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Sold out/Cabana Blue

Availability: Sold out
Prod. Code: JC263

JC263-Cabana Blue is a 2 piece turquoise gown set. The gown skirt & bodice is made from turquoise satin, with the overskirt made from shimmering turquoise soft tulle netting. (Same tulle used in the “Special Occasion,” the “Wild Orchid,” and the “Perfect Moment” gown sets.) The bodice has hand sewn turquoise satin flower sequins, with petite golden glass beads. A tiny turquoise satin ribbon tied in the bow, and attached to the bodice, giving you the halter type top imagine. There is a center turquoise organza ribbon bow attached with another flower sequins with glass bead. Back of dress has one snap closure. Also to accessorize the gown there is a turquoise matted glittered satin purse that also has the flower sequin with glass bead attached.

Doll made by Victoria. Not of sale. Thank you for looking!

9/4/2017  47 gown sets made to date.

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