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JC202-2 pc Masquerade ball gown
•gown of soft black with silver glitter mesh & black taffeta.
•1 side snap closure
•shoulder bows with attached center rhinestone
•black glittered, feather mask (tribute to Melanie Milling). Mask made from cardstock, then I used fine black glitter to the front of the mask. Added my stretch magic so you can fit it around your dolls head. Then I attached a feather with some rhinestones.
•Special & personal note! While I was making these masks, you know my thoughts were of Melaine. I was so clueless on how to even begin to make them. I know with her guidance in spirit I was able to at least make a good attempt to please her. She was truely a One-of-a-kind in my book!

This is a limited edition of 30 sets.

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