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Let's try this again!

Dec 15, 2018

Happy Holidays Everyone!!

I thought we'd give this another go around. My PC still is not working. Did all I could yesterday but no luck. It'll have to go to the PC doctor on Monday. I'm going to launch the holiday collection from Joey's laptop.

When: Sunday, December 16th, 2018 at 3PM central Texas time.

Where: "Fashion Avenue Boutique” page.

At 3pm you should be able to just click on the photo of the new "Ribbons 'n Bows & Snow Bird to enter the show!

Please know if we should sell out, I will do my best to make you one for your collection or gift giving however it will have to be after the holiday season. Sorry of any inconvenience this delay may have caused.

Wishing you the best this holiday season!
Lots of love,


Thank you so much for allowing me to continue to share my creations with you.
Wishing everyone a beautiful holiday season!!

Love always,

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