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By Janet Caudle


This "Fashion Avenue" page is where you can find the latest fashion collection releases. Before any fashion collection is released, a Newsletter is sent to everyone on the "First to Know List."


For "unexpected fashion releases, please check out the "latest news update," page or the "Unexpected Fashion Sales," page.

Thanks so much for your continued support for my creations!

Lots of love! Janet


10/10/2017: Happy Tuesday!! Coming soon! The Vamp Collection!

Yes, that's right! So many people have been waiting for a newsletter releasing a new dress collection. Promise to release a "First to Know" newsletter later this week with the link to the Vamp Collection. The dresses are ready for shipping. If we should sell out I will do my best to make more.

The Vamp Collection! Crimson Night & Love at First Bite!

They just could be to die for!! haahaahaa!

Not sure if my adorable Halloween Witch will be completed before the month ends, but as soon as I return from the Dawn Convention I'll do my best to get them ready in time for Halloween.

Have fun! See you soon!


Happy Friday the 13th! Surprise! Just released!!

Click on the link below and it will take you to the show!


The Vamp Collection! 


"Here in the forest dark & deep.

I offer you eternal sleep!"


Friday 11:00pm Update! Thank you all for a great Friday the 13th. All fashion sets will be shipped on Monday, and you should be receiving a tracking email over the weekend!! Cant' wait for you to receive your new dresses!!

Have a fun weekend! Love, Janet


Sunday morning update! All fashions have been packed for shipping. The will be shipping out tomorrow (Monday.)

Thank you so much for a great show! Lots of dolly love & hugs, Janet


October 19th, 2017.

Happy Wednesday! Just wanted to give you an update. All fashions from the Vamp Collection were shipped out as scheduled this past Monday. You should start receiving them shortly.

News on my hard drive. It's still in the shop! They told me on Monday it was in need of replacing. They are ordering a new hard drive and hoping to be able to transfer as much data from me old drive to the new drive.

I'll be leaving here later this afternoon and heading to Dallas, and then onto Boston, and then onto Portland, Maine for the 17thn Annual Dawn Doll Convention. It's going to be so exciting & so much fun. I just can't wait to see on my Dawn & Pippa friends again, and meet new ones.

My husband Mike is going with me so that will help calm my flying fears once again, especially when there's a layover in New York and changing planes before heading into Boston. Plan to spend that afternoon & evening & morning in Boston with our eldest son Daniel & his (our) friend Joann. Joann's from Bowie, but she has been living in Boston for many years. All four of us will be taking a road trip into Portland for the convention.  I can't wait! I have to sign off for now! I will be back here on Monday to assume our dolly fun!

Lots of love!! Have a wonderful week, and a beautiful weekend! Miss y'all already!
Janet xoxoxo






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