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Breaking NEWS! Sunday! Sparkle 'n Shine & ...

Feb 15, 2020

Good evening all!

Let me start off this new year in celebration of Dawn’s 50th Anniversary. Throughout this year I will feature several fashions in celebration of Dawn’s 50th year. And, in colors of gold, ivory, caramel & champagne colors. The fashion packaging featuring this commemoration will be decorated with 50th golden stickers too.

Come & join in the celebration!
Sparkle ‘n Shine & Sweet Champagne!

Date: Sunday, February 16th, 2020
Time: 3:00pm central time (Texas time)
Where: Fashion Avenue Boutique page

“Sparkle ‘n Shine,” is a 5pc ivory satin gown, ivory & rose gold sparkle overlay tulle, ivory/gold brocade bodice & purse with a ivory cream pearl attached. Beautiful fur stole. Lovely ivory cream pearl necklace with a single red rose. $25.

“Sweet Champagne,” is a 4pc champagne satin gown, rose gold metallic bodice & purse with a golden cream pearl attached. Rose gold belt buckle. Adorable short/unlined jacket with a caramel color fur color, and a single red rose. $30.

For an advanced look, photos have been posted on the Fashion Avenue Boutique page.
There are 30 fashion sets completed & ready to ship. I will start a waiting list if needed. Please note the supplies for the “Sparkle ‘n Shine” are very limited. The overlay fabric was discontinued.

Thank you so much for allowing me to continue to share my creations with you.

See you tomorrow! Good night!

Much love,
Janet Caudle

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