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Wrapped in Gold

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Prod. Code: JC319

Sold! July 18th, 2021. I just added (3) extra gown sets to the inventory. Thank you!

JC319-Wrapped in Gold is a 3-pc metallic gold satin lame gown set.

The top-front part of this gown has a gold metallic trim center strap accented by 3 gold metallic flower sequins, and gold glass beads. This gown also has one snap back closure. A gold hand gathered wrap that has been tacked at each end to allow your doll's arms to slip through it. A cute gold metallic purse with 3 gold metallic flower sequins & glass beads and, a clear stretch magic loop to slip around your doll's wrist.

July 7th, 2021. FYI: A total of 66 gown sets have to made to date. Thank you so much!

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