of the Christmas holiday too!

This is not the official Christmas Collection. I will release that some time next month and it will be in the traditional classic colors of red, green, white & gold.

A photo will be posted tomorrow!

Have fun & enjoy your holiday!

Love, Janet xoxo


The Vamp Collection 2018


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