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Releasing Saturday! Checkered Fad plus...by Janet

Jan 25, 2024

Hello! Happy Thursday!!
I have some awesome news for you tonight! This Saturday there will be a couple new fashion sets released. I have posted photos on the website to give you an advanced look.

Here is more information:

Date: Saturday, January 27th, 2024.
Time: 2:00pm Central Standard Time (Texas time)
Where: Fashion Avenue Boutique page

First, we have “Checkered Fad” a 5-pc black & red checkered skirt set. 30 skirts sets ready to ship. Price $30.00 US each.

Next, we have, “Charcoal-Black Tie Tux” 3-pc tuxedo set. 18 tuxedo sets ready to ship. Price $30.00 US each.

FYI: The latest information on the “Christmas Gala” holiday gown set. The vendor once again has pushed the availability date for the fabric from Feb. 15th to Feb. 29th. I will continue to keep you posted on the matter on the “Latest News Updates” webpage.

Thanks a bunch for your continued support & allowing me to share my creations with you.

Have a great evening & a wonderful tomorrow!
Peace & love always,
Janet Caudle

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