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Help with receiving Newsletters

Not receiving Newsletters, Confirmation emails

and/or Shipping Notifications?


Here is some information that maybe helpful.


**The following message is from the Tech Support team to me, in hopes of being able to help anyone having these email issues. **  

The Tech Support team has checked to make sure the Newsletters were not bouncing back from any email addresses related to Newsletters, Confirmations and/or Shipping Notifications.

What this means is that the message is being sent out from our mail server correctly, but the recipient servers are either filtering them into spam/junk mail OR quarantining them from arriving (which is kind of like a stricter layer of spam/junk mail filtering.)

I would strongly suggest if they have not done so already to try and add your newsletter email address, listserver@janetsdolls.com to their email provider’s safe senders/whitelist. If that feature is not offered, then sometimes adding the address to their contacts will help ensure that the messages arrive as expected.

Here are some guides you can provide to customers that should provide details on how to add the address to their whitelist, as well as some other options that vary by provider, eg filters in Gmail:**

AOL: https://www.whitelist.guide/aol/
Gmail: https://www.whitelist.guide/gmail/
Hotmail/Outlook: https://www.whitelist.guide/outlook/
Yahoo: https://www.whitelist.guide/yahoo/

Regarding the shipping notification, the above still applies but the email address it comes from would be notifications@websitedynamics.com; they should be able to take the same steps as above to ensure that it lands in their inbox.


I personally have an AOL account, and I am a subscriber to my Newsletters, however I do not receive them. I only receive my Newsletters at my janetsdolls@janetsdolls.com account. Today, I used the link above that was provided by the Tech Support team. I followed the directions from the AOL whitelist link  to add the Newsletter email address (listserver@janetsdolls.com & shipping notification email address notifications@websitedynamics.com to my AOL Contact List. I have no way of testing to see if this works, until I send a Newsletter, out. It is a good start though!! LOL!!

Also please be aware that if you signed up as a Subscriber to the “First to Know” list, to receive my newsletters, you must receive a confirmation email then click on the link that is provided in that confirmation letter before your email can be added to the “First to Know” subscribers list.

I do hope this information will be helpful in making sure you are able to receive the upcoming newsletters, and the, “first to know” subscribers confirmation letters, and shipping notifications.


Have a great day! Love, J

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