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Saturday! Shades of Spring!

May 11, 2018

Happy Friday, Everyone!!

Opening!! Shades of Spring Pinks & Peach
Come one! Come All
Come & see the show!!

This Saturday, May 12th, 10am Central Texas Time.

At the "Fashion Boutique."

A special “Spring Collection” link will be unlocked at 10am tomorrow morning so you may enter the show.

There are 2 new fashions sets for your consideration!
“Prom Queen 2018” and “Luncheon Date.”

Please note: There are two different pearl jewelry sets being worn by the models. They will not be included in the fashion sets. However they will be available for purchase separately at $3.00 per set.

I’m currently working on the photos. Just as soon as I have them completed I will add one to the Home page for your advanced viewing!

The color lavender will be used in our next spring fashion collection part two.

Thank you all, for supporting me & my creations!
Wishing all moms a Happy Mother’s Day weekend!
See you soon!
Love Always, Janet xoxo

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